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Central Botanical Garden in Minsk

The Botanical Garden in Minsk is a magnificent park, which enjoys the well-deserved love of the inhabitants of the capital and its guests. It is not just a place for pleasant and fascinating walks through picturesque alleys. This is a research site of the NAS – National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Scientific activities

About sixteen thousand plants are collected here. The Central Botanical Garden in Minsk is one of the largest in Europe and the largest in Belarus. The aesthetic merits of the park are beyond praise. Admiration is caused not only by the abundance of spectacular plants, but also the layout of the garden, the objects of park architecture. Gazebos, ponds, lawns, greenhouses, alpine gardens – all pleasing to the eye.

Visitors can admire the manicured trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs. And scientists at the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are engaged in serious work: they are interested in biotechnology, ecology, molecular biology and other special branches of this vital area of knowledge. The study of the processes of acclimatization, reproduction, and conservation of various plant species helps expand their gene pool. They are all useful, either for agriculture, ecology, landscaping, or decorative purposes.

A visit to the landscape zone and greenhouse provides a lot of useful information for the younger generation, and adults are surprised to discover how much new information they can learn here.

Botanical Garden layout

The main entrance to the botanical garden in Minsk is from the side of Independence Avenue. The road leading from the main entrance is planted with Manchurian walnut. It reaches the beautifully decorated center parterre, and then in a straight line through the spruce alley visitors get to the shores of a small lake.

Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Other paths of the park diverge in rays from its central part. They are named after the trees that grow on the left and right.

There are avenues of trees of impressive power and beauty such as:

  • silver maple;
  • hanging birch;
  • Western Thuja;
  • small-leaved linden;
  • ash;
  • oak.

Central Botanical Garden in Minsk

The successful layout of the garden, created in the mid-20th century, allows us to present to the public a stunning variety of flora of our planet. Signposts and diagrams on the stands will not let you lose the right direction.

This park is just a pleasure to walk in, there is a feeling of being far away from the city. The alleys alternate with lawns. Sculpture, ponds, benches, cafes – all provide an opportunity to restore strength, a break from work and fuss.


Botanical Garden, Minsk

During the warm season, the botanical garden in Minsk is a real delight for floriculture lovers. Until late fall, you can admire the chrysanthemums, their large bright carpet stretches to the left of the central avenue. Floral areas abound in spring and summer: both cultivated plants and wild plants are represented in all their diversity.

Minsk residents and guests of the capital have their own favorite corners of the garden: collections of rhododendrons, roses, tulips, lilacs and other flowering plants.


Orangery of the Botanical Garden in Minsk

Constantly green and blooming exposition attracts not only botany lovers. It becomes the perfect backdrop for weddings or holiday photos. The spacious greenhouse is made in the form of a transparent pyramid. Behind its windows contain not only exotic plants, but also birds, turtles, fish in the pond. Hot and humid air in the greenhouse is maintained all year round. During the cold seasons, bad weather outside the window seems unreal.

Excursions in the Botanical Garden

The Central Botanical Garden of Minsk is the largest in Europe

Excursions in the botanical garden of Minsk are held throughout the year. Most of them, of course, are in the warmer seasons. These include visits to the Apothecary Garden in July and August, the Arboretum from spring to fall, and guided tours of different areas. The tropics and subtropics give their variety in the greenhouse also in winter, and from November to March the citrus collection is a great pleasure. It’s so easy to forget about winter outside the windows when the mandarin and orange trees in the lemonarium are in bloom.

How to visit the Botanical Gardens?

It is very easy to get to Paradise. It is located almost in the center of the city, on its main thoroughfare – Independence Avenue (Nezalezhnosti). There is a subway exit nearby – “Park Chelyuskintsev” station

The address is

It is usually indicated that the garden is located on Surganov Street. This is the official address: Minsk, Surganov Street, 2B. This street has paid parking for cars and a service entrance to the garden. The main entrance, decorated with a white colonnade, is on the side of Independence Avenue. It’s more convenient to go in here, because the ticket office is located right next to the main aisle.

Location on the map

Cost of visits and excursions

To see the landscape area and the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden of Minsk it is enough to pay 8 rubles (Belarusian rubles). Tickets for the tours are purchased in addition to the basic, they cost from 8 to 25 rubles (depending on the number of people in the group and the theme of the review). There are preferential tickets and free admission for citizens of the CIS (with documents confirming the right to a discount).

There’s another great service. If you want to visit the botanical garden repeatedly in one month, it is worth buying a subscription to visit it. Only 40 rubles – and the opportunity to walk around the landscape area and greenhouse remains for 30 calendar days.

Botanical Garden in Minsk

You can take pictures of the garden’s wonderfully manicured plants and beautiful landscapes for free. But this is only if the shooting is not of a commercial nature, or not timed to the solemn event. In such cases, a special payment is made. Minimum – 30 rubles plus the price of admission ticket. For special events, the administration can change the price of admission.

Working time

The main area of the complex visitors admire from 10 to 20 hours daily. Monday is a non-working day. The Orangery of the Botanical Garden in Minsk is open one hour less – until 19 o’clock.

Note that ticket sales and admission to the garden stop at 7 p.m.

Video overview of the Botanical Garden


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