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Benidorm sights

Benidorm – one of the best resorts in Spain, located in Valencia in the Eastern Pyrenees on the Mediterranean Sea. As a tourist center, the city began to develop in the 1960s. Benidorm attractions are represented by architectural and natural monuments.

Top 10 Sights of Benidorm

Benidorm has many great sandy beaches with Blue Flags and excellent beach infrastructure, where you can take air and sunbathing all the time of the Spanish vacation. In addition, there are interesting attractions and entertainment.


Benidorm Waterfront - Spain

What is the first thing to see in Benidorm? When tourists arrive at the resort, the first thing they do is go to its magnificent promenade, which was built in the late noughties by a Catalan architect.

According to official information on the construction of the embankment city budget was spent about half a dozen million euros. At the same time, all building materials were environmentally friendly, without dyes or chemical additives.

The embankment has a special coating that prevents fumes in the heat of the day and changes color. Thanks to its design, the width of the beach, located near the waterfront, has increased by two dozen meters.

Terra Natura Zoo

Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm

In this zoo you can not only observe the life of animals, but also look at different plants, i.e. Not only fauna is widely represented here, but also flora, and they live and grow in very comfortable conditions.

There are practically no visible fences except for the enclosures for predators, so visitors to the zoo have the opportunity to observe the life of animals in natural, almost wild conditions.

There are places where children and adults can personally touch the most friendly and non-threatening to humans zoo inhabitants, ride a pony, donkey, elephant or camel, feed them, watch the show with their participation, etc.

Plaza del Castillo

Plaza del Castillo - Benidorm's landmark

In Benidorm, between the beaches of Poniente and Levante, there is a small square called Plaza del Costillo. During the Middle Ages on its place was a powerful fortress, protecting the coast from pirate raids from the sea.

Later this fortress fell into decay, its fortification qualities were no longer in demand. And in the 1930s it was bombed in the Spanish Civil War. Only the observation deck remains of the fortress.

But this site is also one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Benidorm, it is often visited by tourists to enjoy the beauty surrounding the resort. We recommend that you see Benidorm and the surrounding area from this point.


Villajoyosa near Benidorm

This colorful resort town is located in the outskirts of Benidorm. Not so long ago it was a quiet fishing village, and today it is graced with tourists and resort business. A great place for a family vacation with children in peace and quiet.

Walking around Villajoyosa will give you a real pleasure. The city has a unique appearance, which is difficult to mistake with other resorts. All its houses are different colors and adjoin each other like swallows’ nests.

The first settlement here appeared in the early 14th century, its name was the City of Happiness. The front part of the houses in the city (facades), painted in different colors, faces the sea, while the back inside Villajoyosa looks quite ordinary.

Algar Falls

Algara Falls - a natural attraction near Benidorm

This natural park can be seen on the outskirts of Benidorm. Here, after the Spanish August heat, you can feel the cool waters of the mountain river, rushing down the slopes and gorges down to the sea.

People often go to the park to have a picnic in a special place and spend the whole day in nature. Not to say that the waterfalls make a stunning impression, but they are a great variety of recreation.

Nearby, a kilometer away from the waterfalls, is the popular Algar Cactus Garden. You can visit it on the way back and admire the beauty and diversity of these ancient flowering plants.

Poniente Beach

Poniente Beach - Benidorm

This sandy beach is located on the west of Benidorm. It is the largest and longest in the city (more than 3 km). The beach is fine, soft and soft to the touch of light colored sand. A wonderful place for families with children.

The beach was awarded the Blue Flag, it is well equipped, has all the necessary tourist infrastructure: comfortable deck chairs, large umbrellas, showers, toilets, medical center, towers, playgrounds for children, etc.

Entrance to the sea from the shore is gentle, under the water the shore is also quite a long time does not deepen much, the water is clean, clear, waves are not often. Every day this beach is cleaned: trash is removed, sand is smoothed and trash garbage cans are cleaned.

Mundomar Nature Park

Mundomar Nature Park - Benidorm

This park is located in Benidorm, it was opened in the mid-90s of the last century, is the largest marine animal park on the coast. It is located next to the local Aqualandia water park. This place is sure to please your children.

There are daily performances featuring sea lions, penguins, and dolphins. Children can see how turtles and various exotic birds like pink flamingos and polar owls live.

You can scuba dive to explore the underwater world, which is inhabited by marine animals. You can stay here all day, spending time in local cafes and restaurants, indulging in shopping in stores and souvenir shops.

Aqualandia Water Park

Aqualandia Water Park in Benidorm

This is the largest water park on the coast, it was opened in the mid-80s. Another great place to relax with the family and children. There are many water rides and other entertainment, they will not get bored all day.

As they like to do in Europe, all the water moving in the Aqualandia water park system is thoroughly cleaned. In fact, you can safely drink it directly from the pool or the local artificial river.

There are 16 water rides in the park. The most popular roller coasters are the VertiGo, which downhill can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, and the slow Amazonas for kids.

Levante Beach

Levante Beach - Benidorm

This beach is located in the east of Benidorm. It is also quite large, lasting about 2 km. The sand on it is like Poniente: fine, soft, light-colored. Every morning the beach is cleaned up. The blue flag and infrastructure are in place.

This beach is beloved by young people, so it is not suitable for indulgent relaxation, here all day partying, parties, discos and other entertainment. On the beach Levante gathers all the vacationing youth of the Costa Blanca.

On the promenade near the beach there are many restaurants, bars and cafes, where music plays late into the night, and the public drinking hot drinks and dancing. Various entertainment venues are open until morning.

Castle of Count Alfas

The Castle of Count Alfas near Benidorm in Spain

This attraction is located on the outskirts of Benidorm. The medieval castle is a great place for tourists to have fun in a knight’s duel and have an unforgettable romantic dinner.

The local performance “The Christian and the Moor” is hugely popular on the coast. You can see not only medieval knights, but also listen to the songs and poems of those distant times.

At dinner you will be served by medieval jesters, beauties, squires and just plain townspeople. The menu features delicious dishes based on recipes from the 12th to 15th centuries. Of alcohol – sangria – Spanish red wine with pieces of fruit and berries.

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Maps of Benidorm

It is not only a great place for a beach holiday, Valencia and the whole of Spain gave the world the wonderful architectural and historical monuments, in particular the unique attractions of Benidorm.

If you happen to visit this wonderful Spanish resort, be sure to visit the local cafes and restaurants and try the delicious Mediterranean cuisine, surely you will be satisfied.

Benidorm on the map of Spain

Benidorm Resort on the map of Spain

Sightseeing map of Benidorm

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