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Brest sights

One of the oldest cities in Belarus, Brest was founded in the 11th century and still has many historical monuments. Brest is suitable for independent history buffs and all lovers of wooden architecture.

Top 6 Sights of Brest

The main attractions and interesting places in the city of Brest and its surroundings, which are recommended for tourists to visit.

Brest Fortress

Brest sights - Brest Fortress

The most popular place to visit in Brest is Brest Fortress. It dates from 1836 and since then remembers many important dates in the development of Belarus, saw the fall and prosperity of the country. The most important milestone in her existence was World War II, when she was the first to encounter the Germans in the Soviet Union. With only two regiments of the garrison it was able to destroy Hitler’s German plans for the rapid capture of the country. This feat is depicted in the fortress museum, many documentaries and feature films.

Now, by right, the Brest Fortress is the most visited landmark of Brest.

Berestye Museum

Berestye Museum in Brest

A famous monument of ancient architecture is the Archeological Museum “Berestye”, which is located on the territory of the Brest Fortress. It is believed that this is where the “City nad Bug” began to grow. Here are widely represented wooden structures of the past centuries, on the basis of which you can study the life and culture of the first settlers in the territory of the modern city.

Sovetskaya Street

Sovetskaya Street - a landmark of Brest

Arriving in Brest, we recommend to see and walk along the most popular street of the city – Sovetskaya. It is a completely pedestrian street with the most expensive and interesting stores, boutiques, cinemas.

The street is full of wrought iron benches and statues. Installed beautiful lanterns, as well as the monument “Millennium of Brest,” with the designation of the most important dates in the history of the city and sculptures of prominent figures.

Museum of Saved Treasures

Museum of Saved Treasures - Brest

On Lenin Street is located another attraction of Brest – the “Museum of Saved Treasures. Since Brest is a border town, customs officers confiscate many items of cultural historical value every year. The museum fund is replenished due to this. Among the exhibits are many pieces of art, among which of great value are items of iconography from the 15th-17th centuries.

Lantern Alley

Lantern Alley - Brest

More recently, in 2013, another interesting place appeared on Gogol Street – the “Alley of Lanterns. Complex in composition and creating a mysterious visual series, the lanterns are made of wrought iron with an antique effect. Here you can find statues of sketches from Gogol’s fairy tales, pictures from the working life of the city. The lanterns really surprise and invariably delight tourists.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the Brest region

Having visited Brest you have no right not to visit the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha, which is located in the vicinity of the city and within the Brest region. It is the oldest virgin forest of the Old World and the largest, a description of which can be found as far back as the ancient chronicles. Many buses go there, and tourist trips are organized.

On its territory grows oaks, the age of which exceeds 500 years. They still remember the wild hunt for the symbol of the forest, the bison, which still live here and successfully breed.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha - the outskirts of Brest

On the territory of the park is a museum, which presents exhibits imitating scenes from the Middle Ages, the life of forest dwellers. Everything is done tastefully and in a big way. Also visit the aviaries with animals and a restaurant where you can taste the real game. For fans of biking in the Pushcha developed special routes and issued equipment. Believe me, “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” which is included in the list of UNESCO heritage will not leave you indifferent.

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