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Crocodile Farm in Pattaya

The original idea of combining a decorative rock park, a zoo and a crocodile farm met with a warm response from tourists who came to Thailand in search of vivid impressions and extreme adventures. Enterprising Thais have managed not only to please the guests of the city, but also to extract from this event a double, and in some cases even triple benefit. Crocodile Farm in Pattaya fully meets the expectations even of sophisticated travelers, surprising the number of inhabitants and skill showmen conducting the most dangerous shows with unflappable expression on several times a day.

Zoo, Stone Park and Crocodile Farm in Pattaya

The complex includes 3 sections, an extensive children’s playground, a network of small restaurants and souvenir stores. You can come here with a tour or on their own and spend an unforgettable, full of impressions day.

Million Year Stones

Crocodile Farm and Million Year Stone Park in Pattaya

The park was formed gradually, the samples were brought from the farthest corners of the country making a unique composition. For the interior design we have chosen a traditional oriental style, generously sprinkled with local flavor. It took 20 years to create the composition, and it continues to be replenished periodically with original boulders of bizarre shapes found on the surface or in the digging of trenches and pits. Some of them, like sculptures, are installed on separate bases, while others make up picturesque groups, complemented by fountains and alpine slides.

Some of the stones are slightly adjusted by the sculptor’s carver, but most are really several million years old and have been shaped by natural factors.

Fossilized trees deserve special attention, judging by the estimates of carbon analysis saw dinosaurs. At the center of the rock garden is an artificial waterfall, one of the most impressive in Pattaya.

Visiting crocodiles

Crocodile Farm in Pattaya

The entrance to a crocodile farm in Thailand is marked by a good-natured gentleman leaning on a cane and displaying a truly crocodile smile. The sculpture of a dapper crocodile sets up a special mood, which is aided by the local custom of selling tickets for tourists at only one ticket office. The rest of the windows serve Thai citizens.

The area is home to about 60,000 individuals of various ages. The babies are usually kept in separate tanks, since for the crocodile everything that moves-dinner without dividing into their own and others.

Crocodile Farm near Pattaya

Excursion to the crocodile farm in Pattaya includes a tour of the area, feeding the reptiles, watching the show, visiting the restaurant and souvenir stores.

The amazing business acumen of Thais is evident in many little things.

  1. The main burden of feeding the park’s inhabitants has been shifted to the shoulders and wallets of visitors. For this procedure for 100 baht sells an imitation fishing rod and half a carcass of krill. The crocodiles are supposed to rush to the bait, staging a semblance of gladiatorial fights. But they are so lazy and fed that they only deign to snap their jaws if they hit a chicken in the face.
  2. Crocodiles are reptiles and, like lizards, can regenerate quickly if they lose their tails. This is what restaurant owners take advantage of by amputating the sirloin. It is much more appreciated as a dish than meat from the back or belly. Portions range in price from 200 to 400 baht, but they are made with the freshest meat. In addition, the dish is a powerful aphrodisiac.
  3. In souvenir stores, the price of leather goods is overpriced by 2-3 times, but the product is sold well, because sellers assure you that they have no fakes and can not be.

Predator show

Crocodile Farm near Pattaya, Thailand

There is an opinion that crocodiles cannot be trained. Contrary to that belief, there are performances throughout the day where daring showmen literally walk on a knife edge, or rather, a dagger-sharp tooth. They fearlessly take the reptiles in their arms, put their hands and heads in their mouths, and drag them by their tails like rubber toys.

Crocodile Farm Show Near Pattaya

The secrets of skill are kept in deep secrecy, some details are specially voiced to viewers to add to the adrenaline of watching the show.

Interesting fact! The clamping force of the adult’s jaws reaches several tons.

The performance is included in the ticket price, which is 500 baht for adults and 300 baht for children.

Lunch and souvenirs at the crocodile farm

Thailand (Pattaya) - Crocodile Farm

Visitors are invited to the farm at 8:30 a.m. Walking along the paths of the rock garden, admiring the fountains and the deadly spectacle invariably whets the appetite. There is a restaurant in the park, whose menu includes roasted, stewed and boiled crocodile meat with spices and aromatic herbs.

It tastes like wiry chicken, which misleads many people. So that tourists have no doubts, crocodile carcasses are often grilled right in front of visitors. If you want to try crocodile eggs, you have to be prepared for the brutal smell of fish in an omelet. The prices are quite affordable:

  • soup-200 baht;
  • steak-400;
  • Combination complex dishes up to 500.

Crocodile Farm in Pattaya

You can also buy eggs as a souvenir, the price of one piece – 100 baht. The most luxurious shopping awaits in the souvenir stores. The counters in several rows are filled with belts, purses, and bags. Exclusive models are stored in glass showcases. Prices start at 2 thousand baht, which is justified by the durability and great look of crocodile leather. With the owner’s care and compliance with the rules of care, they last for decades without losing their attractiveness.

Worth considering! The crocodile leather processing cycle takes 3 months, any deviation from the technology completely destroys the material.

Where is the crocodile farm in Pattaya and how to get there

The complex is located outside the city, 10 km. Public transport does not go there, you will have to get on their own or as part of the tour.

Crocodile Farm in Pattaya on the map

The advantage of a tour group:

  • arriving exactly on time;
  • the tickets are purchased by the guide;
  • the route is clearly aligned;
  • The hotel is guaranteed to return you to your hotel in one piece.

But there is no free time and you can’t leave early either.

The best way to start a trip on your own is to call a cab or rent a car. The Chonburi-Pattaya highway leads to the farm and there are signs along the way, so it is impossible to get lost.

Video overview of the crocodile farm

In addition to the rock garden and farm in the park there is a small zoo, on a separate trip will be able to devote some time to him and walk along the aviaries with predators and ride elephants.

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