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Cappadocia in Turkey

A fabulous country with cliffs and incredible scenery exists. Who would have thought that Turkey has a magical place Cappadocia, which is impossible not to fall in love. Looking at the postcards and photographs of land with huge bizarre figures of sand and stone, it seems that such beauty can only be in fairy tales. Cappadocia on the map of Turkey is a World Heritage Site. Many years ago, there were many horses here, hence the name, which means “land of beautiful horses.

How to get to Cappadocia?

The nearest airports are in Nevshehiri and Kayseri. Often travel companies offer to buy a ticket to the airport in Ankara, and from there by bus to Cappadocia. This is considered the cheapest way to get to the vacation spot. There is a bus service in Turkey. All transportation offered to tourists is comfortable and affordable.

Cappadocia on the map of Turkey

Cappadocia on the map of Turkey
Interactive Map

In Turkey, a common service to rent a car, so if you are used to traveling with comfort, choose a car to suit your taste. But you won’t need it in Cappadocia itself. It is much more convenient to use the services of local cab drivers.

Description of Cappadocia

First of all, go to Cappadocia to see firsthand the interesting landscape, underground cities, monasteries, crypts and cells. The history of most of the attractions stretches back through the centuries to the 1st century BC. Cappadocia on the map is located in the region of Central Anatolia and covers such provinces as Kayseri, Nigde, Nevşihiri and Aksaray. Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are some of the most famous underground cities in the world, discovered in 1960.

Cappadocia (Turkey) - description

The waters here have worked hard to make unique formations in the form of pillars, towers and pyramids appear on this land. The water has been gone for years, people have long inhabited the area, and the huge natural creations delight the eyes of locals and visitors. The unique geology is a consequence of volcanic activity. The magma that came to the surface formed a series of new surface volcanoes.

Today Cappadocia is a major tourist center, which is visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Hotels offer a high level of service at low prices.

History of Cappadocia

For a long time Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Romans and Turks fought over the territory of modern Cappadocia. People who had fled persecution by Roman emperors for their Christian faith came here. Entire cities grew in places of rock. At this time, Christian monasteries were created that contributed to the glorification of the Christian faith. The feasts of the birth of Christ and the Holy Trinity were introduced in Cappadocia.

In the 11th century the Armenian authorities ruled here, and a little later Cappadocia became part of the Ottoman Empire. It did not become part of Turkey until 1923.

When is the best time to come?

The peculiarity of Cappadocia is that you can come here all year round. Especially noticeable increase in the number of tourists, as in Istanbul, during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The only thing that can stop wishing to visit unique places – the unpredictability of weather conditions in the winter, which suspended some excursions.

Where is Cappadocia

The best time to vacation is from April to September. The climate of the area is moderately continental. It hardly ever rains here in the summer. By the way, in March and September, the cost of rooms is reduced significantly, and in the souvenir shops products are given almost for nothing.

Cappadocia Attractions

Interesting places in the city are found literally at every step. It seems that the tourist can touch the past by visiting the attractions of Cappadocia. They carry great historical significance not only for Turkey, but also for the whole world.

Map of Cappadocia

Schematic map of Cappadocia in Turkey

Valley of Love

In many guidebooks you can also find the name Baglidere, and tourists mockingly call the area “Valley of the phalluses. The rock formations are indeed very reminiscent of the male reproductive organ. When people come here, they note that they got into some kind of fantastic fairy tale. The length of the valley is about 500 m. In some of the stone formations can be seen carved dwellings of the ancient inhabitants of Cappadocia.

Valley of Love - Cappadocia

It is usually not crowded here, as it is only possible to get to the valley on foot. It is better to visit this attraction with a loved one. There is a belief that this will make your feelings even stronger and your relationship stronger.


The small town of Gereme is the tourist center of Turkish Cappadocia. Despite the fact that it is not an administrative center, travelers come here. It happens because of the desire to visit the national park-museum in the open air. Climbing one of the hills, you can see the chaotic movement of balloons. Against the backdrop of alien formations, this view seems fantastic. If you want, you can take a ticket and soar over the ground on your own in a balloon.

Ballooning over Cappadocia

The village of Gereme is known for its many churches and mountain monasteries. In many temples there are frescoes from the founding of Cappadocia. Most of them are not visible because they are in caves. Among the most visited churches are the “Dark Church”, the “Apple Church” and the “Snake Church”.

Underground Cities

Cappadocia in Turkey

In the soft volcanic rocks ancient inhabitants created entire cities with labyrinths, halls and high vaults. Of the 40 underground cities, the largest and most interesting to visit are Derinkuyu (15 floors) and Kaimaly (8 floors). The ventilation shafts of the time are still functioning here, and the tunnels are illuminated by wall torches. Stone discs can be used to close the room. At the same time in such an underground city could be up to 10-15 thousand people.

Uchhisaray Fortress

The sixty-meter cliff rises more than 1,400 meters above sea level. It is adapted as a fortress and is visible from all corners of Cappadocia. It is unique in that it was used as early as the Bronze Age by the Hittites, to say nothing of the Byzantine period.

Uchhisaray Fortress - Cappadocia

Inside the fortress is riddled with numerous tunnels and rooms of varying size.

If you go to Istanbul or specifically planned your vacation to Cappadocia, you are guaranteed not to regret it. It’s a place you really have to see with your own eyes.

Video overview of Cappadocia

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