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Black Sea Temperature

Enigmatic, full of beauty and inner strength, the Black Sea is covered with legends and people’s love. It never freezes, the depths are teeming with life, and the coast smells of seaweed and salt. Near the sea there are a huge number of resorts, tourist bases, recreation areas. Tourists are primarily interested in the temperature of the Black Sea and the timing of the opening of the bathing season.

Water temperature in the Black Sea resorts

Climatic features of the Black Sea coast allow vacationers to come to Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Dzhubga and other resort towns all year round. Winter trips are attractive to those who are forbidden a radical change in climate, and winter in these latitudes is more like an early spring in Moscow or Volgograd.

The high season begins in late May, when the average water temperature reaches 22 ° C in the Black Sea. Throughout the year, temperature fluctuations are about 17 to 18 degrees Celsius. The minimum is reached at the beginning of March, the maximum is in August.

The average temperature of the Black Sea in winter is +11 and almost does not drop below 9 ° C, and in summer ranges from +24 – 25, so the coast maintained a comfortable weather for walks.

Annual water temperature in Anapa

Annual temperature of the Black Sea in Anapa

This resort city has a drier climate and the seasonal temperatures are more contrasting. In early summer, the sea is still cool and softens the summer heat that has already set in. The warmest water on the beaches of Anapa at the end of August and early September in the Velvet season.

Water temperature in the Black Sea off the coast of Anapa by month:

  • January – 9.4;
  • February – 8.6;
  • March – 8.5;
  • April – 10.6;
  • May – 16.5;
  • June – 21.9;
  • July – 25;
  • August – 26;
  • September – 23.3;
  • October – 18.7;
  • November – 14.6;
  • December – 11.6.

In mid-summer there is the largest influx of tourists seeking gentle waves, the more that the water temperature in the Black Sea in July like fresh milk.

Temperature readings of the Black Sea in Sochi

Black Sea temperature in Sochi

Territorially, the resort is located in the subtropical zone, the humidity is higher, the temperature fluctuations are smaller. Nevertheless, they are quite tangible, differing from Anapa by about 1 degree upwards. In August the figure is steadily approaching 27°C, in winter it stays at +10 – 12.

In Arhipo-Osipovka, Gelendzhik, Krinitsa, Betta and other resort towns in the summer water temperature in the Black Sea is almost the same, except for changes in 1-1.5 degrees.

Water circulation, salinity, currents

The presence of surface currents established in the 19th century, this explains the fluctuations in water salinity, which is 17%, which is almost 2.5 times lower than the Red. In the upper layers the figure is close to 15%, in the lower layers – 22%. This is influenced by 2 major springs, where fresh water comes from tributary rivers and salt water comes from the Lower Bosporus Current.

The main Black Sea Current, like a big spoon, constantly stirs the layers of water counterclockwise. It is quite variable, but thanks to it almost all the resorts on the Black Sea coast of the same water temperature. Calculate how many degrees in the Black Sea will be in a particular month, you can use the tables for previous years, the values are stable.

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