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Club life in Goa

Many young and middle-aged tourists go to Goa to hang out in local clubs and nightclubs: to dance, drink, have fun, listen to electronic music Goa-style or Psychedelic Trance.

Nightclubs in North Goa

Most of the clubs are in the northern part of the state of Goa India, this is where young people from all over the world usually vacation, as. in the 1960s, hippies settled in this blessed place with The Beatles and their other leaders.

Nightlife in northern Goa is concentrated on the beaches of Anjuna, Baga and Vagator. Here are almost all the nightclubs in this part of Goa. Be sure to visit Arambola as well, which also has some great establishments.

And every year more and more new nightclubs open here, increasing competition and forcing the “old guys” to invent more and more new entertainment for young people, celebrating more and more exotic holidays and festivals.

Cubana Nightclub

Cubana Nightclub - Goa

This club is said to be the best in Goa, and in all of India. It too is located in North Goa, in Arpora. You can find it by the powerful spotlight shining in all directions. And any cab driver knows the way to this club.

Prices in Cubana vary depending on the season, the day of the week, the number of girls coming with one man, etc. On Wednesdays, all girls are served alcohol free of charge. Cubana is almost always a fun bacchanal.

Most visitors sit at tables around the pool or on the edge of the pool, while others are already swimming in the pool.

It happens that girls swim completely naked, attracting men to themselves.

Video tour of the Kubana Club

LPK (Love Passion Karma) nightclub

This is a classic place of recreation and entertainment, where you can dance the night away, bringing your companion to absolute delight. LPK is located in North Goa, near Candolim and Panaji.

LPK (Love Passion Karma) nightclub in Goa

This nightclub was designed and created by talented architects and sculptors, its building has a great architectural style, unique bas-reliefs on the walls and unusual sculptural groups.

A sculpture of a lying woman is near the nightclub, and a sleeping woman can also be found inside, on the dance floor. The club has very beautiful interior finishes and gorgeous exterior landscaping. Thanks to the decorators.

Paradiso Nightclub

It is the largest local club and is located on Anjuna Beach in a building lined with ceramics inside and out. Because of this, the club’s acoustics are excellent, and the mass of Goa’s guests are drawn here.

Paradiso Nightclub - Goa

Paradiso has great lighting in the form of multicolored spotlights, which are in constant motion and draw mosaic patterns on the ceiling. The club itself consists of three floors. And on the first floor you can check out the museum of the history of the hippie movement.

On the second floor is a great dance floor, and on the third floor is a large observation deck with great views of the Arabian Sea.

The club closes at dawn, not before 4 a.m., when the last guest leaves.

Hilltop Nightclub

It’s a cult place for those who love Goa trance music. On holidays and weekends it is visited by up to 3 thousand tourists a day. It’s a place where Psychedelic Trance fans from all kinds of countries, nationalities, genders and ages hang out.

Nightclub and Disco in Goa - Hilltop

Hilltop is located on Vagator Beach. The club is an enclosed open-air space with a huge dance floor in the middle. In the center of it stands a large and old baobab. Trance music is always playing – first-rate.

The special music and world-famous trance DJs attract many eccentric freaks to Hilltop.

Minus of the club: it is open only on Sundays and until 22:00 hours. So says the local law, which prohibits a lot of decibels in the evening.

Curlie’s Nightclub

Curlie's Nightclub - Goa

This club has one of the best dance floors in Anjuna. Before us is another iconic place for fans and fans of psychedelic music. Europeans and older Americans, who were hippies back in the ’60s and ’70s, often hang out here.

Curlie’s dance floor is in a glass structure with strong air conditioning and great acoustics. Thanks to proper sealing, the sounds of music at many decibels are virtually inaudible from the outside, and the heat does not penetrate inside the club.

That’s why Curlie’s Club hosts the noisiest psychedelic parties. Admission is free and the place is open 24 hours a day. The second floor of the club serves refreshments and snacks, you can relax and listen to Psychedelic Trance.

Video tour of Curlie’s Club

Nightclubs in South Goa

And here are the rest of adults, solid and wealthy tourists, South Goa is beloved by those who prefer a quiet family vacation. However, there are nightclubs here too, for example in Kavelossim and Kolva.

Most clubs in southern Goa are located under the roof of hotels or in shopping malls. In such conditions, it is difficult to feel the flavor of real nightlife with all its adventures peculiar to North Goa.

If you want to really dive into psychedelic, to remember the mood of hippies, it is best to go to the north. Just do not overestimate yourself, your age and health, and then get a real student paradise.

Margarita Nightclub

Margarita nightclub in Goa with trance music

It is the only entertainment establishment of its kind located in Colva, South Goa. The beach near the resort of the same name is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, where young people from all over the world come to hang out.

The local dance floor features psychedelic, hippie-era, and contemporary music that makes it impossible not to dance. Those who are tired of dancing can go to the bar to choose the best liquor with the help of the bartender.

Admission is free for girls.

The Margarita has modern sound and lighting equipment, “plasma” on the walls, and smoke generators. The club bar has a large selection of cocktails and refreshments.

Video tour of the Margarita Club


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