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Butterfly Garden in Phuket

The amazing nature of Thailand gives not only the beauty of unique plants, but also a huge variety of insects. It’s hard to believe that the annoying mosquito and the gorgeous butterfly belong to the same realm. And if only an entomologist, obsessed with new discoveries, will hunt for the nasty bloodsucker, many go on a special excursion to the butterfly garden on Phuket Island to admire the winged beauties.

The World of Insects on Phuket Island

Butterfly Garden

An amazing fluttering swirl of weightless wings surrounds those who come to the butterfly park in Phuket. Guides claim it is the largest in the world. This is not true, but it does not detract from the charm of visiting this amazing place. The garden is in the open air, limited only by special nets. More than 40 species of winged beauties live here practically under natural conditions. Visitors are given a unique chance to see the entire developmental cycle from caterpillar to adult.

The area reproduces a corner of wildlife with waterfalls, thickets of exotic plants, flowers, bright colors similar to butterflies. There are a lot of them, all kinds of sizes and colors. They are not afraid of visitors, hovering over leaves and branches, landing on shoulders and outstretched palms.

History and organization of the Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden, Phuket

Butterfly Garden on the coast of Phuket exists for more than 20 years. It was conceived as a research center supporting populations of rare and endangered species. It opened in 1990. Several museums are organized on the territory with a rich collection of species. Microscopes are installed for detailed examination, and large specimens can be watched live through a glass screen.

Some of the butterflies are released into the wild, leaving a certain number for study.

Another popular place to visit is the silk museum. Visitors are shown the history of silk production, mulberry silkworm caterpillars, cocoons, the thread of which goes to make precious fabric. They talk about the peculiarities of insect breeding and modern technologies of silk production. Reviews of the butterfly garden in Phuket most often describe this museum as the most informative part of the tour.

Butterfly Garden, Phuket

The educational center tells about the species of butterflies, their life cycle, and the peculiarities of breeding. They show by what signs they can be distinguished from moths.

A stunning variety awaits in the insectarium. That’s where they live:

  • mayflies;
  • dragonflies;
  • umbrella;
  • cicadas;
  • scorpion flies;
  • grasshoppers.

Insects make up about 80% of the living things on the planet.

Carp live in the decorative canals, which is quite traditional for Thailand.

There is a souvenir store not far from the entrance. In the range of jewelry, silk products, honey. You can have a snack in a small cozy cafe. Prices are higher than in the city, but enjoying the views is priceless.

Where is the Butterfly Garden and how to get there?

To find the butterfly garden in Phuket on the map, you need to focus on the ring Chalong. From there, the road leads towards the airport to the Tesco Lotus store, after which there is a right turn, and then at the second intersection you need to turn left.

If you do not want to understand the intricacies of the roads, it is more convenient to hire a tuk-tuk and just enjoy the ride.

Recommendations for visiting the Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden, Phuket

It is worth considering that the entrance fee and have to prepare in advance 300 baht for an adult and 150 for children over 4 years. The kids get in for free. It is better to pay in the local currency and the exact amount, there may not be change.

Working hours of the butterfly park from 9.00 to 17.00. The walk is long and you will need comfortable shoes. At the entrance they offer banana puree as bait for the garden’s inhabitants, not to be refused. At the bait, you can get a closer look at the brightest specimens.

Reviews of the Butterfly Garden on Phuket Island

You can visit the garden with a tour or come on your own, moving around the area is free, which gives the opportunity to wander along the paths at your pleasure.

Nadezhda, 47 years old:

An amazing sight was waiting for us practically at the entrance. It was a sunny day and all the inhabitants were in full view. I couldn’t even imagine such a variety. The guides claimed that the butterflies would only land on those with clean karma, for which you have to buy food and give it to the sacred carps. I am apparently sinless. Insects hovered around me from the first step. Apparently, it wasn’t the karma, but the peeled banana in my hand, which wasn’t bad either.

Alice, 23 years old:

We came as part of a comprehensive tour, so there was not much time to look around. The garden is luxurious and its inhabitants are unique. It’s a pity that during the walk they kept trying to sell us something, it was very distracting.

Everyone who has been to this amazing place, takes away in memory vivid impressions of the most unusual park on the island, where the insects reign.

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