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Best Beaches of Ko Chang

A large part of Thailand’s state budget is made up of profits from the tourism business. Wealthy businessmen, connoisseurs of comfort and extreme entertainment, independent travelers, couples come to the country with pleasure. Each island is unusual and beautiful in its own way, the coastline corresponds to the brochures, pleasing the transparent water, luxurious nature, fine golden or white sand. The beaches of Ko Chang are well known and popular.

Koh Chang Island Overview

Chang Island is considered an environmentally friendly resort because it is part of a marine national park. In this regard, development of the area is slow, the number of water attractions is limited in order to preserve the underwater world. Most often, holidays at this resort prefer couples and lovers of unspoiled nature.

Ko Chang - Thailand

The name, according to one version, was given by the shape of the island, from a bird’s eye view, resembling the outline of an elephant with its trunk raised. The main attractions are sightseeing and beach holidays.

The most interesting sites from a tourist point of view are considered:

  • Bang Bao fishermen’s village;
  • Mu Ko Chang Marine Park;
  • Nam Tok Khlong Plu waterfall;
  • Treetop Adventure Park.

There are no architectural, historical monuments and scenic ruins on the island, all sights of a natural orientation. Diving off the rocky shores is especially revered. The rich underwater world leaves a lot of vivid impressions, it is carefully protected, paying attention to the invariability of conditions.

Most of the island is occupied by jungle and mountains, where guided tours are organized with experienced guides. You can explore them on your own, guided by the tourist map.

Russian-speaking tourists at the resort is not a lot, the direction has been gaining popularity only since 2010. But about the paradise island is well aware of the wealthy Thais and Western tourists who choose a quiet holiday in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. The resort is considered a year-round, high season begins in November and lasts until mid-May.

The highest temperatures are in March and April, which is not very comfortable for holidays with children.

The rainy season almost does not interfere with recreation, the fallout falls mainly at night.

The most popular beaches on Ko Chang Island

The main entertainment at the resort is a quiet beach holiday. Many people specifically buy a trip here with the hope of an unhurried flow of time and lack of noisy companies. Extreme water sports are prohibited, since the area is part of the reserve.

On any of the beaches of the island can not sunbathe topless or in the nude.

Officially there are 10 beaches on the island. They vary in popularity, attendance and distance from the hotels. On a tourist map of the beaches of Koh Chang in Thailand are marked with special icons and it is immediately apparent that for the bathing best suited west side. To the east are technical piers, the shoreline is not cleaned of algae, twigs and debris from storm waves during the rainy season. Select the best beaches Ko Chang is almost impossible, each of them has its own attraction for certain groups of tourists.

White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach - Ko Chang

He is first encountered by those who have arrived at the ferry crossing. It literally takes 15-20 minutes to get there. And many stay there, having decided that there is no better place to be.

The infrastructure is perfectly developed, hotels are located in the coastal zone and in the back under the shade of trees. Tourists waiting for an abundance of entertainment, night discos, a real feast of taste in the cafes and numerous taverns. Yes, the sand is not as white as in the brochures and there are a lot of people at any time of year. But it’s impossible to get bored here.

The area is conventionally divided into the southern, more fashionable part and the northern, free in manners and fond of youth companies. The beach is chosen for the long vacation accommodation, settling in gesthouses or inexpensive hotels.

Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach on Koh ChangIt’s a 5-minute drive from White St. Beach if you’re heading south. Small and designed for amateurs, it features a rocky shore and the complete absence of touted white sand. It is unknown why it was called Pearl, but you can sunbathe here, but to go into the water without special shoes is a problem. For those who like to divide the beach holiday into lying under the hot sun in a secluded bay and swimming in the hotel pool, this beach is ideal.

Housing in the neighborhood is expensive, entertainment is almost non-existent. If you get bored with silence and solitude, you can quickly get to the bustling White Sand Beach for 50 baht.

Tea Chet

Convenient flat descent, soft fine sand without an admixture of shells and almost perfect cleanliness is perfect for families. The beach area officially belongs to the hotels, but the entrance is free. Any vacationer can come here completely free of charge. Guests are just asked not to occupy chairs and swings, designed for guests.

Chai Chet Beach

The beach is located in a small cove, protected from waves and high tides. The coastal strip is long, it takes about 15 minutes to walk from one edge to the other. The trees in many places come almost to the edge of the surf, so the natural shade lasts until lunchtime. There are no noisy roads, amusement rides and night restaurants nearby. On the beach there is an atmosphere of tranquility and easy laziness.

The hotels are very close to the water, they are small, mostly consisting of a few bungalows and a pool, which is very useful at low tide. Hotels also have their own recreation area, on the territory of bars, restaurants and beauty salons.

Klong Prao

It practically continues Chai Chet, there is no clear line between them. The length of the coastline is more than 3 km. It is separated from the road by a coconut forest, which muffles the sounds of traffic and makes the outside benefits of civilization hard to reach if you don’t have a rented bike. It’s quite a long walk through the woods.

The beach atmosphere is conducive to a leisurely family vacation and romantic rendezvous under the palm trees growing by the water. Small cozy restaurants offer not only a cup of aromatic coffee, but also a full meal in the European, Mediterranean style, as well as the national cuisine. According to many tourists, Klong Prao is one of the three most beautiful beaches of Ko Chang.

If the southern part is cleaned up and ennobled, then to the north it turns into a wilder area. It is very rarely cleaned, there are branches and leaves on the sand, and it is safer to wear shoes. But this place also has its own charm. It’s closer to nature.

Kai Bey

The beach is located even further south. It’s not as noisy as White Sand Beach, but it’s not as secluded as Klong Prao. The road that runs along the beach is considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. Along it is a lively strip of stores and hotels. But the noise reaching almost to the water distracts from contemplative relaxation, constantly reminding of the daily routine lurking nearby.

Kai Bei - Koh Chang

Territorially, the beach is in the middle of the west coast, on one side bordering Klong Prao, and on the other resting on a rock with an observation deck. The northern part is wider, more respectable and expensive. Hotel rooms cost between 2,500 and 4,000 rubles per night. For romantically inclined guests is perfectly equipped complex The Chill Resort & Spa Koh Chang.On a rocky ledge separating parts of the beach, rises Coral. It is famous for its vast panoramic pool, in which everyone can swim for 100 baht. This is very convenient because the entrance to the water on the coast is very rocky.

Inexpensive hotels are lined up on the south side. They offer a more modest set of services and a fun youth atmosphere. The Grand Ville Hotel consists of funny little houses. Some of them are raised on piles of sorts that support the terraces and compensate for the angle of the hill. A little farther away, on a level surface, they are again standing on foundations.

Lonely Beach

The beach welcomes guests with the singing of birds and the cries of monkeys. Once upon a time it was really secluded and completely lived up to its name. Over the years its popularity has increased. Hotels began to be built, stores were opened, rest in this area of the coast has become a good level. The advantages include the clean sand coarse structure, almost imperceptible tides, easy entrance to the water.

Those who prefer a hotel room over renting private accommodation should take a walk to the south of the beach. The road leads to a small village where you can arrange for short and long term rent of a room or a whole house.

There is no sandy beach near the village, the shore is covered with stones of various sizes, but the fishing is great here.

Balian Bay

One of the most secluded and quiet beaches, due to the fact that there are no stores and restaurants nearby. It has retained its natural charm and is strikingly different from the more manicured sections of the west coast. For swimming is more adapted to the southern part, nearby is a rope park amusement. In the northern direction it is better only to walk, the entrance to the water is covered with stones of various sizes.

Bang Bao

The name is on everyone’s lips because of the tourist fishing village. It is considered one of the tourist sites and is constantly full of people. Souvenir stores, cafes and snack bars prevail, and excursions are offered. There is no special place for swimming, you can dive into the water from the porch of the hotel lodge.

At the entrance to the village there is a small sandy strip, from a distance it looks good, but there are very few bathers. People drive up there, so it’s hardly appropriate to talk about cleanliness.

Kong Koi

Passing the fishing village, the road turns left and leads to a nice beach. It beckons from afar with azure water and snow-white soft sand. Trees lean over the water, creating a pleasant coolness, all around reigns silence and tranquility. The biggest accumulation of swimmers on the spot by the road. Farther their ranks thinned, and begins almost uninhabited area, where it is convenient to rest for those who seek complete privacy.

Kong Koi can safely be ranked among the best beaches of Ko Chang for the beauty and luxury of nature.

There are no stores near the beach, for every little thing you have to go to the village.

Grand Laguna Beach

Grand Laguna Beach - Ko Chang IslandGorgeous and deserted, it quietly awaits its visitors. Tourists do not go here in a hurry, because the entrance is paid, and on Ko Chang almost the entire west coast is a huge and almost continuous beach. It makes no sense to pay for something you can get for free.

It’s a long way there, you have to take a bike or call a cab. Apart from the natural beauty and a beautifully equipped pool near the hotel there is nothing. It is interesting to look at the hotel as an original approach to attracting tourists. Residents are accommodated in rooms, cabins, the building itself is built in the form of a ship, there are a few houses-boats. Despite the creativity, there are few visitors. The surrounding area is huge, it even has a waterfall. But everything needs care, gradually deteriorating. There are sad memories of its former splendor.

Long Beach

The beaches of Ko Chang on the map of the west coast are marked with an almost continuous line. The only beach, located on the east side of the island of Ko Chang as if on purpose hides from tourists. It is difficult to get to it, mostly favored by Rastamans and hippies for its remoteness and lack of infrastructure. They are willing to go to the neighboring village for everything they need in order to maintain a semblance of privacy.

It is great for those who are unpretentious about the living conditions and looking for solitude, escaping for a while from civilization.

Ko Chang Beach Rating

According to tourist reviews, the list of the most picturesque beaches of Ko Chang includes:

  • Lonley Beach;
  • Kong Koi;
  • Grand Laguna Beach.

The largest, most popular and abundant in impressions is almost unanimously considered White Sand Beach, and convenient for family vacations with children and elderly family members called Chai Chet.

Koh Chang Beach Vacation Reviews

Many vacationers who come to the island are not limited to the beach area near their hotel, and set a goal to drive along the coast and compare the beaches. Opinions differ, sometimes very much. But for everyone is sure to find a place that can rightfully be called a paradise.

Marina, 31 years old:

We arrived on the island by evening boat, it was absolutely no concern about the surrounding beauties. We checked into the hotel and collapsed into bed. The morning was a quiet delight, with a view of the azure sea and almost white shining sand. We already appreciated the charms of the bungalows on the shore on the first day. You don’t have to walk far, you can go out to the water as much as you want. We heard about Kai Bay Beach back at the travel agency and were not disappointed at all. Later, out of curiosity, we visited White St. Beach. Noisy is not the right word. But we liked it on Chai Chet, but we did not want to go back again, so we sunbathed near his house.

Angelina, 23 years old:

Already on the island we heard about the only beach on the eastern shore and, of course, rushed there. Long, expensive, and completely wasted. Yes, nature is there, the occasional hippie enjoying life comes into view. On the shore sticks, branches, the sand is muddy. An ordinary coastline by the water, with no embellishments or amazing views. We wasted half a day. But now we know we don’t have to go there.

Natalia, 42 years old:

For a long time were going to go to the tropics, finally decided. We asked right away to be picked up in a quiet, beautiful place. Klong Prao captivated us from the first minute. I especially liked the coconut forest. The beach has everything you need, especially we liked the little restaurant with wicker furniture and colorful umbrellas set right on the sand. We stocked up on medicines and clothes at home, so we didn’t need pharmacies and malls. It is good that the road passes very far, in the morning there is a ringing silence over the sea, a light haze. The first few days we just enjoyed the quiet, and then we found out there was a ropes park nearby by island standards. At home I had no time to go to such a system, and it is not solid, but here it is just right. We spent half a day climbing. It turned out to be very interesting and completely safe. At the same time we looked at Balian Bay, swam on the sand, and the rocks did not go, afraid of his feet and shoes.

Max, 29 years old:

Looking for silence, didn’t find it. I had to go to Kong Koi. There are a lot of people by the road, but the further into the woods, the calmer it is. At work, I get furious with clients, there are completely inadequate individuals. On vacation, you don’t want to see anyone except the trees and the occasional vendor of some food. I liked it on Koi, you just have to go farther into the jungle and take shoes and a mat with you.

Julia, 33 years old:

We wanted a feast of the soul, so we found it in White Sand Beach. We had a lot of fun. Most importantly, no one looks at gender, age or status. In bathing suits, everyone is equal. The week flew by completely unnoticed. We rented three bikes, just for the company. We drove around half of the west coast, making sure the beaches are similar to each other. The sand is not white at all, but rather gray or yellowish. The sea is really transparent, but swim far away did not dare. It seems quiet, no waves, but a little scary. Moreover, on most beaches where we were, lifeguard towers or at least a man in a vest under an umbrella we did not see. But we found a little cafe with amazing grilled seafood. The portions are really big, sometimes there was even leftovers. What’s noteworthy is that it’s not far from the hotel. We stayed in Bamboo, near the pool, the rooms were clean.

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