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If during your trip you want to be imbued with German tranquility and measuredness, while taking in the power of historical sites, then you should definitely plan a sightseeing tour and visit the city of Bonn in Germany.

General information about Bonn

It is located in the immediate vicinity of Cologne. The whole unhurried rhythm of life of its inhabitants, the absence of rush and yet a whole treasure trove of cultural heritage is definitely worth spending time here.

The city was founded two thousand years ago as Castra Bonnensia camp on the route of the Roman army. The peak of prosperity came in the 18th century. It was the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne, and the famous university was founded here. This is the place where Ludwig Van Beethoven was born.

What to see in Bonn?

All prosperity was halted by the French Revolution and more than 20 years of occupation. Then Prussia ruled here. The period of the First and Second World Wars was also rather difficult. There was devastation and considerable destruction here. In 1949, this city happened to become the main city on the map of the German Federal Republic.

It is clear from history that the area was very important, and Bonn has managed to preserve landmarks from different eras. And the framing and all the special local charm makes it incomparable. Nowadays it is by no means the capital, which is saturated with vanity and pathos. It is a small town with a population of about 300,000 and a modest soul. However, modesty is not how such a settlement should feel. After all, it is very significant for the whole world.

Landmarks and attractions in Bonn

The architecture of Bonn is multi-faceted and majestic. Town Hall, the famous university, the remains of many castles and fortifications. Dive into the historical atmosphere, you can not leave the city center, and in its suburbs.

Bonn sights on the map

Monuments of Spiritual Culture

Many tourists travel with a mandatory plan to visit local churches and other spiritual sites. After all, each functioning temple, as well as the remains of those already destroyed, carry a powerful charge of energy due to the faith of the people who once prayed there. This direction of the attractions of Bonn in Germany collected a lot.

Münster basilica – Basilica Monastery

Basilica Monastery in Bonn, Germany

This architectural masterpiece originated in Bonn as a small religious building during the Roman rule. In the 11th and 13th centuries, the building was transformed and acquired modern contours combining Romanesque and Gothic styles.

The building was erected where, according to legend, the martyrs Floretius and Cassius, who are perceived as the main patrons of Bonn, were buried.


The Cathedral - an architectural landmark in Bonn

This iconic building is considered the most popular among tourists. The entire site combines a Gothic exterior characteristic of the 11th century and an interior with Baroque elements. Among the interesting and important nuances here is the sculpture of St. Helena, as well as the marble altars of the medieval period.


There are at least a dozen other beautiful and ancient churches in Bonn that have survived to this day in splendid condition. The most noteworthy are:

  1. St. Mary’s Church. The temple was erected in 1887. It has quite an impressive size. 80 by 20 meters.
  2. Doppelkirche. The peculiarity of the church is that it is double – consisting of two interconnected rooms.
  3. Remigius. The church organ of this temple had the honor of feeling the eminent hands, and it was also here that it was baptized. This seemingly airy and light structure is due to the two tiers of incredibly beautiful stained glass windows, which have a lancet end.

Market square

Market Square in Bonn, Germany

The very heart of the city center is the market square. The area is decorated with an old majestic fountain, which for a long time was the hallmark of this place. But the main attraction is the Town Hall. It has a delicate sweet look, colored in pinkish and bluish shades. The highlight of the building is the gold-colored staircase.

Poppelsdorf Palace

Poppelsdorf Palace - an architectural landmark in Bonn

The Poppelsdorf Palace is also within walking distance of the center. This was the site of a 17th century Gothic building. However, after the destruction, the palace was rebuilt a century later with a Baroque twist.

Godesburg Castle

Godesburg Castle in Bonn, Germany

This castle was the residence of the Cologne archbishops. It is now a reconstructed room, because the castle itself was blown up during the siege. Only the chapel was reconstructed from the original. Today you can even stay in the hotel, which is located in its walls.

University of Bonn

The Old University of Bonn in Germany

This educational center can be called the most famous and large-scale in the country. It began in 1818. This place was Alma Mater to Friedrich Nietzsche, Heinrich Heine, Karl Marx. It was called the “University of Princes,” for it was the educational institution chosen by the royal and noble families of many countries to educate their heirs.

Bonn Museums

Alexander Koenig Museum in Bonn, Germany

The museums of Bonn are a separate program, a must-see for all tourists. Topics range from old collections to modern art and everyday life. Here are a few of the most worthwhile. Finding attractions in Bonn on the map, knowing the name of your interest, will not be too difficult.

  1. Museum of Modern Art. Both the unusual architecture of the building and the filling of the art galleries are interesting.
  2. Alexander Koenig Museum. Fans of biology and natural history will enjoy it.
  3. German Museum Bonn. This facility has exhibits of a specialized scientific and technical bias.

And then there’s the Museum of Arithmetic, the Museum of Local History, and the Egyptian Museum.

Beethoven’s Personality

Beethoven House in Bonn

It was in this city that one of the most talented composers of all time, Ludwig van Beethoven, was born in 1770.

What to see in Boone related to this prominent personality?

  • “Beethoven House. In this museum you can find many of the composer’s personal and most intimate possessions, including the original drafts created by his hand. It was in this building that the great figure lived from birth to the age of twenty-two.
  • Chamber Music Hall, which is considered the best in the country.
  • Monument in the center. Ferenc Liszt donated the sculpture to the city. In the statue itself the customer ordered the scores of the Ninth Symphony and the Solemn Mass to be immured.
  • Alter Friedhof is the city cemetery, where it is realistic to find his mother’s grave.

Video overview of sights in Bonn

Whichever tourist route you choose, a visit to Bonn will leave a lot of impressions for the rest of your life. Whether you follow in the footsteps of Beethoven, set out to visit every museum or castle from the 17th century, walk around the entire center, look into every historical crevice, or maybe just try a lively beer in traditional German breweries, when you return home, you will know for sure that your trip to Bonn was not in vain!

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