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Brittany sights

Brittany is known as the most freedom-loving region of France. Its history is replete with interesting facts that have left an indelible mark in the form of historical and architectural monuments. The sights of Brittany in France tell of brave sailors, daring pirates, the desperate struggle for independence during the Hundred Years’ War and peaceful life today.

Top 9 attractions in Brittany

Brittany is located in the northwestern part of the country, on the peninsula. This location was the reason for its isolation; over the centuries it has been influenced equally by France and England. But the stubborn Bretons have preserved their distinctive culture, language, national cuisine, customs and clothing.

Tourist popularity is constantly growing, attracted by the rich history of the region and the abundance of interesting places, from the city of Saint-Malo, which was in the 18th century stronghold of the privateers and ending with the amazing ancient dolmens.

Castle Saumur

Chateau de Saumur in Brittany, France

It is called one of the most romantic places in the region. It began as a small military fort and monastery founded in the 10th century by the Count de Blois. Gradually the castle grew in power, additional buildings appeared. Thanks to the efforts of Count Anjou, the construction of the watchtower was completed. In the 13th century, under King Philip Augustus, the castle was included in the lists of royal lands.

Chateau de Saumur - Brittany region, France

In the early 19th century it was decided to carry out a major restoration and turn one wing of the castle into a prison. The building was lucky, an amnesty was soon announced and the prisoners were released. Later, the Municipal and Equestrian Museums opened within its walls, and the building itself was recognized as a historical monument.

Saint-Malo Historic Center

Saint-Malo, Brittany

The legendary corner of France – Saint-Malo – beckons with romance of distant wanderings. The famous navigator Jacques Cartier, the explorer Jacques-Guin Beauchene, and the incredibly successful pirate Robert Surcouf all came from here. François de Chateaubrinand, who loved to talk to the sea, found his posthumous resting place on the island of Grand Baie.

Historical center of Saint-Malo in the Brittany region, France

The city has many old buildings and monuments dedicated to famous Breton countrymen.

The tour necessarily includes an inspection:

  • Château Gaillard;
  • of the monument to Robert Surcouf;
  • St. Vincent’s Cathedral;
  • of the old quarter of Saint-Servant;
  • the old port and harbor;
  • Solidor Towers.

During the tourist season, the population due to visitors almost quadruples.

Burbanse Castle

You can plunge into the medieval atmosphere under the arches of an old building from the 16th century. 200 years after it was built, it was redesigned and the rooms were expanded. As a result, the castle acquired the status of a historical monument and now operates as a museum.

Chateau Bourbancet, a Brittany landmark in France

The most interesting exhibits are the unique mahogany furniture placed in the halls of the castle and an amazing garden with sculptures from the time of Louis 15. To increase interest and attract new visitors, there are spectacular historical tours, theatrical performances, and dog shows. The park has a small zoo, whose main visitors are children of all ages.

Karnak stones

The Carnac stones in Brittany, France

This is one of the largest megalithic complexes in France, it consists of 3,000 stones of different sizes. Three large stones stand out among them, while the rest are much smaller. There is a version that there were many more, but some of them settled in the yards of enterprising residents, smaller fragments were taken away by archaeologists and amateur geologists.

The Carnac stones in Brittany, France

In order to preserve the unique monument of the ancient era, it was necessary to build a fence, which was the subject of fierce disputes and attacks from a group of protesters who advocate free access to the mounds and alleys of menhirs.

City of Rennes

City of Rennes in Brittany, France

The center of the region is famous for its historical monuments. Although very old among them is not, after a fire in the early 18th century has survived only the Palace of Parliament.

Tourist route in Rennes includes:

  • the historic center and the neighborhood of half-timbered houses;
  • Hôtel de Ville;
  • Palais Saint-Georges;
  • Rennes Cathedral;
  • remnants of the fortress wall;
  • botanical garden du Thabor;
  • Mordelles Gate.

A walk through the city will leave an unforgettable impression, like a journey through time.

Mont Saint-Michele Abbey

An amazing architectural landmark of Brittany - Mont Saint-Michele Abbey

Mont Saint-Michele Abbey in Brittany, France

It is located on an island almost on the border of the region and is listed by UNESCO. The city on the cliff is still inhabited, annually receives a large flow of tourists who come to see the unique buildings, the strongest tide and enjoy the magnificent views from the observation deck of the tower. In the pre-Christmas period, buildings lit with festive lights are transformed into fairy-tale decorations.

Les Broseliands

Broceliand Forest in Brittany - a natural attraction of the region of France

Fans of the legends of King Arthur, the magic sword, and the mighty wizard Merlin should plan a trip here first. To walk the paths of the druids, to visit Merlin’s tomb, to immerse oneself in contemplation in a clearing under age-old trees becomes a matter of honor for fans of the Knights of the Round Table.

Shore of pink granite

Among the natural monuments there are sometimes strikingly beautiful places and phenomena. Over 30 km. The coastline is rugged and rugged, and on it lie huge blocks of rock chipped by stormy waves. They are found only here and in China. Feldspar inclusions give the stones their unique coloring.

Pink granite coast in Brittany, France

But tourists care little about geological subtleties, they seek to see the stunning natural sculptures created by wind and rain. The most famous were “Warrior’s Face,” “Turtle,” and “Napoleon’s Triangle.”

Home between the Rocks

A house between rocks in the Brittany region

On a small island not far from the shore of pink granite is a surprisingly cute and cozy house. Two rocks carefully hold it in their palms, carefully sheltering it from the winds and high waves. A man who loved the sea as much as François de Chateaubrinand lived in this house for many years. The image of the house in the last century was often seen on postcards and advertising brochures, later the authorities made it the emblem of the Pointe de Plougrescant.

Brittany sights on the map

Video overview of Brittany sights

To visit all the interesting places to see in Brittany, you need to settle in France for at least a month, devoting a few hours every day to admire the historical and natural sights.

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