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Chiang Mai Attractions

Chiang Mai is located in the northern part of Thailand and is considered a place of attraction for those who are not looking for boisterous entertainment, and is inclined to a quiet and relaxing holiday. Chiang Mai’s main attractions are temples, zoos, and other recreation centers.

Top 15 attractions in Chiang Mai

When you visit this city, you won’t want to go home. The sights of Chiang Mai are surprising in their diversity. This is one of the most pleasant places to visit in Thailand. Traditions are still honored here, and in the distance from the city live wild tribes, which you can visit as part of a tour group.

Going to Chiang Mai, you will get a lot of good memories and be able to take beautiful pictures against the backdrop of the amazing nature of Thailand. Be sure to check out the most significant sights.

The White Temple of Wat Rong Khun

Chiang Mai Attractions - White Temple

The temple building is made entirely of white stone and glass. It is completely different from the Buddhist temples, but is a work of art in itself. The White Temple has its own rules: you can not enter with shoes on, to get into the building itself – you have to move over the bridge, which symbolizes the passage to Paradise. On the territory there are figures of different characters, and inside the walls are painted with the works of the creator himself.

Chiang Mai Zoo

Attractions - Chiang Mai Zoo

The zoo surprises its visitors with the size and number of animals. Of course, most of all attracted by the cute pandas, which feel at home here. The very style in which the walls and other decorations are made – attracts many visitors. It is in this zoo where you can meet many species of animals, as well as take a ride on a special tour bus for the zoo. There are other ways to move around the territory, which are freely used by tourists.

The area of the zoo is so large that it is very easy to get lost there. There are areas for relaxing with children and a large aquarium.

Royal Park

Chiang Mai sights - Royal Park

It is a place where a huge variety of colors and natural landscapes are collected. The entire territory of the park is divided into several sectors. There is a special playground where a child can have fun. There are also various pavilions with insects and certain types of flowers, many fountains and park areas. To move around such a huge park, it is worth taking the bus. It rides around the area all the time and is quite inexpensive. There is a lake outside Royal Park that is studded with lotuses.

National Museum

Chiang Mai National Museum - Chiang Mai Landmark

The museum reveals its history to visitors and reflects the culture of northern Thailand. Shows some moments from the life of the kingdom of Lanna and the main historical moments. Visiting this place, you can get a closer look at the main traditions and history of Chingamai.

Doi Suthep Temple

Chiang Mai sights - Doi Suthep Temple

One of the most revered and famous temples in northern Thailand. People from all over the world come here to see the main attraction of Chiang Mai and the country. The temple is located on a mountain and is made in an unusual style. Visiting it feels like a completely different atmosphere. It is the oldest temple in Thailand and was built about ten centuries ago.

Night Market

Sightseeing in Thailand - Chiang Mai Night Market

A favorite place of all visitors. There you can not only buy unusual things, but also look at handmade items. The most important night market is located by the river. There are several night markets in Chiang Mai, but the largest of them is characterized by the maximum variety of art objects from the most authentic artisans. At the night market you can buy really unique things.

Museum of Insects and Wonders of Nature

Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders in Chiang Mai

It can be visited as a family or alone. Will be of interest to collectors and lovers of flora and fauna. You can look not only at insects, but also at minerals of unusual shape and other creations of nature. The main task of the museum is to show how amazing the world around us is.

Wat Umong Tunnel Temple

Chiang Mai sights - Wat Umong Temple

In Chiang Mai, temples and parks are widely represented among the attractions. Wat Umong is also called the cave temple. There is a small park area in front of the lake, where you can relax and listen to birds singing. A lot of statues and a huge stupa. The place is quiet and rarely draws crowds of tourists. You can go there to enjoy nature and silence.

Doi Suthep Pui National Park

Doi Suthep Pui - Chiang Mai

Here you can walk past waterfalls and areas that are fully planted with trees. It is a beautiful place where tourists often gather. The park has several levels, it is impossible to go around in one day. There is a small recreation base where you can spend time contemplating the nearby temple and the surrounding nature. Rooms are inexpensive, you can pick up a fairly favorable option that will suit the tourist with any purse.

The Silver Temple of Wat Sri Suphan

The Silver Temple of Wat Sri Suphan - Chiang Mai attractions

The temple has some restrictions on visiting: it is forbidden for women to enter the Silver Temple, but strolling through the park areas is not forbidden. The temple is made of silver and has a small park area. The building itself is very small, and there is a museum and an ordinary Thai temple nearby. The unusual appearance of the building is the highlight of this place.

Huay Kaeo Falls

Chiang Mai Attractions - Waterfalls

Here you can spend a pleasant time enjoying the sounds of the water and looking at the calmingly falling water. At the entrance, you can refresh yourself with local dishes sold from stalls by locals.

The Temple of the Setting Sun

The Temple of the Setting Sun in Chiang Mai

It is made in unusual for Chiang Mai architecture with a combination of Burmese style and the kingdom of Lanna. On the territory is a holy spring and has its own library. You can wash your face with the water from the spring, but it is not recommended to drink it.

Burma Temple

Chiang Mai Attractions - Burma Temple

Unlike the others, the Burmese temple does not look as unwieldy. It has its own distinctive style, as it was built by another people. The small area of the temple is complemented by the park, which is located nearby.

Phra Sing Temple

Chiang Mai - Phra Sing Temple

The most famous and popular temple in the old city of Chiang Mai. It has centuries of history. There are masses of painted stupas on its grounds, which looks quite attractive to visitors.

Chedi Luang Temple (Great Stupa Temple)

Chiang Mai Attractions - Chedi Luang Temple

It has one of the largest stupas, which is located in Chiang Mai. There is a large statue of Buddha, which is a copy of the original Emerald. Tourist groups with guides like to come here.

How to get to Chiang Mai?

You can get to Chiang Mai by plane, and on the territory of Thailand you can use the buses. It is desirable to arrange a tour-trip, where the visitors will be met at the airport and taken to their destination. Transportation in Chiang Mai is inexpensive, so you can also take a cab.

Regarding the flight – the airport is very close to the city. That’s why you can get to the city on foot, or you can use the transport. Buses and tourist transport come frequently. Using the services of travel agencies, you can quickly and easily get to the city.

Video overview of Chiang Mai attractions

You can go to Chiang Mai as a family and have a good vacation. There’s a lot to see and do in the city and beyond. National parks and nature reserves, which allow you to get acquainted with exotic species and observe the wildlife of the country.

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