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Countries with the cheapest hotels in 2022

For many people planning a vacation, the question of the cost of a hotel room is an important one. At this time in countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia you can find the cheapest hotels. It is important to note that Turkey is the country where prices for five-star hotels have been reduced by 10% compared to 2019. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by an analytical organization.

Researchers found that in Turkey since 2019, the price of 4 * hotels have increased by 8.7%, now to settle in it, you must pay about 100 euros, in the case of 5 * the situation is reversed, we are talking about a decrease of 9.9%, the cost with adjustments was 154 euros. Turkey is noticeably ahead of the other countries according to the two presented criteria. Approximately the same prices for hotels can be found in Tunisia, but there rooms have risen by 28.3% and 26.6% and now cost 118 and 162 euros. After these countries comes Egypt, where the price increase is 40.9% for 4-star hotels, to check in it you have to pay 124 euros, and 48% for hotels *.

With this in mind, you can plan a vacation in one of the countries presented, which will save on hotel and check into a comfortable room, not spending a lot of money.

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