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Baliraki sights

On the site of the old fishing village is a relatively young resort of Faliraki. In the early 1970s, the tourist industry began to actively develop here: there were built hotels, resorts, opened restaurants, bars and casinos. The large number of nightclubs in Faliraki has turned the city into a partying place where young people go for a vivid experience. The sights of Faliraki in Rhodes cannot leave visitors indifferent.

Top 8 Sightseeing in Faliraki

If you do not know what to see in Greece, in the town of Faliraki, local residents will help you choose the attractions. Greeks are a hospitable and sociable people. They will not only point you in the right direction, but also tell you exactly what is interesting about this or that place.

Astronomy Cafe

Astronomy Cafe - Faliraki

Next to Anthony Queen Cove on the mountain is a private property where you can have a delicious meal and visit a small observatory at the same time. Here visitors will learn a lot about space, as well as examine the starry sky with a telescope. This entertainment will especially appeal to children. The dishes and food are made in space style.

Admission is completely free, but you can get a “tour” of the starry sky only if you order something from the menu.

Temple of St. Nectarius

In honor of the revered Saint Nectarius in Greece, a temple was named, which is located on the road from Rhodes to Lindos. The terracotta-colored brick building is considered the tallest in Rhodes. Multicolored pebbles in front of the entrance are the founding date of the cathedral. From the gate to the church there is a steep staircase. The area around it is planted with shrubs and trees, which gives the building even more color. Church choir singing can be heard here almost any time of the day.

The Temple of St. Nektarius - a landmark of Faliraki

Near the church you will find a large tree with a hollow. Every tourist considers it his duty to take a picture inside, especially since it fits up to 10 people at a time. In the holy spring you can draw holy water, which, according to the Greeks, cleanses not only the body but also the soul.


Faliraki Water Park

Traveling to Faliraki(Rhodes), among the attractions that want to visit, stand out the local water park. Its territory is more than 100 thousand square meters. Here you can take a ride on one of the 15 different height slides, dive in the wave pool, visit the playground with rides and have a look in the cafeteria.

Since the water park is outdoors, the best time to visit is from May to September. There is practically no windy weather at this time.

Caliphia Springs Bathing Pool

Kalithea Springs Baths in Faliraki, Rhodes

The famous thermal springs of Rhodes are located in a picturesque corner of the island, not far from Faliraki. Tourists like to bask in the warm baths and admire the beautiful view of artificial waterfalls. The beaches near the swimming hole are covered with fine pebbles, the entrance is gentle, so most often this place is chosen by families with children. Exhibitions are regularly held in the large rotunda.

Mastoras Silver Workshop

Faliraki - Mastoras Silver Workshop

In the middle of the last century, an ordinary Greek family decided to start their own silver jewelry business. Gradually, the unusual jewelry became known throughout Greece. Today, outlandish things are known all over the world. Each creation of the masters is unique. All items are handmade and have a 925 proof. In the workshop you can see with your own eyes the work of jewelers.

St. Amos Monastery

The holy place was built in the middle of the coniferous plantation, so it never gets hot and the air is filled with the scents of pine. The monastery is inactive, but the large number of tourists does not allow the building to become deserted. If you get here in late May, you’ll find kids from the neighborhood. At church they celebrate the end of the school year and just play ball.

Saint Amos Monastery - Faliraki

On the territory of the monastery there is a famous cafe with peacocks. Interestingly, the birds are not at all afraid of the parishioners.

Palace of the Grand Masters

Not all attractions of Faliraki in Rhodes are within the city limits. After overcoming a few dozen kilometers you can find yourself in the Palace of the Grand Masters. Visible from afar, the structure, built in the style of the Middle Ages, served several centuries ago as an excellent defense against enemy advances. In the inner hall there were balls, ceremonies, and tournaments.

Today visitors can walk through the stone halls with high ceilings and feel the atmosphere of those times. The special acoustics add to the mystique of the place.

The Palace of the Grand Masters - a historical landmark of Faliraki

In the Palace is a museum, where tourists are invited to visit several exhibitions of items preserved from the owners of the castle at different times.

Club Street

For young people who come to Faliraki in order to have fun, the main attraction of the city is considered a street of bars. It is here that such interesting nightlife establishments as Tokyo, Colorado, Pacha & Toxic and others operate. The fun on the street peaks at midnight. Young people set up a dance floor right in the open air. The order is closely monitored by bar security guards and police officers.

Club Street - Faliraki

One can describe for a long time the interesting places of Faliraki in Rhodes, but only with your own eyes you can see how rich can be a vacation. The second most visited resort on the island will be a place that will give you an unforgettable experience and emotions.

Features of holidays in Faliraki

Residents of the city only about 2 thousand people. But Rhodes is always very lively. This is due to the fact that up to 2 million people come here every year. people. The warm mild climate and almost complete absence of precipitation pleases visitors to the city. The average summer temperature is +26o. The coastal area with golden sand stretches for several kilometers.

If you get tired of languid stay under the hot rays of the Greek sun, go and explore the interesting places. It would take at least a week to get around.

Nightlife in the resort of Faliraki - Rhodes

Those who are lucky enough to wake up every morning to the sound of the Mediterranean Sea talk with rapture about interesting places, historical cultural sites and ways to have a great time. Do not think that only young people will enjoy visiting Faliraki with its attractions. During the day, couples stroll quietly along the beach and the streets of the city. But at night the resort really turns into a big nightclub. The lights come on and people get ready to party until dawn.

How to get to Faliraki?

Faliraki is located 14 km from Rhodes. You can only get here by plane to the southern capital of the island. After traveling a few kilometers, you will get to the right place. You just have to choose one way to get to the city:

  1. By shuttle bus. After disembarking at the airport, find the bus station where you will get to the center of Rhodes. There is a shuttle bus to Faliraki every 20 minutes. Travel time is no more than 20 minutes.
  2. By cab. The cost of the trip from the airport will be $70-80.
  3. In a rented car. In Greece, it is common to rent a car or motorcycle. There are rentals on every corner. A day trip in a comfortable car will cost $30. In addition, you will have to fill the tank with fuel.

Most tour operators arrange transfers from the airport to the hotel. In this case, you do not have to think about what to see in Faliraki. The program will be thought out in advance.

Video tour of Faliraki

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