Black Sea coastline

The coastline of the Black Sea stretches for many kilometers, winding intricately. It divides Russia and Turkey, from the beaches of some resorts in the Krasnodar region in a distant haze can be distinguished its shore. By type, the Black Sea is considered inland, because it is surrounded by land, where the borders of Romania and Bulgaria were marked. Many stretches of coastline run deep into the land to form bays and coves. On the coast there are a huge number of resorts and sanatoriums.

Features of the Black Sea coastline

The topography is constantly changing under the influence of natural factors, a feature of the sea is its location in two climatic zones, temperate and subtropical. Interestingly, underwater life is concentrated within 200 m of the surface. Below there is a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Numerous bays, bays and estuaries are also filled with life.

To find out what the coastline of the Black Sea, just look at the map. It is immediately apparent that it is little indented, and many bays are quite small and hidden surrounded by rocks, as Balaklava and Sevastopol. They are not immediately visible from the sea, so they have long had an important strategic importance.

Black Sea - coastline, bays and islands

The area of the Black Sea is 420 thousand square kilometers, the length of the coastline changes slightly due to the emergence of sand spits, changes in relief under the influence of human activity, the length according to the map and official data is 4090 km.

Shoreline topography

The nature of the shores of the Black Sea is very diverse. They are well studied, the bays and straits of the Black Sea are scrupulously marked on the map and included in geographic atlases. Part of the Kerch Peninsula and Taman are sandy strips with equipped beaches. Most areas of Turkey are characterized by rocky cliffs, estuaries, beach areas with velvet sands and fine pebbles.

On the southern coast of Crimea close to the sea approach the mountains. They are relatively low by world standards, but play an important role in the formation of a special climate, protecting from cold air currents. Closer to Odessa, saline flowing lakes, marshy areas with water desalinated by the Danube prevail.

Shoreline map of the Black Sea

Shoreline map of the Black Sea

Characteristics of the Black Sea

It is considered quite deep, the maximum figure is 2210, the average depth is half that. The oval shape resembles a lake, the shores are slightly indented, the sea is about 580 km long, the volume of water is 555 thousand km3. There are few large or small islands.

More than 10 rivers flow into the sea, which significantly affects the salinity index in the coastal zone. Water temperature during the year varies an average of 15 – 18 degrees, from +7 to +25.

Among the inhabitants are found:

  • crustaceans;
  • clams;
  • phytoplankton;
  • algae;
  • fish and mammals.

Among them, there are several dozen rare species, for the preservation of which the Black Sea Reserve was formed.

The direction of the Black Sea is determined by currents stirring the water, like in a cauldron. They were discovered in the 19th century, the most significant of them the Main Black Sea and Lower Bosporus.

Black Sea Bays

Gulf of Odessa, Black Sea (Ukraine)
Odessa Bay

The bays cut far into the land, hiding from the uninitiated behind lush vegetation and impregnable cliffs.

The Black Sea gulfs are few in number, the most important in terms of defense and trade are:

  • Odessa;
  • Feodosia;
  • Tamansky;
  • Karkinitsky;
  • Sinop;
  • Kalamitsky.

The type of bays can be characterized as inland. Their peculiarity was very narrow necks, almost invisible from the sea.

A complete list of bays of the Black Sea can be found here.

Black Sea Islands

On the map, the islands and peninsulas of the Black Sea are like rare specks of precious stones. The most significant peninsulas:

  • Tamansky;
  • Crimean;
  • Kerch.

The most interesting island is considered to be Snake Island. There are continuous archaeological excavations, which have found fragments of crockery, clay figures, coins, details of jewelry and equipment of ancient ships.

Black Sea Islands on the map

Large islands of the Black Sea:

  • Dzharylgach;
  • Serpentine;
  • Berezan.

The bays and islands of the Black Sea are full of inhabitants, there are many migratory birds, swans, pelicans, herons. It is difficult to say exactly how many islands there are in the Black Sea, because some of them are so small that they look more like rocks or the tops of underwater mountains. There are artificially created ones among them, such as Maysky. A secret military facility of strategic importance was built on the drifting Ochakovskaya Bank until 2005.

Unique Island Dzharylgach

Dzharylgach Island, Black Sea

Its area reaches 62 square kilometers, the main inhabitants are feral horses. They roam freely across the island, unaware of bridles or saddles. Apart from them, the island has become a haven for swans, gulls, and pelicans. Dzharylgach has the status of a nature reserve, where artificially created populations of mouflon and red deer.

There is a fresh water spring on the island. Legend has it that it was here that Odysseus’ ship came to replenish its food and fresh water supplies. And the spring opened at the place where Achilles caught up with the priestess.

Dzharylgach Island on the map of the Black Sea

Dzharylgach Island on the map of the Black Sea

Now the coastal zone is equipped with comfortable beaches, several restaurants with a menu of seafood. Tourists with children enjoy visiting the hospitable island, once marked by the grace of the ancient gods.

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