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Corfu Island sights

The sightseeing tours show tourists all the most interesting things, but what is really worth seeing when you come to the island for the first time? Consider the most famous attractions of the island of Corfu.

The legendary Greek island of Corfu is located in the northern part of the Greek coast. The warm Ionian Sea washes it with gentle waves. It is here that you can see an extraordinary mix of landscapes, eras and cultures.

History of Corfu

The island of Corfu has a rich, centuries-old history. Here, eras and religions, cultures and traditions mingled. The island has been conquered and liberated many times. The Spartans, Byzantines, French, Venetians, and English were the hosts here. The first mention of Corfu dates back to Greek mythology. Kerkyra, as the locals call the island, in honor of Poseidon’s beloved, the same name is given to the capital.

History of Corfu

Today Kerkyra, or as it is called Corfu Town, is a favorite place to visit tourists from all over the world. When you come here for the first time, you get the impression that France, Greece, Italy and England have merged together. Interestingly, tourists notice that the city has an exact copy of the French Rue de Rivoli.

Top 10 Sights of Corfu

The locals call the island of Corfu in different ways. Some say it’s a place where anything is possible, others call it the Land of the Gods, but tourists have nicknamed the place the Millionaires’ Resort. This is not surprising, because here you can meet the most famous and wealthy people in the world, even royalty come here to rest.

This island welcomes literally everyone. It is comfortable and elderly couples, and large families and youth companies. Consider the most interesting sights of the resort, which is worth seeing a tourist.


Corfu sights - Achillio Palace

On the eastern shore, in the small village of Gasturi, there is an extraordinary palace built by order of the Austrian Empress Sissi. The palace was named after Achilles, the hero of Greek mythology. The castle was built in the 19th century and is still perfectly preserved. In the building and the nearby garden you can find dozens of ancient Greek sculptures, which are the embodiment of mythological heroes. The sculptures of the dying Achilles and the statues of the Muses make an indelible impression.

Corfu (Greece) - Achillio Palace

There is also much to see inside the palace. There are many unique frescoes with images of ancient scenes, which has no analogues in the world. The palace is framed by plants of rare beauty, which were brought here from all over the world by order of Emperor William II, who became the owner of the castle in the early twentieth century.

Old Town

Old Town area in Corfu

The central part of Kerkyra is a unique historical monument of world culture. The intertwining of narrow stone-paved streets can take tourists to the most secluded and interesting corners of the capital. Numerous churches, unique Gothic buildings, small souvenir shops and cozy cafes will be found here at every step.

Temple of St. Spiridon

Interesting sights of Corfu with photos - the Temple of St. Spiridon

In the heart of the Old City is the oldest Christian shrine – the Church of St. Spiridon. Here are the remains of the patron saint of Corfu, St. Spyridon of Trimiphunt. It is to this saint that it is attributed the fact that Kerkyra has twice escaped the terrible plague and has never been invaded by the Turks.

Temple of Saint Spiridon - Corfu (Greece)

The islanders believe that at sunset, when the temple is empty, St. Spiridon bypasses his domain and guards the place. According to the assurances of the locals, his clothes wear out, and so every year he is changed into a new dress. Old clothes of the saint are cut into small pieces and distributed to people in envelopes. It is believed that such a talisman saves anyone from illness and misfortune.

Interestingly, the name Spiridon is still the most common among the male names of the local population.

Ushakov Icon

The icon of Ushakov should be visited and seen in Corfu

Admiral Fyodor Ushakov was a significant figure for the island. It was thanks to him that the State of the Seven Islands was created, which marked the beginning of the development of modern Greece. The admiral, together with the native population, was able to hold back the onslaught of the French, thus preserving the freedom of the locals. After his death, Admiral Ushakov was numbered among the saints. An icon of the saint with his face is kept in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. You can get to this place by crossing the square from the church of St. Spiridon.


Cape Kanoni on Corfu Island

To the south of the capital Corfu stretches a small, colorful village of Kanoni. Tourists love this place for its wonderful cottages, beautiful beaches and magnificent views of the neighboring island with the monastery. There is a small hotel where you can stay with your family and spend unforgettable days swimming in the warm Ionian Sea. The indigenous population of the village is incredibly hospitable, everyone can feel at home here.

Panagia Blachernae Monastery

Corfu sights - Monastery of Panagia Vlaherna

Opposite the village is a small island. You can get here by a long pier that leads to the tiny monastery of Panagia Vlaherna. The most amazing thing is that right above the monastery there is an air route that leads to Corfu Airport, so planes fly so low that it seems that they are about to hit the bell tower of the Cathedral.

Description of the sights of Corfu - Monastery of Panagia Vlaherna

The monastery, unfortunately, no longer operates, but in the temple you can pray and put candles. There are also various souvenirs for sale in the church shop. Many tourists specifically come to the monastery to find peace and tranquility within these walls. The sights of Corfu attract not only ordinary tourists but also pilgrims to this place.

Mouse Island

Mouse Island - Corfu - places of interest

A few kilometers from the monastery in the sea stretches an island of indescribable beauty, buried in the greenery. It can be reached by one of the boats moored along the pier. According to legend, this islet, which is shaped like a mouse, was formed from the ship of Odysseus, which petrified and turned into this wonderful piece of land. On the island you can visit a small church and several cozy beaches.

The Old Fortress

The Greek Old Fortress on the island of Corfu

The old fortress is part of the defense system. It was built in the 8th century by Byzantine warriors on a mountain of natural origin with two peaks and is visible from all corners of the island. Later the structure was improved and strengthened by the British and Italians. The fortress is within walking distance of the central square of the Old Town, and is separated from it by a moat filled with water. You can get here by the old bridge.

Corfu - The Old Fortress near the capital

The fortress rises majestically above the island, and at its very top is a huge Orthodox cross. Next to the cross you can see the lighthouse, which still points the way for seagoing ships. Today the old fortress is a museum of sorts, featuring defensive guns, a barracks and prison, as well as several churches. The old sea fortress in Corfu is one of the main monuments of the Byzantine period.

New Fortress

Corfu sights - New Fortress

This fortress can only be called new compared to the previous defensive structure. It was actually built on St. Mark’s Hill more than 300 years ago. Several thousand houses and dozens of churches were demolished to build it. All the building material from their demolition went to build this fortress.

Corfu (Greece): attractions - New Fortress

The new fortress consists of two levels, one of which was responsible for the defense of the port, the second for the defense of the city. Here and now you can immerse yourself in the grim events of those times.

The double wall surrounding the fortress seems impregnable, and the maze of underground passages can tell a lot about life and war of those years. But the most mysterious are the underground passages that connect the structure to the old fortress, as well as to the central part of town. They are closed to the public and it is said that you can get lost here, like in a labyrinth. The new fortress is one of the main attractions of the island.

Archaeological sites and museums

The ruins of the Temple of Artemis are worth seeing in Corfu

The island of Corfu is rich in archaeological and historical monuments. Lovers of antiquity should simply visit the ruins of the ancient capital of the island. It was only three kilometers from the existing capital. There you can see the remains of ancient temples, and the ancient square, where people’s meetings were held. The remains of the Temple of Artemis and the Tower of Neradzihas will also be of interest to lovers of antiquity. This place is visited every year by thousands of tourists to see with their own eyes the amazing artifacts.

Visit the Mon Repo Museum near Corfu

Not far from the excavations is the Old Town Museum in the 19th century Mon Repo manor house. The city has several other unique museums, which can be visited by tourists. The archaeological museum features unique exhibits. Here among the everyday objects of the ancient period you can see unique finds from the temple of Artemis, a pediment with a portrait of the jellyfish Gorgon, exhibits found during the excavations of the ancient capital.

Popular Museum of Asian Art in Corfu, Greece

The Museum of Asian Art is also interesting. Here you can see pottery from India, Japan and China. All in all, the museum has about 11,000 exhibits. The museum is housed in a majestic 19th-century palace. Very informative and interesting will be an excursion to the art gallery. There are ancient icons, portraits of royalty, ancient maps of the island and the works of contemporary artists.

Beaches, Coves and Resorts of Corfu

The most beautiful landmark of the island of Corfu - Paleokastritsa

The island of Corfu is famous for the cleanest beaches, they are also a kind of attractions Corfu. One of the most famous resorts here is Paleokastritsa. The clearest water, sandy shore, and clear air make an unforgettable impression. When you come here for the first time, it seems that you are not on our planet, but somewhere far away, where there is no rush, problems and noisy metropolitan areas. This place is good not only for swimming, but also for diving.

To explore the nearby coves of Paleokastritsa you can rent a boat. Divers and lovers of marine life will be interested to visit the bays of Pipitu, Kanoni and Bataria.

The main attractions of Corfu - Benitses Beach

Other popular resorts include Ipsos, Benitses, Sidari, Dassia, Rhoda, Acharavi, Kondokalion, Gouvia, Agios Georgios. The richest and most famous traditionally vacation in Comeno.

How to get to Corfu

The easiest way to get to Corfu is by plane

The island of Corfu can be reached by plane or by ferry from the central part of Greece. The airport is a 10-minute walk from the center of the capital. Regular flights go here from Athens, Ioannina, and Patras. In the summer, charter flights fly from Moscow directly to Corfu. There are ferry services to Kerkyra from Venice, Patras and Igoumenitsa.

Where to stay in Corfu

There is always a place to stay in Corfu

Almost all of the hotels on the island are located on the shoreline. Each hotel has its own beach. There are also hotels in the city. If you are not going to this place for a beach holiday, it is better to book rooms in the city center. All hotels are equipped with play areas for children. Service in Corfu on a very high level. They can help you with absolutely everything from calling a cab to organizing a sightseeing program.

At the service of vacationers on the island of Corfu many hotels

Despite the fact that holidays on the island is considered elite and most hotels are 5 stars, rooms can be chosen according to your budget.

Video overview of the sights of Corfu

Corfu sights on the map

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