Caribbean Sea

The extraordinary and deep Caribbean Sea impresses travelers from all corners of the globe. Many tourists visit the beautiful islands located in its basin on their own. Lovers of outdoor activities prefer surfing and diving.

General information about the Caribbean Sea

Islands on the map of the Caribbean Sea
Caribbean Islands.

Part of the World Ocean in the form of an isolated basin is located in the waters of the Atlantic body of water.

Geographic location

The sea borders South and Central America and washes the shores of Colombia, Panama and Venezuela. In the northern part it surrounds islands:

  • Cuba;
  • Haiti;
  • Jamaica;
  • Puerto Rico et al.

The sea is not an inland basin, as it is separated from the world water body by part of the land. The southwestern region is integrated into the Pacific Ocean by the navigable Isthmus of Panama. The large basin is located on the lithospheric plate, divided into basins: the Venezuelan, Colombian, Grenada, and Cayman basins.

The outer edge of the continental shoal is near the Gulf of Honduras, Darien, and Venezuela.

Dimensions and depth

The maximum depth is 7,686 meters along the Cayman Basin. The color of the water varies during the day from green to bluish-yellow. Tidal currents affect sea depth from Margarita Island to the western end of Trista Bay.

The density of water does not exceed 1.0235 kg/cm³, transparency is 30 m.

Climate and natural features

The climate is mild, without sharp temperature fluctuations. This is due to the fact that the sea is in the zone of trade winds. Rainfall is about 2,000 ml per year. The sun shines for 2,550 hours for 365 days.

The average ambient temperature from May to August is +29°C. In winter, there are many hot and dry days when the air warms up to +27°C.

Tropical hurricanes are characterized by strong winds of 40-60 m/s. Their season lasts from July to November. Cyclones of low intensity pass with squalls, showers, thunderstorms.

The sea fauna is represented by sharks, angel fish, largemouth bass, moray eels, etc.

The extent of piracy

The Caribbean Sea was made famous by the famous pirates:

  • Ф. Drake;
  • Г. Morgan;
  • Э. Teach;
  • Б. Roberts;
  • Д. Rackham;
  • С. Bonnet.

The most successful maritime robber was John Ward (“Jack Bird”), who plundered rich ships in the 16th century. No less popular is Jamaica’s Lieutenant-Governor Henry Morgan, commander of a pirate caravan of 12 sailing ships and 700 corsairs.

John Roberts (“Black Bart”) dominated Devil’s Island and also plundered Nigeria, Brazil and Gabon. A pirate took part in the Battle of Cape Lopez on Martinique Island.

Francis Drake not only traveled to America, but also brought a large profit to Queen Elizabeth’s treasury. He could have lived his entire life comfortably on the looted treasures, but the highest person bestowed upon the flibbuster a knighthood.

Caribbean States

The list of countries located in the Caribbean includes:

  • Cuba;
  • Dominica;
  • Haiti;
  • Jamaica;
  • Puerto Rico;
  • Barbados;
  • Guadeloupe;
  • St. Lucia;
  • Granada;
  • Curacao;
  • St. Barthélemy.

Sea Islands

The Caribbean Sea is home to some of the best protected natural and recreational areas:

  • Haiti;
  • Guadeloupe;
  • Dominique;
  • St. Lucia;
  • Virgin Islands;
  • Tobago;
  • Trinidad et al.

Tour operators offer excursions, introduce visitors to the sights, culture and history of island nations.

Coral Disease

The disease is caused by the bacteria Vibrio alginolyticus contained in the coral mucus, as well as fungi and viruses.

A number of pathological conditions occur in corals as a result of infection:

  • epithelial tissue death;
  • exposure of the lime base;
  • a decrease in the intensity of coloring.

There is a particularly dangerous infection that affects animals. This is the “brown jelly” that often develops in cortical corals and red discosoma.

Actinia and gorgonaria suffer from drastic changes in internal environment parameters, such as temperature and salinity, as well as sea water pollution. Animals die within 1-2 days after contracting the accompanying bacterial infection.

Coral is treated by removing infected branches and treating the wound surface with fresh water.

The Greater Antilles – What to Visit

These are the most popular resorts in the Caribbean Sea.

The beaches of the Caribbean islands.

At the service of holidaymakers:

  • Beach tours (Curaçao, Playa Chiquitu, Boca Bartol);
  • Hato Caves (near the town of Willemstad);
  • Washington Slabai National Park;
  • Fort Orange (Bonaire);
  • The Church of St. John the Baptist. Francis of Assisi;
  • Saba Island.

Tourists with children explore the local attractions:

  • Sea Aquarium (Curacao Island);
  • Zoo (St. Morten Island);
  • Senor winery.

For shopping enthusiasts, there are duty-free zones on Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Estatius.


Tourists visit a stretch of land of natural origin to admire the panorama and enjoy the shimmering colors of the sea water up close.

Famous Cuban natural areas:

  • Varadero;
  • Havana;
  • Guardalawaka;
  • Cayo Coco;
  • Remedios;
  • Santiago de Cuba.

The island state offers travelers active recreation, developed infrastructure and various services. The tour program on Liberty Island includes a tour of Havana and the city of Moron, the Rum Museum, and the Cigar Factory. Tourists buy diving boats for boat trips and learn the basics of gastronomic travel.


Española is a colorful and hot place known to people who live miles away on the other side of the earth.

The island state offers exotic tours of protected areas:

  • Port-au-Prince;
  • Petionville;
  • Cap-Haïtien;
  • Jacmel;
  • Konskoff;
  • Croix des Bouquets.

Travelers are introduced to beautiful hotels and restaurants: Les Gardins, Magdoos, Hotel Caribe, etc. In the city of Jacmel tourists see the church of St. Philip and James, the wooden house of the Malho family, a monument of architecture, the mansion of Simon Bolivar. The National Museum is interesting architecturally and contains rare exhibits.

Haiti Island.

Puerto Rico

Experienced travelers take sightseeing trips to the small, hospitable state. Tourist regions are formed in the country:

  • North;
  • Central;
  • Southern;
  • Eastern;
  • Western.

On the island of Puerto Rico, travelers admire the scenery and take in the sights:

  • the central Plaza Las Delicias square;
  • state reserve;
  • Cueva del Indio;
  • Coamo Termai hot springs.

Tourists are attracted to Wau Marina beach (diving, fishing). On the island of Vieques for lovers of silence are equipped recreation corners: Blue Beach, Secret, Malecon.

Interesting excursions to Fort San Felipe del Morro, Castello San Cristobal Fortress, La Fortaleza Castle, the Isla de Carli de Muertos.


The exotic place attracts tourists from all over the world. They don’t pass by interesting sights:

  • Bob Marley Museum;
  • National Gallery;
  • Devon House (the estate of D. Steele);
  • Rio Grande River;
  • waterfalls;
  • Cayaba River Botanical Garden;
  • “GoldenEye (home of J. Fleming).

In the evening, vacationers flock to the local beaches:

  • Doctor’s Cave Beach;
  • James Bond;
  • Boston Beach et al.

Dive centers offer their services in hotels: Royalton Negril, Hideaway at Royalton, etc.


This is the best place for fishing and snorkeling. Comfortable hotels – Coral Sands Resort, Cotton Free 5, etc. An excursion to Little Cayman is memorable with a visit to the “Bloody Bay” wall, a unique place for snorkelers (snorkeling enthusiasts). On Cayman Brac, travelers explore the Bluff mountain range.

Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands.

In the city of Georgetown, tourists relax at Seawall Dam, visit tanning salons, beauty salons. The St. Peter and Paul Cathedral makes a great impression. George, the Company-Pat Gardens, Starbucks Market.

Best resorts in the Lesser Antilles

Diving enthusiasts visit uninhabited areas of land. Prestigious tourist areas are Is. Canoan, Bequia, Tobago Cays, Young Island, Petit St. Vincent, Palm Island, Mustique.

Popular with tourists enjoy the beaches in Dominica with black and white sand:

  • Batibu Bay;
  • Champagne;
  • Mero;
  • Douglas Bay.

On the Isle of Dogs vacationers go scuba diving, explore the exhibits of the National Marine Park.

The resort of St. Maarten offers entertainment:

  • climbing to the top of Sentry Hill;
  • a tour of the rum factory;
  • walks through the streets of Philipsburg;
  • visiting duty-free stores;
  • walks at the waterfall in the St. Maarten Private Nature Reserve.


“Little England” is popular with travelers.

Tourists buy tours:

  • To the parish of Christ Church;
  • Oistins;
  • Silver Sands;
  • Rockley Beach;
  • Waring;
  • St. Lawrence Gap.

Ecotourism enthusiasts visit the town of Batsheba and admire the pristine beauty of the rainforest. Parents with children vacationing on the west coast of Barbados. The beaches of Haywoods, Els Molines, and Sandy Lane leave a vivid impression.

The Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados and the Hilton Barbados Resort are located on beautiful beaches. Here travelers receive a set of health treatments:

  • acupuncture;
  • hydromassage;
  • SPA sessions.


This place is ideal for vacationing with children and restoring health on the West Coast of the island. The best beaches are Scotts Head Beach, Mero, Douglas Bay, etc.

Resorts in Dominica.

Thrill seekers come to the east coast of Dominica. There are no equipped beaches here. Tourists sunbathe at Kalishby Beach and Hampstead Beach, surrounded by jungle and cliffs.

In the central part are built hotels-bungalows for travelers. Tourists take walks through the jungle, swimming in waterfalls.

The top hotels include:

  • Single Bay;
  • Fort Young Hotel.


The area of land of natural origin is famous for its healing climate. The beaches are the main attraction of Grenada. Travelers prefer to swim and sunbathe at Grand Anse, Morn Rouge or Bestway. A popular conservation area is St. George’s. The best hotels in Grenada offer their services: Ramboat Retreat, Cherry Hill, Goyave and others.

Travelers visit Grand Ethan National Park, Fort George, Fort Frederick, the Museum of National Art, the Sendall Tunnel, St. George’s Temple, and the National Museum. St. George, Museum of Chocolate.


“Fish Oil Land” (Antigua) includes six counties:

  • St. Peter’s;
  • St. Philip’s;
  • St. George’s;
  • St. Paul;
  • St. Mary’s;
  • St. John’s.

From Dominica, tourists arrive in Antigua in 40 minutes. The area of the island is 280 m². The hotels of the All Retusiv Corporation are at the service of travelers.

Vacationers get acquainted with the products of potters, visit the fair of crafts. Tourists are attracted by the blue lagoons and white beaches.

Local cafes and restaurants prepare national dishes:

  • spiral seashell meat;
  • ducan;
  • pea rice, etc.

Antigua sights:

  • Pirate Ship Jolly Roger;
  • safari;
  • Multi-day fishing tours.


They go to the island for the active rest and noisy entertainment. Martinique borders Dominica and St. Lucia. Tourists are attracted by sailing regattas, windsurfing and World Cup yachting competitions.

Martinique Island.

A favorite place for divers is Rocher du Diamant.

The best beaches:

  • Pointe de la Cherie;
  • Anse Sirens and Anse Lenten.

Guests stay at the hotels: Pierre et Vacances, Karibea Sainte Luce Hotel. Tourists explore the waterfalls on the Alma River, the volcano Mont Pélé, and Lake Etan de Saline.

The best protected area is the Grande Rivière.

St. Thomas

A stretch of land in the ocean captivates tourists with its unique flavor. It is part of the Virgin Islands (USA). Nosari Protected Natural Area is popular with vacationers. They visit beautiful beaches and scuba dive in the sea.

Boat rentals and fishing tours are available to travelers. Southside is a resort famous for its fashionable hotels: Bluebeard’s Castle, Digartes Pansion. There are entertainment areas on its territory: World Ocean Park, Sapphire Reach.


Ecotours to a state on the shores of the Caribbean Sea are in great demand. In the summer season, travelers are offered comfortable hotels: Hyatt Regency, Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel, etc.

For vacationers guided tours to waterfalls, in wild places, famous for their rare birds and animals.

The best beaches:

  • Maracas Bay;
  • Las Cuevas;
  • Mayaro;
  • Castara.

Excursions to British Fort King George, the Tobago Museum, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Port of Spain, the Orchid House, and Starlie Park are of great educational interest.


The tour is purchased by lovers of outdoor activities.

Tourists make excursions to the Square of the Three Crosses, the Museum of History in the Cantero Palace, the Monastery of St. John the Baptist. Francis of Assisi.

Viewing platforms are popular. Tourists admire the vast panorama of the city, the De los Ingenios Valley. Anakon Beach is the best place for active games with children.


The attraction of the ocean sections are the resort areas:

  • New Providence;
  • Grand Bahama;
  • Eluthera;
  • Long Island;
  • Exuma;
  • Bimini;
  • Harbor.

Popular beaches in the Bahamas:

  • “Tiger;
  • “Paradise Cove;
  • “Somerset Beach.

Tourists make excursions to the village of Dunmore, Cape Santa Maria, Lake Windsor.

Main cities:

  • Matthew Town;
  • Stella-Maris;
  • Nichols Town;
  • Nassau et al.

Cultural institutions in the Bahamas:

  • Atlantis and Baja Mar complexes;
  • Andros Beach Club;
  • studios in apartments;
  • Pelican Bay Lucaya Hotel;
  • Sunrise Beach clubs and villas;
  • Hilton Nassau Hotel.
Atlantis Hotel
Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.

Housing in the Caribbean Islands

Real estate prices depend on several factors:

  • the location of the residence in the resort area;
  • of the total area of the living quarters;
  • panoramic view;
  • of the homestead plot.

The main demand for housing in the Caribbean is in St. Kitts, Nevis, Barbados, Dominica, Antigua. The price of 1 m² varies from 2 to 4 thousand dollars.

Mediterranean-style villas offered for 444 thousand euros. Apartment 43 m² will cost the buyer 90,844 euros, and the duplex cottage is estimated from 180,000 to 185,252,800 rubles.

Is it possible to get citizenship

You can become a Caribbean passport holder by investing in the state’s economy. The investor gets a long-term visa to the U.S. and can visit Singapore or England.

Citizenship in one of the countries can be obtained through marriage with a native. The minimum amount of cash contributions in Dominica is $100,000 to the State Fund. A candidate for citizenship in a Caribbean state does not need to obtain a residence permit. He goes through a preliminary check and prepares a package of papers in advance.

The cost of the trip and when it is better to visit

Buy a tour to the Caribbean on the program “All Inclusive” is not difficult, for example, for 2 people, its cost depends on the duration of the holiday. Staying for 14 days will cost 185 thousand rubles. The price includes accommodation in a 2 or 5-star hotel.

Trip to Cuba will cost about 30 thousand rubles/person. Cruise through the islands of the Caribbean class “Standard” for a week costs 63 455 rubles/person, the tour “Premium” – 806 000 rubles/person.

In the Dominican Republic, a 2-bed hotel room will cost $30/day. The cheapest all-inclusive resorts are: Cayo Guillermo $50-$150, Varadero $30,200, Puerto Plata $150, Cosumel $30/day, La Romana $90-$273, Playa del Carmen $160-$1634, and the Dominican Republic $160-$1634.

VIP-travel in the Caribbean is available at any time of year, the average cost depends on the duration of the tour, the length of the route. Vacationers are offered installment payment.

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