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Criteria for choosing the best resort for a holiday in Abkhazia

Abkhazia is an attractive tourist destination. To visit this republic, Russian citizens do not require a visa and passport, and prices are relatively low. If you are deciding which city in Abkhazia is better to stay, pay attention to the distance from the nearest airport or train station, the availability of attractions and entertainment venues, the characteristics of beaches, the weather conditions of the resort.

Famous holiday resorts in Abkhazia

Resorts of Abkhazia on the map
Resorts of Abkhazia.

Abkhazia consists of 7 regions, each of which has its own peculiarities and unique coloring. The most visited cities are Sukhum, Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos, Gudauta, etc.

Some tourists go to Abkhazia for the beautiful clean sea and wide beaches, others – in order to see the interesting places or enjoy youth recreation, have fun, have fun.


If you plan to go to Abkhazia for the first time, choose Gagra. This city is the most popular and most visited resort in the country. Here you can admire the beauty of the mountains and the brightness of southern greenery, relax on the beach and swim in the fresh invigorating waters of the Black Sea, walk along the lively promenade, see the colonnade with a fountain, visit the Seaside Nature Park.

Gagra is famous for its pebble coastal areas, in some places mixed with sand. Tourists who choose to stay in the private sector, visit the central beach, in which there is a water park, amusements. Guests of hotels rest on the beach lanes assigned to the objects of residence.

Gagra is a city with a rich history. Those who like to combine vacation at sea with educational trips can visit the fortress Abaata – a structure that has survived since the Middle Ages. Earlier it was a defensive structure, and now it houses the museum of local history.

Lovers of fine architecture can go to the Castle of Prince of Oldenburg. It is the most beautiful building of the city with towers, columns, balconies and mansards, built on a rock, framed by the dense greenery of cypresses and conifers.

Lovers of active recreation can make an ascent to the mountain Mamzyshkha, choosing the route appropriate to their physical abilities.


Health resort, which is famous for its warm sea and healthy air. In addition, there are many historical and natural attractions.

The pine forest growing in Pitsunda creates a special microclimate. The combination of pine and sea scents, a comfortable climate make it favorable for recreation, maintenance and correction of health. The sea here is clean and calm. The resort has sandy beaches, which for Abkhazia is a rarity.

Arriving on vacation in Pitsunda, visit the following attractions:

  • archaeological complex with a historical museum located in it;
  • Lake Ritsa;
  • Geg and Milk Falls.


The capital of Abkhazia, the largest city of the republic. The resort attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, mild climate, developed infrastructure and interesting sights.

In Sukhum go tourists who want not only to relax on the coast, but also fun, active and informative to spend their vacation. Not far from the equipped beaches are cafes, bars and restaurants. Lovers of relaxing holidays can go to the wild beaches for solitude and enjoy the silence.

The main attractions of the city:

  1. Kaman Temple.
  2. Kelasur Wall.
  3. Sukhumi Lighthouse.
  4. A humorous monument to the penguin philosopher.
  5. Botanical Garden.
  6. Monkey Nursery.
View of Sukhum

New Athos

The city, which is famous for its ancient architectural structures. The oldest of them is the Anakopia Fortress, built by Greek monks in the 7th century.

The resort of Novy Afon has many other attractions that are visited by tourists every year:

  1. New Athos Monastery.
  2. Iver Mountain.
  3. Seaside Park.
  4. The church and grotto of the Apostle Simon the Zealot.
  5. Museum of the Kingdom of Abkhazia.
  6. New Athos Cave.

The beaches in New Athos are stony, often unequipped, but very picturesque, and the sea is clean, bright turquoise.


Settlement, which is located in Pitsundskaya Bay, surrounded by pine trees. The resort is suitable for lovers of quiet, measured, inexpensive vacation. Families with young children and the elderly love to come here. Ldzaa – environmentally friendly place where vacationers can fully enjoy the clean air, clear sea, hot sun. If you want – go hiking in the mountains, sightseeing, visit entertainment venues located in Pitsunda.


A village in the Gagra District near the border with Russia. This resort is chosen by tourists who want to quickly get from the airport or train station to the place of residence and like to combine beach holidays with sightseeing trips.

Ancient Christian basilica, Khashup fortress, Stalin’s dacha are the main sights of Tsandripsh.

In the village operate small stores, cafes, canteens, in season open guest houses. You can swim and sunbathe at one of the 3 beaches of the resort.

Tsandripsh resort village.


A village in the Gagra district near the Russian border with Abkhazia. Rest at the resort attracts connoisseurs of peace, tranquility, warm and clear sea, bright forest landscapes. You can stay in a boarding house or private guest house.

The village has a well-developed infrastructure: there are restaurants, cafes, discos and amusement rides. You can swim and sunbathe on an equipped or wild beach. The main attractions of the resort: colonnade, cottage merchant Silin, Joekvar Gorge.


A popular resort town of Abkhazia with a curative climate, located 37 km north of Sukhum. The resort is suitable not only for those who want to improve their health. You can go on interesting excursions, engage in activities.

Those who value convenience and like to swim and sunbathe close to the infrastructure should go to the central beach. There are cafes, working rental equipment. Those who like to spend time in a quiet environment can go to the wilderness areas of the coast.

While vacationing in Gudauta, you can visit karst caves, Abakhvatsa fortress, the ruins of the castle of Princes Shervashidze-Chachba and others. sights.


The village of Grebeshok is located at a distance of 5 km from Gagra. Families with children and people of advanced age come here most often. It’s a sparsely populated place, with a measured, relaxed atmosphere. Tourists stay in hostels and private guest houses. There are no boarding houses or hotels here. All rented accommodations are within walking distance of the sea. Beaches in the village of fine pebbles or sand, all wild.

The main attraction of the resort – the Castle of Prince of Oldenburg.


The village Mysra is located 8 km south of Pitsunda in the reserve. This is one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean places of the Black Sea coast. There is no private sector here, tourists rest in the boarding house “Myussera” im. Н. Lakoba.

Main Attractions: of E. В. Stalin and M.S. Gorbachev, the ruins of the ancient Musser temple.

The village of Mysra in Abkhazia.

Choosing the city best suited for a vacation

When choosing a city or town to stay should assess the geographical location of the resort, the infrastructure of beaches, climatic features, availability of medical facilities, proximity to attractions you would like to see, etc. Another important factor is the budget: the choice of resort often depends on the financial capabilities of tourists.

Housing Prices

Lodging prices depend on the level of accommodation you choose, the date of booking and check-in. Staying in a private guest house or mini-hotel within walking distance of the beach will cost from 500 rubles per person per day.

The cost of living in hotels and boarding houses starts at 2,000-3,000 rubles per room.

Flora and fauna

More than 50% of Abkhazia is covered by forests. The most common tree is beech, while fir and spruce grow on the slopes of the mountains. Also, chestnut, oak, boxwood, hornbeam, and alder are found here as well as dogwood, rhododendron, azalea, and noble laurel shrubs. At Cape Pitsunda grows relict pine.

In the forests of Abkhazia there are bears, wild boars, lynx, deer, in the mountains there are chamois, Caucasian black grouse. The reservoirs are inhabited by trout, salmon, pike-perch and carp.


Abkhazia is a country with a rich history. On the territory of the republic there are preserved ancient structures (dolmens and cromlechs), ruins of ancient temples and fortresses.

The main cultural and historical center is New Athos, where the New Athos Monastery, Anakopia Fortress and the Church of Simon Kananit are located.

Abkhazia has many natural attractions, the most famous of which are Lakes Ritsa, Amtkel, Goluboe, karst caves, waterfalls, boxwood valley of the river Zhva-Kvara, etc.

Tourists can visit the villas of political figures: Mikhail Gorbachev (in Musser), Igor V. Stalin (on Lake Ritsa, Kholodnaya Rechka, in Sukhum, New Athos, and Musser).


In the resort towns and villages tourists can eat in restaurants, cafes, canteens. The menu often includes traditional Abkhazian dishes such as akudrtsa (bean soup), kharcho, lobio, abysta (corn porridge), stuffed eggplants, ajapsandal (vegetable stew), kebabs, etc. Their cost depends on the level of the institution and its location.

When staying in the private sector in places with undeveloped infrastructure guests are allocated an area for cooking.

Excursions and travels

Rest in Abkhazia is not only swimming in the sea and lying on the beach. From any resort in the country you can go on an interesting excursion, make a fascinating journey (on their own or with the help of travel agencies).

The most popular tours:

  • visiting Lake Ritsa;
  • a trip to New Athos;
  • visiting E.’s dacha. В. Stalin;
  • a relaxing tour to the sulfurous springs;
  • Jeeping with a visit to waterfalls;
  • horseback riding in the gorges;
  • rafting.
Jeeping in Abkhazia.


In order not to get bored on vacation, choose lively resorts with developed infrastructure. In Abkhazia there are no large entertainment complexes, but you can always find an interesting place for yourself. If you live in Gagra, visit the water park, dolphinarium, historic restaurant “Gagripsh”, Seaside Park. While vacationing in Pitsunda, go to the church for a concert of organ music, in Sukhum walk through the Botanical Garden.

Recreation for children and youth

On vacation with young children can go to a sparsely populated resort towns with good clean beaches, curative air.

Teenagers and young people will have fun in Gagra: there are cafes, stores, market, discos. The resort is located near the border with Russia, if you want from there you can go to the theme park in Sochi.

Rest with treatment

Many tourists, choosing a holiday in Abkhazia, prefer to combine it with recreational procedures. To do this, travelers need to book a sanatorium, which, in addition to accommodation and meals, offers treatment of various profiles, such as cardiovascular system, gynecology, dermatology, neurology, respiratory, digestive system, etc. Most of these sites are located in Pitsunda – the climatic resort of the republic.

There are also sanatoriums in Gagra, Gudauta, Sukhum and New Athos.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions allow you to relax in Abkhazia not only all summer. You can go here from May to October.

The warmest resort of the republic is Gagra. It is protected from winds by mountains and woodlands.

The most humid climate in Sukhum: precipitation is more than in other resorts.

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