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Barcelona Zoo – fun for children and adults

The Barcelona Zoo is not so much an entertainment as a scientific institution. Its specialists are constantly involved in various research programs and environmental projects. They also attract young people to science – every year the best young researchers are awarded the prize named “Snowflake”, because the snowflake is the symbol of the zoo in Barcelona.

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And students are offered a variety of schools and workshops. For example, in the summer you can spend a whole week helping veterinarians by observing their work. Such a class is very useful even for those who plan to work in veterinary clinics in Moscow in the future. You can also go to animal photography workshops and courses for future ecologists who will specialize in saving nearly extinct species.

There are more than 2200 animals, birds, fish, amphibians and various insects in the zoo of Barcelona, and constantly someone pleases the litter. But there are some animals that get special attention – those that are rare or hardly ever breed in captivity.

Zoo in Barcelona

For example, the giant anteater, which the zoo staff is working on a conservation project. By the way, the symbol of the Barcelona zoo is a rare animal – the only albino gorilla known to science. Snowflake – that was his name – lived here for forty years, and, unfortunately, white babies from him were not expected – all were born black.

Young visitors to the zoo are most fascinated by the birth of the dolphins! When the local “stars” of the water show (here dolphins willingly give daily performances in a special pool) have a baby boy, his name is chosen by vote.

Zoo in Barcelona

“Mama, a lion,” cries a little boy, pointing to the king of beasts, who is sprawled out on a tree trunk just a few feet away from the people. “Won’t he bite me?” – the little one wonders, fearing to come any closer. After all, there are no bars, no rough glass between him and the lion – nothing! Only a deep ditch prevents predators from reaching people.

They say that 120 years ago, in 1892, when the Barcelona zoo had just opened and the lack of barred cages was a real curiosity, over-sensitive ladies were even crying with fright when suddenly a toothy tiger or a horned buffalo jumped in their direction. Now it can scare you half to death… a peacock that suddenly yells something right in your ear! These beauties with magnificent plumage walk around the zoo completely freely: neither moats nor walls hold them back.

The territory of the zoo is considerable – more than 13 hectares, you can wander here all day, watching the animals. The maximum number of people, as in all zoo, at the aviaries with monkeys. For example, there’s a female orangutan trying to teach her babies how to climb down from a high-tensioned net. Because they could climb up there, but they were afraid to get down, even trembling with fear.

Mom shows you how to act, and in between she tries to involve her father in the process. But, because he wants to eat more than anything else, and not to do the rearing, he, not being able to stand her “reproaches,” quickly climbs up, grabs the baby and throws it to the female, like some kind of fruit. Oh, how she screamed! Gently, gently picked up the child, carried him down, and just as gently took off the second troublemaker. Learning will be another time.

This is how interesting and informative a visit to the Barcelona Zoo can be.

Prices to the zoo in Barcelona

Tickets for adult visitors cost 19 €. Children from three to twelve years old have cheaper entrance to the zoo – 11,4 €. The cost of visiting the zoo for persons over 60 years – 9,95 €.

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