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Bangkok’s Siam Ocean World

The underwater world attracts by its unexplored and mysteriousness. The dream of seeing the unknown becomes a reality when you visit the Siam Ocean World oceanarium in Bangkok. It is of interest to visitors of all ages. The area and the number of inhabitants is so great that among the aquariums you can spend a whole day without thinking about the flow of time.

Excursions to the Bangkok Aquarium

One of the largest and most impressive, it occupies an area comparable to a soccer stadium. In terms of the number of species, the Bangkok Oceanarium is the leading one in Southeast Asia. It’s a real city with its streets, squares, cute cul-de-sacs and a huge number of inhabitants. It is located in the business center of the city. It is quite easy to get to it, but you should not combine its visit with sightseeing of other attractions. He deserves a day of his own.

Bangkok Oceanarium

Excursions are made with an equal share of entertainment and useful information about the underwater world. There are no boring lectures or monotonous explanations. Everything takes place in a walking format, and it starts with an underwater tunnel. This option has become customary for many, similar structures are found in many oceanariums around the world, but do not lose relevance. It is tempting and very interesting to take a walk on the seabed, when sea stingrays hover slowly overhead in the water column, sharks glimpse in swift shadows, and sea stars are spread out on the stones at arm’s length. A kind of immersion into the unknown world gives an amazing experience, especially if you do not hurry and quietly observe the inhabitants.

There are several trails further along the territory. You can follow them or choose your own trajectory between the aquariums. For some inhabitants of the sea depths there are special conditions.

Siam Ocean World

The most interesting, according to visitors, are considered:

  • A spider crab, named for its long legs, which lives off the coast of Japan and grows up to 12 feet in favorable conditions;
  • a giant Pacific octopus that grows to 30 feet, is considered long-lived, and is masterful at camouflaging itself in the terrain by changing its coloration;
  • goggle penguins, preferring the icy expanses of the African coast.

Also in separate aquariums are stingrays, starfish, bright flocks of tropical fish.

Bangkok Oceanarium

Bangkok Oceanarium - Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World has a total of seven segments with 60 aquariums.

  1. One of the most visited sectors is called “deep reef” and occupies 2 floors. It is home to crabs, clams, ornate reef fish, colorful corals. Most of the visitors come to the sector by feeding time. Divers make a real show out of this procedure, which takes place three times a day.
  2. Another plot is also never empty. There settled amazing creatures that overturn the usual impressions of shapes and colors, such as nautilus, blue crustaceans, octopuses.
  3. A small corner of the tropics is recreated in one of the rooms and is called the rain forest. There are vines winding along the supports, artificial waterfalls murmuring softly, unusual amphibians and amphibians live in the open pond.
  4. Visitors flock to the Rocky Shore sector to watch a performance featuring otters. They dance in the water for a bit of a treat. Sometimes aquarium guests are allowed to participate in feeding the penguins.
  5. The compartment called “The Living Ocean” consists of two parts. In one, turtles and seals frolic. The second is in the form of a cave, where conditions are created for spiders, tarantulas, blind cave catfish.
  6. The largest site is called the open ocean. It is a complex of mirror tunnels. The size of the inhabitants is appropriate. These are large stingrays, hammerhead fish, sharks and other giants of the sea.
  7. There is a special pavilion for sea jellyfish. It is designed as a relaxation area, where you can relax on the soft sofas, looking at the leisurely hovering movements of translucent beauties with graceful but stinging tentacles.


Bangkok Oceanarium - Siam Ocean World

The oceanarium in Bangkok offers not only passive admiration of the inhabitants, but also active recreation, including the extreme option of feeding the sharks. In addition, visitors can dive in a pond with peaceful fish and Fishpiling with amazing little fish, which in a few minutes will remove the rough skin scales from the feet, while relieving stress and emotional tension.

In the Rockpool Contact Pool, you can touch sea stars with your hand. Visitors are recommended to see the installation Shark Shipwreck reproducing a fragment of the plot of the famous poem by Pra Apkhai Mani, where the characters were a sea witch of fearsome size with huge fangs, a charming mermaid and a beautiful prince.

How do I get to the Bangkok Oceanarium?

The complex is located near the Siam Paragon shopping mall in the Pathum Wan area. You can get there by public transport from the Siam Centre stop, the Pratunam River Tram to the Pratunam Pier, or by cab.

Prices and opening hours

Visitors are welcome from 10.00 to 21.00. Entry stops one hour before closing time. For the usual inspection you buy a ticket for 1,090 baht. Children it will cost half as much, kids under 3 years old pass for free if there is a document proving their age.

For all the latest information, visit the Oceanarium’s official website at www.visitsealife.com/bangkok.

On weekdays there is a special offer, which costs 650 baht to enter before 12 noon. With the purchase of an all-inclusive ticket for 1,789 baht, the program includes a boat ride with an observation glass bottom and a visit to the wax museum with a cast of the visitor’s hand. Prices for additional entertainment, including diving, participation in feeding, depend on the season and are specified before buying a ticket. To make sure the kids are not bored while the adults are dealing with financial issues, animators in costumes of sea creatures play with them at the ticket office.

Reviews about the Bangkok Oceanarium

Nadezhda, 38 years old:

We went to the Siam Ocean World Aquarium with my son. The impressions are immense, we were at the feeding of penguins, we laughed until we cried. They are funny and often resemble humans in their habits and cunning in an attempt to get a fish before their neighbor does. Especially impressed by the mazes, where huge shark shadows float overhead, you feel like you’re in a horror movie. It was very difficult to leave the hall with jellyfish. The backlighting made them unrealistically beautiful.

Anatoly, 48 years old:

I took the family out on a tour for educational purposes. I wanted to leave them in the halls and escape to a cafe, but I got carried away myself. Really cool and unusual. Everyone enjoyed it, learned a lot of interesting things about octopuses and crabs, watched amphibians, rested our souls at the presentation of otters and water rats. It was interesting.

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