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Coral Island near Phuket

Phuket is located in the south of Thailand and is considered the most popular island resort. During the high season, it’s hard to find a cozy place to stay on the coast and hotels, and many tourists tend to visit the neighborhood in search of the beach of their dreams. Nearby is a whole archipelago, where they organize field trips for 1 or more days. Coral Island near Phuket is not as famous as Similan, but is well known as a charming place for a leisurely contemplative vacation on the white sandy beach surrounded by lush tropical nature.

Description of Coral Island

Coral island is 5 km from the southern point of Phuket and 10 km. from the Chalong Pier. The area is small, only 2.5 km long and 4 times less wide. Long Beach and Banana Beach make up half of the coastal area. This is a real paradise, where transparent waves crash on the snow-white sand, fragments of shells shine in the water, and in the distance with colorful butterflies flick triangles boat sails. They come here for the quiet, exoticism, the rich underwater world, freedom from vendors and noisy companies.

Coral Island near Phuket, Thailand

The average annual water temperature is +28-30 degrees. The high season, when almost every day is sunny and the water is calm and immovable, is from November to May. The rest of the time the rains and winds reign. The weather is so unpredictable that you can in the low season and have a great vacation, falling under the warm showers a couple of times during the whole vacation. Or you can spend the whole two weeks, looking out the window drearily at the riot of nature, not being able to leave the hotel room.

Long Beach

It stretches 800 meters along the coast. Perfectly equipped, installed:

  • changing booths;
  • showers with fresh water;
  • toilets.

There is relatively little shade, in the morning the campers flock here and take a comfortable corner for those who like to sleep a little longer, no longer succeed. But offered to rent sun loungers, deck chairs, umbrellas, installed awnings. Prices are quite decent, the rental price ranges from 100 to 300 baht, depending on the type of beach equipment. For tourists who prefer an active form of recreation, water rides, you can ride a banana, catamaran, take a boat trip with a swim in the open sea.

Coral Island beaches near Phuket

It is on Long Beach drop off excursion groups from Phuket and other islands, you can look around and if necessary, book a hotel room without leaving the beach.

Hotel on Coral Island near Phuket only 1, consists of several picturesque bungalows, styled as national lodges. Outside they are covered with palm leaves to maintain the entourage, but inside there are all the benefits of civilization, including air conditioning. The cost of accommodation is 2,000 baht per night. The houses stand next to the edge of the surf in the shade of palm trees, complementing the paradisiacal landscape.

Banana Beach

Small, compact, but very beautiful and easy to bathe. It is also covered with snow-white sand with a mixture of shells and coral. Walking on it without beach slippers is not recommended. Transparent water, clear bottom and colorful coral reef nearby have made the beach a popular place for snorkeling enthusiasts. Rent equipment and find an instructor is not difficult, and the weather in high season as if specially designed for leisurely drifting in layers of sun-warmed water.

Banana Beach on Coral Island near Phuket, Thailand

The beach is only 250 meters long, the distinguishing feature is a long pier that goes into the sea perpendicular to the shore. It’s lined with brightly colored segments, which gives it an ornate look. Large boats and launches drop off passengers at one section of the pier, while small boats land directly in the water very close to the shore.

Worth considering! In a medium wave, the trip in a small boat in most cases ends up with wet clothes. Many simply change into a swimsuit beforehand, saving their closet from salty splashes and full-blown water currents.

The shading of the beach is average, every inch is used to maximum benefit. Under the trees and awnings are placed sun loungers and comfortable deck chairs, which are rented to holidaymakers. The area is very clean, the sand is fine, snow-white, closer to the water is mixed with pieces of coral.

Both beaches are connected by a scenic trail through the jungle. Because the island is small, the distances on it are also small. In 15 minutes at a leisurely pace you can move from one section of the shore to another, especially since they are on the same, northern side of the island of Coral. The path is well treaded, but there are roots and rocks protruding from the ground. Through the intertwining branches as you walk, you get picturesque views of the coastal area and boats scurrying along the sea.

Tour to Coral Island from Phuket

Some tourists are so attracted by the relative seclusion of Coral island that they are willing to spend their entire vacation there. But most often go there for a day trip. You can come alone or in a group. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Organized recreation

With this option, there are no worries about finding transportation, a feeding point, or a way to get back to the hotel. At the same time for the tour participants decide when and where to leave, where lunch will be held and which of the beaches to swim. With the appearance of comfort there are strict limits on time and choice of route.

The price of the tour will be 1,000 baht, which includes transfer and lunch.


The distance to Coral Island is short, in good weather the road will take no more than 30 minutes. Communication between Phuket and the other islands is good, so you can rent a wooden long-tail boat in just 10 minutes. The cost is 1,500 baht for the entire boat, the number of passenger seats reaches 10.

It is important to ask about the time and intensity of the morning tide before you go, otherwise you will have to postpone your departure until 8-9 a.m.

Coral Island near Phuket

The advantages of such excursions is the absolute freedom of choice and plenty of time for it:

  • recreation;
  • walks;
  • bathing;
  • snorkeling;
  • Riding on inflatable bananas, inflatables, parachute.

There are no sights on this small piece of land, so the day is devoted to blissful idleness.

If you plan a trip in a large group, it is better to rent a speed boat at Chalong Wharf. The choice is large, the price range is almost 3 thousand baht, from 6,000 to 9,000.

If you do not plan an overnight stay, the departure time should be arranged with the owner of a rented boat in advance.

The Thais are punctual and try to arrive on time to avoid losing customers. It remains only to remember, or better, write down the number, so that then do not wander in search of the right watercraft.

Coral Island Infrastructure

Coral Island - Phuket, Thailand

There is nothing to boast about in this direction, you should not expect exclusivity. But the essentials are there and these services are of a fairly high quality.

Tourists are offered:

  • Rental of beach equipment;
  • equipment rental for snorkeling;
  • massage sessions;
  • scuba diving instruction at dive centers;
  • lunch or dinner in a small cozy cafe;
  • accommodation at Coral Island Resort.

In small stores you can buy various small things, but it is worth considering that the remoteness from civilization badly affects the prices. So, a bottle of drinking water, bought on the pier Chalong for 20 baht, on the island dramatically increases in price to 50.

Diving on Coral Island near Phuket

Few tourists tend to stay overnight or stay on Coral Island for a few days, so there is almost no demand for lodging. One hotel is enough, where there are almost always available rooms, or rather bungalows. The romantic charm of living on the beach is appreciated by honeymooners, couples in love, ready to pay for a day stay 1,500-2,000 baht. The list of amenities includes a separate bathroom, a wide bed, and an open spacious terrace. On the downsides is the lack of electricity, although in a romantic atmosphere of the island is already a plus.

Entertainments are few, they include jet-skiing, scuba diving, master classes of batik painting, diving lessons, evening concerts.

How to get to Coral Island

The main travel itineraries start in Phuket. Chalong Pier is reached by yourself or by shuttle from the hotel, a short boat trip ends at Long Beach when traveling as part of the tour. If the boat is rented by a group of like-minded people, they can drop you off at any point on the north coast.

Coral Island on the map

A trip to Coral Island is memorable for its tranquility, lack of civilization and wonderfully harmonious combination of luxurious nature and the serene smoothness of the transparent water on the background of snow-white sand.

Video overview of Coral Island

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