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Bilbao sights

Bilbao is the capital of the Basque Country, located in northern Spain. The city is famous for its history, colorful attractions and a large port of great importance to this Spanish province.

Top 14 attractions in Bilbao

What is there to see in Bilbao? We offer you a brief description of the attractions of Bilbao with photos and descriptions and strongly advise you to visit this city in person.

Guggenheim Museum

This is the most famous museum of Bilbao, for which here every year go hundreds of thousands of tourists. Here visitors are invited to view a magnificent collection of contemporary art.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

The building itself, which houses this collection, was built in a deconstructivist style in the late 20th century by modern architect Gehry and looks like a ship. The Guggenheim Museum displays installations, abstract and avant-garde paintings.

Plaza Nueva

Such small spaces are very characteristic of Spanish cities. They are more like courtyards, with a gallery organized along the perimeter. There are tables and chairs from cafes and bars.

Plaza Nueva in Bilbao

On weekends there is a flea market, and you can buy antiques, books, jewelry, coins, posters, as well as many souvenirs that will remain with you for a long memory of this beautiful country.

Biscayne Bridge

On this bridge, built in the late 19th century, you can cross from one bank to the other on a special boat. Interestingly, this design was invented by a student of the famous engineer Eiffel.

The Biscayne Bridge, a landmark near Bilbao

Passengers can take the elevator up to the platform and view the surroundings from there. You can also walk across the bridge on foot, also a great adventure for tourists, but it costs more.

Artxanda Funicular

There are many attractions for citizens and tourists on the mountain Artxande: a sports complex, a 4-star hotel, a large park and several excellent restaurants with local cuisine. And take you to the mountain of the same name cable car.

Funicular Artxanda - Bilbao (Spain)

The cable car ride itself is great fun. Passengers have a beautiful view of Bilbao. The funicular first appeared here at the beginning of the last century. The last time it was modernized was in the 1980s.

Basilica de Begoña

The local townspeople consider St. John the Baptist to be the most important of them. Mary of Begoña was the patroness of sailors and fishermen. That is why a Catholic church was erected here in honor of her in the 17th century, in which Gothic and Baroque were exquisitely intertwined.

Basilica de Begona in Bilbao

The inside of this temple is beautifully decorated and luxurious. Look especially closely at the baroque altar, which is covered in gilt. In the center of it there is a sculpture of St. John the Baptist. of the Virgin Mary in wood.

The Cathedral of Sts. James

This Catholic church was erected in the very beginning of the 14th century, traditionally in the Gothic style. Back then, Bilbao did not yet have the status of a city, but was a simple fishing village. But the pilgrims’ road passed through this village.

St. James Cathedral - Bilbao

They were going through the Way of St. John the Baptist. The temple was a temple of James, so they often stopped at the temple. Over the centuries, it has been repeatedly rebuilt and restored, so gradually received several architectural styles. It became a cathedral in the mid-20th century.

Museum of Fine Arts

This museum differs from the Guggenheim Museum in that it exhibits for its visitors a more traditional, classical painting that was characteristic of the vast majority of Spanish painters.

Bilbao - Museum of Fine Arts

As you know, Spain is extremely rich in artistic talent and genius. In this museum you can see the paintings of Goya, Murillo, El Greco and others. The works of Basque artists are beautifully presented.

Basque Museum

Basque Museum in Bilbao

This museum opened to visitors in the early 20s of the last century, its goal: to preserve for posterity artifacts of Basque culture. An extensive collection was assembled, thanks to private individuals, they donated everything to the museum.

Today you can see antique furniture, costumes, family coats of arms, books. The collection already includes more than 1,000 pieces. Most of it is devoted to local traditions, dialects of the Basque language, etc.

The Church of St. John the Baptist. Nicholas

This Catholic church was built in Bilbao in the 16th century near the river. Every year in the spring floods it was flooded by water, so pretty soon the foundation of the temple fell into disrepair.

Church of St. Nicholas - a historical landmark in Bilbao

In the mid-18th century, a new church in the baroque style was erected in its place. In it even today you can see an excellent plinth of stone, an elaborate altar and statues by the famous sculptor de Mena.

Maritime Museum

The collection of this museum is located in the old shipyard, and some of it is right outdoors, in the open air. The entire museum area is divided into several parts dedicated to a particular theme.

Maritime Museum in Bilbao

There are sections on the geography, vegetation, and fauna of the Bay of Biscay. Large sections are devoted to shipbuilding in Bilbao, maritime trade, etc. It will be interesting to see models of ships, nautical maps, knots, etc.

Arriaga Theater

The Bilbao Theater suffered a dramatic fate. Many times, since the 18th century, it was built, but every time there was a flood or fire, and a new construction was needed. The theater was last erected in the New Baroque style in the last century.

Teatro Arriaga - Bilbao

Today, classical and modern dramatic productions, some musicals and dance performances are staged on the stage. Troupes of actors from Europe and America also come here on tour.


It is an amusement park housed in a huge building with art galleries, restaurants, clubs, bars, concert stages and other delights. There is a large library and a crystal clear swimming pool at the service of the smartest and most advanced.

Alondiga - Bilbao (Spain)

Many years ago, a huge stock of Basque Country wines were stored in the cellars of this building. Today it is a Mecca of fun and unclouded happiness. Stark’s industrial design lends a special chic to the local spaces.

Bilbao City Hall

This Baroque administrative building was built in the nineties of the 19th century. And the architects completely disregarded fashionable at the time of art nouveau and neoclassic. Thus an ordinary town hall became an exquisite aristocratic palace.

Bilbao City Hall

Here you can see arched windows, elegant turrets, romantic balconies on the facade, etc. All this beauty is not conducive to administrative work, but for the second hundred years the City Hall continues to do its job against all odds.

Concordia Station

This train station, located in the Ensanche district, was built at the beginning of the last century in the Art Nouveau style. These were wonderful times for Europe, which were so called “The Wonderful Era.”

Bilbao, Spain - Concordia Station

Today the station is one of the historical and cultural monuments of Bilbao. turns this city into a veritable temple of architecture. The Ensanche neighborhood itself is mostly built up with mansions and palaces in the classical style.

Video overview of the sights of Bilbao

Bilbao is a great vacation destination, where you can not only sunbathe on the beach at your pleasure, but also to do sightseeing. Here you can see the magnificent Catholic cathedrals, squares and palaces, ancient streets.

Maps of Bilbao

Bilbao on the world map

The city of Bilbao on the map of the world and Spain

Bilbao Sightseeing Map

Bilbao sights on the map

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