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Chicago sights

Visiting Chicago’s major attractions will leave a lasting impression on every traveler’s mind. He will have the opportunity to plunge into the vibrant and memorable atmosphere of the city, which perfectly combines history and modernity.

Top 8 Chicago sights

Tourist visits to Chicago are reaching unimaginable volumes. The number of takeoffs and landings at the local airport is the second highest in the world. Chicago (USA) is especially famous for its attractions, which are found on every corner.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is a famous Chicago landmark

The name of the park is related to the beginning of the millennium, when it was opened. It took architects and construction organizations six years to turn an industrial area into a large-scale park with natural and man-made structures, picturesque scenery and unique installations. Exhibitions of contemporary artists and sculptors regularly take place in the park.

Visitors are enthralled by the outdoor theater, the “spitting” fountains, and the unusually shaped figures. Millennium Park is home to the largest restaurant in Chicago, The Park Grill Plaza.

Marina City

The Marina City complex in Chicago

If you don’t know what to see in Chicago, don’t hesitate to head to Marina City. The 179-meter high, two-towered building is a unique structure that stands out noticeably among other buildings in the city. The towers resemble a corncob, so that through the transverse openings, as much light as possible penetrated into the middle. On the first 19 floors there are garage bays for almost 900 cars. Floors 20 to 60 are occupied by office and residential space.

Buckingham Fountain

Chicago - Buckingham Fountain

Among the sights of Chicago, see the photo with the description of the largest fountain, if not in the world, then in America for sure. It is rightly called the “entrance gate” to the city, because the introduction to the local beauty often begins here. The fountain was built in 1927 in memory of Kate Buckingham’s brother. Its size is 84 m. The total volume of water pumped is 5.5 million liters of water. In the center rises a 7.5 m composition of three levels. The structure is made of pink marble.

Museum Campus

Museum Campus - Chicago (USA)

Initially, the architects’ idea was to make a convenient pedestrian zone for tourists who came to visit the city’s museums. Attractions in Chicago connect landscaped parks with paths, trees, flowerbeds and bronze sculptures. Previously, it was not possible to merge the area together because of the track that runs in the middle. After the liquidation of the road in 1988, the idea became a reality.

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

The elegant building with its bronze lions at the entrance is considered the crown jewel of Chicago. The exterior of the institute has always attracted tourists the opportunity to take memorable photos in a recognizable place. It has the largest display of paintings by American artists of different times and expressionists. Among the 5,000 canvases are works by Pablo Picasso, Wag Gog, Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse and other talented masters. In addition to paintings, the museum houses a collection of weapons, crafts of the peoples of Africa and arts and crafts.

Fields Museum of Natural History

Fields Museum of Natural History - Chicago

When visiting Chicago, there is always something to see. The Museum of Natural History is a place that cannot be overlooked. The building has a neoclassical style and is very reminiscent of the Shedd Aquarium, which is not far away.

Among the world-famous exhibits you can see here:

  • Sue’s dinosaur skeleton (a complete collection of Tyrannosaurus bones);
  • Evolving Planet” hall with fragments of dinosaur bones;
  • artifacts from ancient Egypt and Tibet;
  • a collection on ethnography and anthropology.

The Fields Museum of Natural History is an interesting place in Chicago

Visitors will be introduced to an interesting special offer. For a fee you will be given a blanket and offered to spend the night in the museum. Children may only be accompanied by an adult.

Navy pier

Navy Pier in the City of Chicago

Located on the shore of the lake, the naval pier has long been a place of excursion. Among the attractions of Chicago, photos with names can be found in any tourist guidebook. Being here, it’s hard to imagine that a hundred years ago it was home to a U.S. Navy barracks and training center. Today you can visit a botanical garden, stores, cozy cafes, cinemas and shopping and entertainment complexes. The pier offers incredible views of the lake and the huge skyscrapers of Chicago.

Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium

Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium is the pride of Chicago

You can’t be in America and go to a baseball game. Wrigley Field is always crowded during games, but tickets are easy to get. The Chicago Cubs’ outdoor home field has been in operation for more than 100 years. Spectator seats are set up on the roofs of residential buildings, and green ivy fencing runs along the arena. Soccer matches are also held at the stadium. The scoreboard has not changed its appearance since 1941.

Video overview of Chicago sights

One of the largest cities in the U.S. – Chicago, dreams of visiting everyone who loves the atmosphere of a huge metropolis. It is a city with a lot of attractions, developed infrastructure, economy and industry.

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