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Boston sights

A wave of emigrants from Europe landed on the shores of the new continent in several places, one of which was Boston. It holds many memories from different centuries, confidently ranking among the top ten most popular tourist cities in the United States that tourists seek to see. Museums with unique collections, historical and architectural monuments and landmarks in Boston attract more than 16 million people annually. guests from different countries.

Pages of Boston’s History

The city was laid out in the 17th century, becoming the center of a colony of English settlers, and quickly gaining significant political influence in Massachusetts.

Boston came first in many areas, this:

  • free high school;
  • Harvard’s opening;
  • the issue of the colonial newspaper;
  • American union;
  • subway.

Laurels deservedly belong to the city, much later the best practices began to spread across the country. Boston holds its own, continuing to educate future professionals in biotechnology, medicine, and finance in its institutions of higher learning.

History of Boston

As emigrants came from different countries, they tried to settle near their compatriots. This gave rise to a unique appearance of the city, where each district has its own flavor.

  1. Chinatown is famous for Vietnamese and Chinese markets, restaurants, and national holidays.
  2. The Financial District houses an amazing aquarium, offers educational tours for children and adults, and features sea creatures from around the world.
  3. Charlestown attracts attention with its original red-brick houses.
  4. Scholars and researchers flock to Back Bay in search of the original rare books and manuscripts housed in the Boston Public Library. Her fund counts for about 15 million. volumes, as well as newspaper editions and unique photographs.
  5. Beacon Hill is one of the most expensive areas in terms of prices for housing, visiting restaurants. It is home to prestigious boutiques and antique stores.
  6. Mission Hill cheerfully rings with student voices, the large number of educational institutions keeps the city’s soul aging, annually bringing to its everyday life the turmoil and irrepressible energy of youth.

Top 6 Sightseeing in Boston

Attractions are scattered throughout the metropolis, so it is difficult to examine them in one day. Tour programs are built to save time and are designed to visit several sites in one trip. The most intense sightseeing trail runs through the center of the city and the surrounding streets. Most of the architectural monuments are concentrated here, including ancient churches and temples.

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail, a Boston landmark

William Schofield came up with the great idea of linking the most famous landmarks with a single walking route in 1951. The mayor liked the idea, and already since 1953 about 40,000 tourists passed through the trail every year. For the convenience of visitors, it was paved with red bricks, marked on guidebooks the main attractions of Boston, indicated their role in U.S. history, placed commemorative plaques with brief descriptions.

The Freedom Trail is 4 km long, begins at Boston-Common Park, and ends at the bay at the Constitution Ship. The walk takes about 2 – 2.5 hours if you stop at the most interesting objects.

Freedom Trail in Boston

The emphasis of the guided tour is on the story of the city’s path to independence from the English metropolis.

Boston Tea Party Museum

This museum is dedicated to the protest that destroyed a shipment of tea from the East India Company. The event served as a trigger for the outbreak of the War of Independence. The result was the appearance of a new state on the world map.

The Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston

The museum is located in Boston Harbor and includes two ships recreated from old blueprints. The uniqueness lies in the use of the latest technology, which turns the tour into a dynamic adventure. Visitors participate in the recreation of events, learn about the causes of the war, famous personalities of the time, at the end of the tour a documentary film is shown.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

First they erected a neo-Gothic style building and housed a public library, and in 1826 they began to hold exhibitions. The popularity of the library skyrocketed, and a group of enthusiasts proposed the creation of an urban center focused on a variety of artistic trends. They built a separate building at the south end of Copley Square for this purpose. Over time, the museum has grown into an impressive multidisciplinary complex, second only to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Museum of Fine Arts is a favorite tourist destination in Boston

The exhibits number more than 1 million. The exhibition includes paintings by Monet, art from the Ancient East, artifacts from Egypt, an outstanding collection of ceramics from Japan, and paintings by Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet, and Renoir.

The museums are also worth a visit:

  • science;
  • Isabella Stewart;
  • Fogg.

Children’s Museum

It has 18 exhibitions designed to introduce children to the diversity of the world, its technical achievements, the beauty of nature and the power of human thought.

Children learn the world through active interaction, so most exhibits can be touched.

In the hall “Construction”, they are trying to work different tools, ride an excavator, learn about construction specialties.

Children's Museum in Boston (USA)

For the younger age group developed educational and entertaining programs, excursions are conducted in the form of games. The construction made of chips, designed for climbing, is a rapturous delight. There are tables and ice cream and dessert stands at the main entrance.

Boston Light

The ancient lighthouse was installed on Little Bruste Island in 1783. The structure reaches a height of 28 m, illuminating the bay for the safe passage of ships. It is considered the oldest poppy in the country. Since the second half of the 20th century it is recognized as a historical monument. It still works, the beam pierces the space of 50 km.

Boston Light is a lighthouse in Boston

There are heroic pages in his history. In 1918, lighthouse keeper Jennings and 4 of his assistants rescued 24 sailors, from a patrol boat. It crashed when it ran into the rocks. Miraculously we managed to get people out of the icy water and put them in the lighthouse building.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Holy Cross Cathedral - Boston (USA)

The Neo-Gothic style building was designed by Patrick Keeley in the 19th century and became New England’s largest temple. The walls are made of limestone and Rockbury stone. Above the central entrance is a characteristic window – a rose. The 2 towers differ significantly in height. The second tower was supposed to have a steeple, but it could not be realized, so the towers remained asymmetrical. The cathedral can accommodate 1,700 people at a time.

What to see in Boston on your own?

There are many places in the city that do not need a guide to explain, such as parks, squares, shopping and entertainment centers.

For those coming to Boston for the first time, it’s worth seeing:

  • community garden;
  • Boston to Common;
  • Arnold Arboretum;
  • Holocaust memorial;
  • Harvard University;
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum;
  • old and new Capitol;
  • Fenway Park;
  • Back Bay area;
  • Granary cemetery.
Boston Public Garden - USA
Boston Public Garden

Walking around the city does not take much time, most of the sights of the city can be reached on foot.

There are a number of interesting events in Boston that draw large crowds. These are the rowing competition held in October, the Feast of the Holy Intercessors, Independence Day, and the famous Boston Marathon. You can come to the city at any time to see for yourself all that the oldest and at the same time youngest city in the United States has to offer.

Video overview of Boston sights

Sightseeing map of Boston

A detailed tourist map of Boston will help you get your bearings, manage your time, and learn the location of Boston hotels and subway stations.

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