Canberra sights

Canberra is home to many beautiful landmarks, public buildings, museums, galleries, and parks. Here is the seat of the Government with its many structures, the Parliament of the country and the High Court of Australia.

Canberra is the capital of Australia, one of the largest cities in the country. It is located in the interior of the continent, not on its ocean shore, and has a population of nearly 400,000. The closest cities to Canberra are Melbourne and Sydney.

Canberra’s Top 6 Sights

The capital of Australia is built on the principle of a garden city. There are many areas of vegetation, which is why Australians call Canberra the “Forest Capital. It began to develop especially rapidly at the end of World War II.

War Memorial

It is one of the most famous museums in Australia. It was built in memory of the soldiers and officers who fell in the wars the country fought throughout its history. Tourists and visitors to the capital of Australia are sure to be brought here.

The War Memorial, a Canberra landmark

There is a large display of Australian army uniforms and weapons, various relics, and iconic exhibits that tell the military history of this country. Tour guides talk about the importance of Australia in the two world wars.

Interestingly, the architecture of Canberra’s government buildings is very similar to that of Washington. Next to the memorial is the local Parliament and Capitol Hill. And the U.S. is known to imitate ancient Roman architecture.

National Museum

It is one of Canberra’s most vibrant and popular cultural attractions. The museum was established in the 1980s, it is located in the center of the city, as. only found its modern premises at the beginning of the 21st century.

National Museum of Australia in Canberra

The National Museum has large collections that tell the history of Australia since the 50th millennium B.C. to the present day. The museum tells the story of thousands of years of Aboriginal life, whites only appeared here two hundred years ago.

National Museum of Australia, Canberra

There are many artifacts created by indigenous Australians that testify to their way of life, culture, myths and religious beliefs. The white settlers and their material culture are discussed separately.

National carillon

A carillon is a musical instrument that in Europe is mounted on high belfries at churches or on administrative buildings. This is a set of bells and bells of different sizes on which you can play different tunes.

National Carillon in Canberra

This musical attraction in Canberra is one of the most favorite among tourists, and there are always many tours around it. The height of the structure, where the carillon is installed, is 50 meters, it is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the announcement of Canberra as the capital of Australia.

The National Carillon has 55 bells and bells, all perfectly tuned to each other. It was a gift from the British government in the 1970s and was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II.

Lake Burleigh Griffin

If you are tired of the rumble of a huge city, go to this lake and relax there. In the heart of Canberra you will find a beautiful and very large lake, created by people, in the midst of a wonderful manicured landscape.

Burleigh Griffin Lake in Canberra

This lake appeared in the capital of Australia in the 1960s of the 20th century after the construction of a dam on the local river. It quickly became the center of the city and loved by its residents and visitors. Today it is Canberra’s most important natural attraction.

Here you can take a river cruise along the lake shore, see the beauty of the city, many of its cultural and historical monuments from this side: the Parliament, the memorial, the National Museum, etc. Interestingly, there are platypuses in the lake.

High Court of Australia

This building is famous for its architectural style. It can be called the best example of Soviet monumental architecture: concrete, glass, straight lines. The courthouse is more than 60 meters high and stands on the shore of Burley Griffin Lake.

High Court of Australia in Canberra, Australia

In the architecture of this building, the abundance of glass symbolizes the openness, transparency of the judicial system and proceedings in Australia. In the main hall of the court you can see compositions symbolizing Law, Judgment, Ideology, etc.

Interestingly, in Europe, administrative buildings of this level have very strict, impersonal interiors, rarely modern artists or sculptors are invited to decorate them. But here often come excursions with admiring tourists.

Commonwealth Park

It’s one of Canberra’s favorite vacation spots for citizens and tourists alike. The high quality of the local lawn unmistakably indicates that it is the British queen who reigns supreme in this young state.

Commonwealth Park in Canberra, Australia

There are many classic and modern sculptures, sanded walkways, excellent bike trails, the shore of Lake Burleigh Griffin, etc.

Commonwealth Park in Canberra

The most interesting place in the park is the memorial to the famous navigator and discoverer Captain Cook, who discovered Australia for Europe and was killed by natives in Hawaii in the 1870s.

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