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Calcutta sights

Kolkata is located in the delta of the Ganges River, it is the largest city in India, there are about fourteen million inhabitants. It is the only Indian city that has a subway and many unique attractions.

The city has a developed seaport, despite its distance from the sea (one hundred and forty-eight kilometers), due to the fact that the Ganges is constantly being cleaned and care is taken to preserve its navigability.

Calcutta is the hometown of the famous Indian master of humanistic prose, philosopher, social and political figure, and Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, to whom the Tagore House Museum is dedicated.

Calcutta sights

There is also Fort William, which is still in operation, so in addition to its historical value, it is also a strategic site. The fort can be visited only by selected guests, with special permits.

Among the attractions of Calcutta are the Writers’ Building and the Main Post Office, built on the site of the legendary “Calcutta Black Hole” (this was the dungeon where about one hundred and forty British subjects suffocated in the fifty-sixth year of the eighteenth century).

Calcutta - attractions

The next attraction in Calcutta is the Kali Temple, built, according to legend, on the site of the fall of one of the fingers of Shiva’s wife after her death. Pilgrims from all over the country come here to sacrifice goats and other animals in the morning.

In addition, in Calcutta you can visit the largest Indian Museum in the country, the Botanical Garden (there grows two hundred year old banyan tree), the bridge Khovrakh (the most crowded bridge in the world).

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