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Carrying out independent work (Lavoro Autonomo) for obtaining a residence permit for Italy

According to the new laws in force in Italy, foreigners can carry out the immigration procedure for several months and eventually become a legal resident or Resident of the Republic of Italy.

Below we will list four motivations for the issuance of an Italian entry visa, which may turn out to be immigration and entitle a person to reside in Italy for an unlimited period of time, as well as to apply for citizenship:

  • family reunification, for which one of the family members must have Italian citizenship or immigration status;
  • Adoption of a minor foreign child by a person who already has Italian citizenship or immigration status;
  • The existence of a signed contract with an employer in Italy with an indefinite term beforehand;
  • carrying out independent work, in such a situation it is necessary to have the right to conduct professional activities in a variety of fields.

Of course, you can always buy a villa in Italy, although, thanks to new Italian laws, it is much easier for citizens of many countries to use the latter motive.

Conducting independent work (Lavoro Autonomo)

The opportunities open to foreigners in Italy depend very much on many factors, among which are: education, qualifications, financial resources, plans, abilities, etc. This motive for entry and residence, as a self-employed person (Lavoro Autonomo) in Italy, provides unlimited opportunities for many professionals in many different fields.

The most affordable and promising option is to conduct independent commercial activity, which is based on the creation of various companies, for example, simple partnerships, closed joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, etc. At the same time, the owner of the company is not prohibited from working in another company.

In Italy, there are no special requirements related to the taxes paid by the entrepreneur or the company, as well as, however, to the annual turnover of the company or the number of employees. Or to be more precise, such requirements are exactly the same for both residents and citizens.

Simply put, you won’t have the need to prove every year that your company is thriving. Success or failure in business is a personal matter of the businessman himself.

In order to obtain the right of residence under the abovementioned Lavoro Autonomo motive, the requirements that are imposed on the candidate can be shaped as follows: there must be no prohibition to engage in the chosen activity, and there must be no violation of the European and Italian legislation, the same applies to the norms of international law.

The requirements imposed by the Italian state to the amount of financial resources of the applicant depend very much on the chosen option of the procedure. The amount of money can vary from 10 and up to 50 thousand euros. These funds do not need to be transferred to any of the government accounts or be made available for investment in government programs. The money remains in the possession of its owner. You will just need to confirm their availability, in most cases, for this is enough a statement made from a personal account.

It is worth knowing that the immigration process can take 4-6 months and will consist of several different stages.

As a result of all the procedures you will receive the status of a resident of the Republic of Italy, which will be confirmed by a residence permit (or permesso di soggiorno), as well as many other documents.

The cost of services that are associated with the acquisition of the status of a fully legal resident of Italy, including legal relocation of the whole family, in most cases, is: about 8-12 thousand euros for the main applicant; from 1.5 to 3 for each member of the family.

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