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Bayok Sky Tower in Bangkok

When tourists come to Bangkok, they want to see the city from a height in order to make a first impression. The most popular site is considered to be the Bayok Sky Tower. It looks like a city, only upward. The Bayok Skyscraper in Bangkok has a hotel, restaurants, bar, stores, and there are even two observation decks and each has its own characteristics.

Interesting places in the Bayok Sky Tower

The building was completed in 1997. It is difficult to find exact data on how many meters high the Bayok Sky Tower is. The value varies from 304 to 309 m, some guidebooks indicate a peak of 328 m, along with the spire. There is no fundamental difference, because everything interesting is between 77 and 84 floors. There are a total of 88 elevators in the tower, and seven high-speed elevators, one of which is glass, work for visitors.

Bayok Sky Tower - height

The building is the 2nd tallest in Thailand. Externally, it does not differ from Western examples, the same tapering tower at the top as many others. Its secrets it hides inside, so most tourists try to be sure to visit the tower on a tour or on their own.


Bangkok Sky Restaurant in Bayok Sky

The most famous restaurant Bangkok Sky is located on 2 floors, 76 and 78. Breakfast is ready at 6 a.m. for early visitors; it closes at 10 p.m. The menu includes European and Oriental cuisine. You can order almost anything, from pizza to sushi. Going up another floor, you can get to the next restaurant, Stella Palace. It differs from the previous one only in the entourage, the set of dishes is very similar, the prices too.

The most beautiful views are from the 81st floor, where the Bangkok Balcony works. Its special feature is that there are open tables on a kind of balcony. It is very advantageous to visit the Cristal Grill, located on the next floor. Lunch or dinner at this restaurant entitles you to go up to the observation deck for free. It’s quite a generous offer, since a single visit costs 400 baht, and here’s dinner and an unforgettable spectacle for 700.

Restaurant in the Bayouk Sky Tower

Almost all Bayok Sky restaurants in Bangkok have a buffet. How much dinner costs depends on the menu you choose, usually ranging from 300 to 500 baht.


In the tower you can stay for 1-2 days in a comfortable room with a magnificent view of the city and surroundings. Choose from 605 options of varying cost and comfort level, occupying 52 floors, up to 74 inclusive. The advantage of the stay is breakfast in restaurants at a discount of 30-35%. The most expensive rooms are equipped with panoramic windows and glazed terraces acting as private viewing platforms. The Baiyoke Sky Hotel offers a golf course, spa, and swimming pool.

Hotel in the Bayok Skyscraper, Bangkok

In addition, on different floors there is a hairdresser, sauna, stores. It is worth a visit to Bayok Sky fruit bar, where they make juices and smoothies from any exotic fruits and vegetables on request. The bartender also has some original recipes.


The first of them is located on the 77th floor, and there is a small museum, which displays a household item, characteristic jewelry, samples of arts and crafts, national clothing and headgear.

Bayok Sky - observation deck

The second observation deck at Bayok Sky is quite imposing, located on the 84th floor, rotates on a movable base and offers an all-around view. The greatest influx of visitors to the Bayok Sky Tower is in the evening, when the sun begins to set, the illumination gradually turns on, and the city takes on a futuristic appearance.

The cost of visiting the sites depends on the time of day, during the day – 250 baht, from 18 hours – 400.

Stores and boutiques

Mostly there are souvenir shops in the tower, there are several boutiques with clothes and accessories, it is also fashionable to buy the necessary things, but they will cost much more than in the city, since the sales are aimed at tourists. Colorful booklets with views of the city from the observatory, various small things with national colors can be interesting souvenirs.

The Bayok Sky Tower will be remembered for the dizzying experience of the observation decks and cozy restaurant lounges.

Interesting facts about the tower

Bayok Sky Tower in Bangkok

The building is relatively new, so it does not belong to the architectural monuments. But tourists are happy to learn that:

  • the height is 309 m;
  • The piles of the building extend 65 meters into the ground;
  • The panoramic elevator is completely glass;
  • One of the observation decks is movable;
  • The opening hours of the sites are until 11 p.m.
  • For an additional fee, you can look through a telescope.

Bayok Sky on a map of Bangkok

It is located in the center of the city in the Ratchathevi district. You can get here by cab, tuk-tuk or bus. It is convenient to get to Baiyoke Sky by subway, Ratchaprarob station. This will be faster, since traffic jams can greatly increase travel time. Some people prefer to walk. An amazing sight opens up on the approach to the tower. The surrounding buildings are literally waist high.

Video overview of Bayok Sky Tower

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