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California State Attractions

For those who come here to relax, the attractions of the state of California will delight you with their variety and uniqueness. We offer only a brief description with photos, and you can actually see everything on the spot. What is there to see in California?

Top 10 California attractions

California is one of the U.S. states, located on the west coast of the country, which is the most populous in the country and the third largest after Texas and Alaska. The largest city in California is Los Angeles.

For much of the state’s coastal Pacific Ocean territory, the climate is similar to the Mediterranean. The farther from the ocean, the more continental it is, with a range of summer and winter temperatures. The mountains and deserts of the state have their own climatic characteristics.


The letters HOLLYWOOD are the symbol of California

These huge white letters, set on Mount Lee in the middle of subtropical greenery, are known to all. They symbolize not only the famous Dream Factory, but the whole of California. Letters beckon to all the new lucky and unlucky ones.

They first appeared on the slope almost 100 years ago, when no one had even thought of show business. The letters were put up to attract buyers of suburban land, and so they remained. In the 1970s, the letters were replaced by steel copies.

Cable cars

Ropeway streetcars in San Francisco, California

This mode of transportation appeared in San Francisco in the 1970s. It looks very similar to an ordinary cable car, but the ropeway streetcar has an engine. But the engine is not located in the streetcar, but in the substation.

In the 1950s, a serious question arose about the effectiveness of the rope streetcar as a mode of transportation, and competing organizations emerged. Streetcar after reconstruction won, but the rear is pushed into the tourist business

Death Valley

Death Valley Desert in California

It is a huge desert and at the same time a national park located in California on the border with Nevada. People come here to see real lunar landscapes: cracked salt marshes and canyons against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Many roads lead to Death Valley, and they all lead to extraordinary, unearthly vistas. The average summer temperature exceeds +50 Celsius. Nevertheless, about 1,000 different species of plants grow here.

Hollywood Star Alley

Hollywood's Walk of Stars - a California landmark

This is the first thing that comes to mind to see in California, in Los Angeles. About 10 million people visit the Walk of Stars each year. tourists, who are enthusiastically examining the palm prints of their idols, immortalized in the glory of show business.

The story of this Alley continues to evolve year after year, with a new “bookmark” star appearing every month. Although originally the Alley arose due to a lack of money in the city budget, which had to somehow replenish, attracting tourists.


Alcatraz - San Francisco (California)

It is the most famous prison in the world, a living hell for those unlucky enough to serve a court-ordered prison sentence here. Today it is a museum, to which tourists are taken by boats from the Port of San Francisco.

Touring Alcatraz, it is as if you are returning to the dark Middle Ages: solitary confinement, punishment cells, narrow passages – so you begin to appreciate freedom worth its weight in gold. The most violent criminals of their time, including Al Capone, were incarcerated here.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills neighborhood - Hollywood (California)

This is the richest area of Hollywood, here if you want you can see all the glitz of this flashy place. Beverly Hills is located in the west of Los Angeles, that is where the mansions of the world “stars” of American cinema stand behind high fences.

Here you can dine in the best Hollywood restaurants, where at the next table you are sure to see at least a budding “star”. You will be offered world-class service and first-class cuisine. It’s a shopaholic’s paradise.


Yosemite Park in California (USA)

It is another national park in California and the first nature preserve in the United States. 95% of its territory is occupied by virgin nature. Yosemite is on the famous UNESCO list.

There is the highest waterfall in North America, there are more than four hundred species of animals, there is a granite rock, so beloved by climbers, there are groves of ancient trees, etc.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach to Los Angeles

This is one of the best beaches in Los Angeles. It was supposed to be reserved for the local “cream of society,” but after the Depression, Venice was loved by the next “lost generation”: bohemians, hippies, poets, musicians, etc.

Today, Venice is once again a prestigious neighborhood in Los Angeles. But the beach is home to talented freaks, crazy poets and brilliant but unrecognized actors. Jim Morrison once lived here.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the attractions of California in the United States

It is the largest park in Los Angeles, with at least 10 million visitors a year. man. After all, there is a huge number of entertainment for all tastes: Greek amphitheater, observatory, planetarium, golf club, amusement rides, etc.

This land was purchased in the 19th century by a certain Colonel Griffith. Slowly, his land began to develop infrastructure: a zoo, an observatory, and amusement rides. It’s a favorite place for walks, almost year-round the park is busy on “shoots.”

Napa Valley

California - Napa Valley

This valley in Northern California, thanks to climate, soil and geography, grows the perfect grapes. California wines are in demand not only in America, but also in Europe, you can find them in our wine stores.

Thanks to the vineyards, there are plenty of haute cuisine restaurants, many spas, its own gastronomic school, etc. Tourists love to visit the local wineries, which offer wine tastings.

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