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Costa Dorada Attractions

We offer you a brief description of the attractions of the Costa Dorada with photos and names and wholeheartedly wish you to fully enjoy this magnificent resort area. What to see on the Costa Dorada?

Top 10 attractions of the Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada is a part of the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia, in northeastern Spain over 200 km long. Translated from Spanish it means: “Gold Coast”. This is a great place for beach and sightseeing holidays and tourism.

Most of the sandy beaches of the Costa Dorada have Blue Flags, which attracts tourists from all countries of the account. The main city of the coast is Tarragona, it has existed here since the days of ancient Rome and occupies an important place.

La Pineda

La Pineda is a resort in the Costa Dorada

This resort town in the province of Tarragona, 100 km from Barcelona attracts tourists with a large number of beautiful sandy beaches with Blue Flag and excellent infrastructure. For beach lovers – the perfect place.

La Pineda also has an excellent water park with an extremely steep roller coaster and great rides. Here you can spend the day with children, go to the dolphinarium, play miniature golf and taste the Catalan cuisine.

Park Sama

Park Sama - a natural attraction of the Costa Dorada

This is a divine corner of the Costa Dorada, a real garden of paradise. There are vineyards, tangerines, surrounded by cedars and oaks. All these picturesque beauty is complemented by the lake with small islands, bridges and waterfall.

On the main island there is an observation deck from which you can see all the splendor of the Mediterranean nature. You can also go inside a house built in the colonial style, sit in a gazebo where you can drink tea, etc.


PortAventura - Costa Dorada

This is the best place in the Costa Dorada to relax and have fun alone, with friends or family. Here you can find everything to your liking, bring your children and stay with them all day. The children will definitely be grateful to you for PortAventura.

It is divided into several themed zones: Mediterranean, Wild West, Sesame, China, etc. You can spend your time in one or more zones during the day and have a lot of fun.

Bonet House

Casa Bonet - Gaudi's creation in the Costa Dorada

This mansion was built in the late Art Nouveau style, fashionable in the early 20th century, and today is one of the main attractions of Salou on the Costa Dorada, as well as a monument of architecture. Its architect must have been a follower of the great Gaudi.

The galleries and interior halls of the mansion are covered with paintings, on the facade you can see a sundial, mosaics, frescoes, inside there is a small chapel, the mansion is surrounded by gardens. It is forbidden to go inside – private property.

Torre Vella

Torre Velha - an architectural landmark of the Costa Dorada

This fortress was built in the early 16th century on the orders of the local bishop, as. coastal Salou was often attacked from the sea by Saracens. The tower was simple but reliable, and it served its fortification function for decades.

Today Torre Vella is home to the Center for Contemporary Art, which is very popular with young people. During the high season there are exhibitions and performances. There is a permanent exhibition of 20th century art. There is a wonderful garden around the tower.

The Church of St. John the Baptist. Bartholomew and Theokoles

Church of St. Bartholomew and Theokoles - Costa Dorada

Be sure to check out the various religious buildings on the Costa Dorada. This church was built in the 17th century in the Romanesque style. A century later, however, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The church is famous for its organ and ancient crypts.

Today there are still services held here and a parochial school for children. Tourists can come here completely free of charge to see the beauty of the church architecture and interior decoration.

Village Plana Novella

Village Plana Novella in Costa Dorada (Spain)

It is a small mountain village located on the Costa Dorada in the middle of majestic mountains and canyons. Here you can see white houses, and narrow streets, and the most beautiful – a luxurious palace, built in the late 19th century by a local merchant.

The architect who designed the palace was obviously influenced by the work of Antoni Gaudi. The result was something extraordinary and admirable. Today, Tibetan monks live in this village, and their monastery is located in a palace.

Ebro River Delta

Natural attraction of the Spanish Costa Dorada - the delta of the Ebro River

This amazing natural beauty is a must-see on the Costa Dorada. On the approach to the Mediterranean Sea, the main local river splits into branches, and they then separately flow into the sea. Rare migratory birds live on the islets of the delta.

In the 1980s, the Ebro Delta was recognized as a nature reserve. It has an extraordinary beauty and natural power. There are sandy beaches with Blue Flags. Beach recreation in the delta is simply unforgettable.

Poblet Monastery

Poblet Monastery in the Costa Dorada

Poblet is one of the largest monasteries in Europe. It was erected in the middle of the 12th century. Today, the monastery continues to operate, and tourists are allowed there as much in certain places and at certain times.

The vast majority of the buildings and structures belonging to the monastery were built with donations from the parishioners’ own hands of the monks. The royal residence and the tomb were built with money from the kings of the House of Aragon.

O Mar Restaurant

O Mar Restaurant - Salou (Costa Dorada)

This is one of the best restaurants in Salou. Here you can taste many seafood delicacies and other fine Catalan or Mediterranean dishes. Visitors expect professional service and complete comfort.

In the center of the restaurant is a large aquarium with tropical fish. The entire design of O Mar is made as if you were on the seabed. The menu offers inexpensive, and dietary dishes in addition to the main menu.

Video overview of the sights of the Costa Dorada

The Costa Dorada offers a wonderful climate, shallow sea with gentle sandy shores, excellent tourist infrastructure and a fun nightlife. The high season on the Costa Dorada lasts from mid-May to mid-October.

Map of Costa Dorada

Map of the Costa Dorada region in Spain

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