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Blanes attractions

Blanes is a small resort town with interesting sights, located on the Costa Brava. It is separated from the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, only 60 kilometers, the equivalent of an hour by train.

Top 5 attractions in Blanes

For tourists Blanes is a very attractive place to stay because of the large number of attractions, which come to see in person, holidaymakers from Barcelona, as well as from neighboring resort towns – Lloret de Mara, Malgrat de Mara, Palafols, etc. There really is a lot to see here and it is hardly possible to manage one day to go around all the iconic places of the city.

In addition to the sights, Blanes in Spain is famous for its beaches and delightful nature. Rest here will really be remembered for a long time and give only the most vivid impressions!

Piña de Rosa Garden

Piña de Rosa Garden, a landmark in Blanes, Spain

The world’s largest cactus park truly leaves a lasting impression. On the territory of the garden is a huge number of cacti, among which there are real giants, whose size is many times greater than human height! The garden was opened in 1945, and today the number of plant species in it significantly exceeds the mark of 8 thousand.

There is a cafe on the territory, so you can combine your visit here with lunch, dinner.


Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes, Spain

Another luxurious garden in Blanes, definitely recommended for tourists! The key feature is that it is located on the top of a cliff, so it offers just a stunning view of the sea.

A walk through the garden will be interesting for both adults and children. Despite the large area, walking time passes imperceptibly and fatigue is not felt. On the way out, you can buy sprouts of some local crops – cacti, succulents, palms, etc.

From the neighboring towns of Blanes there are buses “Bus Botanic”. You can buy a ticket for them and save up to 50% on admission to the parks. It’s much more profitable than traveling on your own. Between the parks and the starting points of the route they run once every 30-40 minutes

Marineland – water park and dolphinarium

Marineland Water Park in Blanes, Spain

Travelers with children should definitely visit Marineland. It will not leave indifferent neither adults nor kids! There are a huge number of attractions, entertainment venues. There is a separate area for younger guests with a shallow pool and mini slides.

Tired of outdoor activities can go to the show with dolphins, which is held several times a day.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Blanes (Spain) - Cathedral of Santa Maria

The history of the monastery dates back to the 14th century. The construction took exactly 60 years. The Gothic style of the building blends harmoniously into the overall ensemble, and the delightful local nature serves as a perfect complement.

Over its centuries-long history, the church has been attacked more than once and, in 1936, was nearly destroyed in a fire. Restoration work only began in 1949 and lasted 5 years. Today, the church is closely monitored, maintaining its appearance almost in pristine condition.

Cala de Sant Francesc Beach

Beach Cala de Sant Francesc - a place for relaxation in Blanes, Spain

Another must-visit place! The beach is absolutely small and in the peak tourist season it can be very crowded, but it is worth coming here at least for familiarization purposes. The beach area has stunning views of the coast.

A visit to Cala de Sant Francesc will also be of interest to diving enthusiasts. Near the rocks you can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the water world – sea urchins, crabs and colorful fish.

How to get to Blanes?

The closest airport to the city is in Barcelona. From the airport by bus or cab you need to go to the center and from there choose the best option for you:

  1. Electric train. The commuter train is called the R1 Blanes. The main advantage is the regularity of flights and a good price. Electric trains run every half hour.
  2. Buses. Buses from Barcelona to Blanes leave from the north bus station. The price varies between 6 and 7 euros.
  3. By car from Barcelona to Blanes about 1.5 hours. You can rent a car right at the airport.

There is also a great option to get to the resort directly from the airport – there are flights No603 and No614 leaving from platforms No10-12 every hour. They make a stop in town, so it’s safe to get on them. For prices and times of departure, it is best to check with Sagalés operators.

Blanes on the map of Spain

The city is located in the northeastern part of the kingdom on the Costa Brava. If you look at the map and draw a straight line from Barcelona, the distance does not exceed 60 km.

The peculiarity of the relief is an abundance of rocks and hills. The houses and hotels here are mostly located on elevated areas, so they can boast of their excellent views.

The city is connected to the capital by regular transport links. It takes an hour and a half to get to the airport.

Video tour of Blanes

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