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Dalige is the place where lords are raised!

Not far from London, just 6 miles from the center, in a picturesque location is the quiet village of Dulwich (Dulidge). On its vast well-kept green fields is an ancient aristocratic castle. Looking at it, I immediately recall the description of the school Harry Potter saw: “On top of a high cliff stood a giant castle with loopholes and turrets, its huge windows reflecting the light of the stars that studded the sky.

Yes, this is also a school, one of the most prestigious schools for boys in Britain, Dulwich College. Despite its old fairy-tale look, the school has a modern computer center, equipped science center and laboratories . At the same time it is a museum, and art gallery, and a huge library, swimming pool, sports complex and golf courses.

Dalidge College - United KingdomThis oldest architectural ensemble was built in the 17th century. And on June 21, 1619, Dulwich College – the College of Gods Gift – was opened here by royal charter. The founder of the school was one of the brightest men of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, the great actor Edward Alleyn. According to the charter of the time, only boys were admitted to Dulwich College. They were to wear strict uniforms and black hats, and to eat: meat, fish, black bread, potatoes, apple and pear pies. But the most amazing thing was that you could drink as much beer as you wanted, but only three times a week.

So how do people at Dulwich College study and live now?

Dulwich College UK

Since it is one of the most prestigious schools, it is quite difficult to get in. The boys have to take entrance exams, and only a fifth of them will be enrolled based on the results. The high level of education at the college is maintained through erudite and educationally talented teachers.

Classes here are small, up to ten people. This is characteristic of Great Britain in general. Teachers have the opportunity for an individual approach to students. The emphasis at Dulwich College is on mathematics, economics, science, English language and English literature. Languages studied: French, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Latin. A lot of time is devoted to aesthetic education – music, fine arts, theater design and this is not a complete list of subjects.

Dalidge College - United KingdomThe level of training in the college can be illustrated by the fact that 1/6th of the graduates are later students at Cambridge and Oxford.

The English classical school is not only a high academic education, it is, above all, a rigorous ascetic education, constant monitoring by teachers, the strict observance of the daily routine.

Dalidge College - United KingdomSkipping classes is only possible in exceptional cases. A malaise or headache is not one of these reasons. Students clean the grounds and classrooms and take care of their own things. And it doesn’t matter at all how you were brought up in this respect at home, whether you are the heir of an “oil magnate” or not. Titled persons and mere mortals are in the same conditions. It is not in the tradition of the school to indulge anyone. Strictness and again strictness – only in this way, according to the British, you can bring up true gentlemen.

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