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Bruges – the beauty of Belgium

The tourist capital of Belgium is the city of Bruges (Bruges in French and Bruche in Flemish). It is a small town, crossed by canals, all the central ancient part of which you can walk around in a few hours, and you can walk around it for a long time. There are only two other cities comparable in beauty to Bruges: German Ulm and French Colmar.

But in Bruges, besides architecture, there is a magnificent art gallery with the best works of Memling and Van Eyck. And in this city they also know a lot about cooking. Belgian cuisine, of course, is not as varied as French or Spanish, but they outplay everyone in their field. And that, of course, is the different kinds of oysters. And the rabbit with plums will be remembered no less than the museum’s Passion of Christ. They know how to make mulled wine, which is just right for a cold autumn morning.

The inhabitants of Bruges also have a strong sense of humor: just look at the fountain with the ladies with metal crows perched on their heads.

Located between Bruges and Brussels, Ghent is even smaller, but worth a stop for a few hours. There in the cathedral is the famous Ghent altar and a very picturesque fortress on the bank of the river.

And another thought that creeps in involuntarily after visiting Belgium. For so many years the Flemish wars lasted, the noble Egmont died and the ashes pounded in Ulenspiegel’s heart. At the cost of great sacrifice, the Netherlands achieved independence, while Belgium remained under the yoke of the Habsburgs for many years. What’s the use? The standard of living in both of these countries is now almost the same, people live – God grant you and me. Of course, the Dutch are more relaxed these days, but in Belgium they cook and eat better 🙂

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