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Dalaman sights

Dalaman is a small town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, which began to develop as a resort not so long ago. Dalaman airport helped to form as a tourist center, where tourists arrive from all over the world to go from here to a particular resort in Turkey. Dalaman is also called the “gate” because. it opens the way to the east and west of Turkey – to Antalya and Marmaris.


The climate is subtropical. However, the large amount of greenery makes staying here quite comfortable. Summer temperatures are 30-33 degrees, winter temperatures are 15-17 degrees.


Dalaman is a quiet, compared to other resorts in Turkey, and picturesque corner of the Mediterranean coast. For fans of noisy outdoor activities it may seem a bit boring, but connoisseurs of silence, solitude and wonderful nature will fully appreciate the beauty of Dalaman. There is a long beach, which is also called “wild”.

Climate and attractions of Dalaman

In general, the nature of the city is amazing. It is the main attraction of Dalaman. There is a mountain Kapydag, the foot of which is dotted with wonderful and picturesque bays. One of the most famous bays is Sarsila, and it can only be reached by sea. Dalaman Botanical Gardens is a wonderful corner of paradise, perfectly in harmony with the business area of the city. Here you can always relax and enjoy the silence and fragrance of the wonderful aromas of plants.

In Dalaman it is worth a visit to the state nursery – an imposing structure, buried in a palm grove and located on a large plot of land. The history of the kennel is closely connected with the activities of the Egyptian governor Abbas Pasha (the mosque named after him is also located there), who was very fond of hunting and planned to build himself a hunting lodge. By an amusing coincidence, the design of the lodge was confused with the design of the train station. This is how a building appeared in Dalaman, which today is a state nursery and one of the main symbols of the city.

The phone code of Turkey is 90, the code of Dalaman is 252

Unexpected surprise presents a calm and quiet Dalaman lovers of extreme: it is a local stormy river with the same name, which takes its source on Mount Kokas and has many rapids. Many tourists are happy to raft down it – fans of rafting here is where to turn. The river flows into the sea and is about 230 km long.

Dalaman - sights

Despite the modestly developed entertainment infrastructure in Dalaman, you can always find a cozy hotel, a good restaurant, bar or quiet cafe, souvenir stores and colorful shops. But the main thing that completely unselfishly ready to give guests Dalaman – is the beauty and purity of an almost pristine nature, silence and quiet quiet rest in harmony with themselves and with nature.

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