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Casa Vicença in Barcelona

Barcelona has many attractions that are included in the world lists and tourist guides. They are included in sightseeing tours and are the hallmarks of the Spanish capital. But there are also sites that are of interest only to connoisseurs or become a real discovery for those who decide to deviate from the recommended routes. Such a revelation would be the Vicenç House in Barcelona. This is one of the first works of the famous architect Antonio Gaudi. The distinctive features of his creations are the fluidity of lines and unusual proportions in conjunction with the original decor of facades and interiors.

History of the House of Wissens

The private residence was erected in the last decades of the 20th century for the philanthropist Vicens y Mortaner. The then fledgling architect Antonio Gaudi designed it with all the wishes of the customer in mind. He did not restrict in forms, but insisted on the use of ceramic stone and colored tiles with velveteen ornaments. The floral pattern and the material itself subtly hinted at the occupation of the brick mogul. The total area of the mansion – more than 1000 square meters. The construction plan included not only the building itself, but also the surrounding area, on which the rotunda and cascading fountain were erected. Unfortunately, after the reconstruction, they were lost along with part of the fence.

Architectural solutions of the Vicens House

This example of architecture is considered to be the first example of the new trend – Catalan modernism. While Gaudí has partly adhered to tradition, his design is dominated by straight lines and only some gently curved façade elements indicate what his next creations will be like. The decor clearly shows the Mudejar style, popular at the time. Oriental influences were expressed in plant ornaments and multicolored, mosaic ornaments. The lower part of the mansion is lined with massive stone blocks. In combination with brick walls, ceramic cladding elements and wrought iron elements, the building has gained a unique flavor.

The idea of making an unobtrusive advertisement for the homeowner’s products in the exterior of Casa Vicens succeeded completely. The house, and with it the fabricator, became widely known in Barcelona. The mansion is designed as if it were an extension of the garden. The wrought iron fence perfectly shows the stylized leaves of the chamerops. This palm tree was cut down in preparation for construction. And the velveteen ornament is a reference to the courtyard beds, where they grew in abundance.

Wissens House - from the outside


The house has 15 rooms, all designed personally by Gaudi and are unique. On the lower floor are the dining room and smoking room. The central place is taken by the fireplace. The furniture is wooden, with 32 paintings by Francesc Torrescassan y Sallares as decoration. The interior of the smoking room is inspired by the East. This is the predominance of blue and greenish shades with gilding, stained glass and volumetric elements.

The next level is reserved for the bedrooms of the Vicens family. A significant innovation was the bathroom. Plumbing was still considered a novelty and luxury, and its presence indicates the progressive views of the owner. The decor uses elements of Mediterranean flora and fauna. There is unity in the design of the premises at the level of colors. One of the bedrooms has access to the terrace.

The next floor of Casa Vicens is designed according to the canons of Catalan architecture. It is a through room, devoid of partitions and zoning.

This level was remodeled during the new owners’ tenure, but the restoration returned it to its original appearance.

Casa Vicença in Barcelona - Interior


It was the Vicens house that Antoni Gaudi turned into an experimental site, creating an open roof-terrace on the upper level. Later this find was used more than once in other projects A distinctive feature is a special walkway. Benches are installed not only in the open air, but also in 4 corner towers, also decorated with tiles.

House of Wissens Exhibitions

Until 2014, this amazing building was only accessible once a year because the house was privately owned. Since 2017, it has acquired museum status and is open daily. Now everyone can, for a nominal fee, touch Antoni Gaudi’s ingenious ideas and admire his talent embodied in the unique interiors of Casa Vicenç and the building itself.

Casa Vicenç has a permanent exhibition on the second floor, and there are also frequent traveling exhibitions and audiovisual cognitive projections about the history of Barcelona’s development.


The history of Casa Vicens itself goes back 130 years. This is the subject of the main exhibition. It features exhibits about Antoni Gaudi’s personality, his projects and dreams. Of particular value is the manuscript of Reus, which contains the master’s reflections on architecture and ornamentation.

On weekends, Casa Vicent hosts family events, ceramic and design workshops, where you can participate in master classes on tile making and painting, creating architectural projects. This maintains the level of popularity of the museum and provides a constant flow of visitors.

Vicença House opening hours and ticket prices

Caca Vicens is located in the district of Gracia, on Les Carolines 24. The price of a visit – 16 euros for all, students and seniors from 65 years will pay a little less, and you can go for free on the day of the name day of St. Nicholas. Rita, May 22. It is better to buy a ticket in advance, there is a service with an open date of visit with a validity of up to 6 months.

It is worth considering that the price of a guided walk through Casa Vicens will be more expensive.

Casa Vicens on the map

The Casa Vicenç in Barcelona is one of the places you must visit in order to touch the wonders of Catalonia’s architecture.

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