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Calella sights

We suggest you enjoy the beauty of Catalonia and read a little about the attractions of Calella in Spain with photos. We expect that you will definitely visit this Spanish resort. What to see in Calella?

Top 8 Sights of Calella

Calella – one of the popular resorts of Catalonia, in the north-east of Spain, which annually brings hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is well represented and sightseeing tourism and beach holidays with excellent service.

The history of this area begins with the Roman Empire, and the town of Calella began to be built in the 14th century. Previously, the inhabitants of Calella were mainly engaged in fishing, agriculture, worked in the shipyard. Today, tourism has been added.

Esglesia Street

This is the main pedestrian street of Calella, it is located in the historic part of the city. Here, citizens and visitors love to stroll between the shops in search of exclusive merchandise during the day and take an evening stroll at sunset.

Via Esglesia - Calella

Tourists can walk along Esglesia Street to souvenir stores, boutiques, cafes and taverns. Local textiles are very popular with holidaymakers. There are no huge malls in Calella, but there are many family stores.

City Museum-Archive

This Calella attraction is located in a large building erected in the 16th century in the historic part of the city. Here visitors can see many documents about the history of the city, Catalonia and Spain.

Calella City Museum and Archive in Spain

Also in the museum you can see various ancient artifacts, handicrafts made by local artisans hundreds of years ago, etc. The area of the museum today is about 1,000 square meters.

The Church of St. John the Baptist. Mary

This Catholic church was erected in the 14th century, but did not receive its own parish until two hundred years later. This was followed by a complete reconstruction of the church, with only the beautiful bas-reliefs on the altar remaining from the original structure.

The Church of St. Mary - a landmark of Calella

After the restructuring, the church of St. John the Baptist was rebuilt. The church of St. Mary acquired a baroque style and a bell tower. Today it is very much in demand among the faithful, and religious services are constantly held there. Tourists are also allowed to come here with excursions.

Dalmau Park

This wonderful vacation spot was formed in the 1920s. A hundred years ago, many coniferous trees, oaks, flowering shrubs, etc. were planted here. Today the park is very popular among locals and tourists.

Park Dalmau - Calella

Vacationers stroll through the coniferous forest, pass through the fragrant bush and come to a beautiful playground, where you can spend time with your children. Various holidays and festivals are often held here.

Nearby you can see a bomb shelter, preserved from the civil war. Near this monument to military history you can view a museum exhibit and watch movies about that time.

El Far Lighthouse

At the western edge of town you can see the local lighthouse, built in the 19th century. Calella is a Mediterranean city where ships were built in shipyards for centuries, so it was simply impossible to do without a lighthouse here.

El Far Lighthouse - Calella's historical landmark

The lighthouse in Calella is still active. Today it is the hallmark of this resort town, appearing on every local souvenir. Tourists adore it for the romantic feelings it evokes.


These signal towers of Las Torretas were built in the mid-19th century. But with the advent of electric grids, they lost their practical importance and were abandoned by people for many years.

The Watchtowers of Calella

Despite their relatively young age, today the towers of Las Torretas have become real ruins and look like medieval towers. But thanks to their proper location, they have an excellent panoramic view, especially in clear weather.

Calella Beach

Calella Beach in Spain

It is a real treasure of the city, the local beach is annually awarded the Blue Flags for the purity of the sand, sea water and air. It has beautiful natural scenery and a high level of service from the staff.

In the center of the local beach are many cafes, restaurants, clubs, as well as children’s and sports fields. A couple of kilometers begins no less clean and beautiful wild beaches, where people who do not like the noise of the crowd.

Calella Beach in Spain

The beach with golden sands, a few kilometers long, has bays surrounded by rocks, clear blue sea water, a flat shore without rocks and a wonderful underwater world – what more do you need for beach lovers?

Country excursions

From Calella you can go on a tour to Barcelona alone or with a group of tourists. A ticket for the train to Barcelona costs €8, and to rent a car you need €35-40. There is a sea of cultural and historical attractions.

Country excursions from Calella

You can go for a whole day to the entertainment “ParkAventura”, located near Tarragona, or explore the famous historic city of Girona, located near Calella.

Video overview of the sights of Calella

Calella sightseeing map

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