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Bali Visa Extension

Today we will talk about extending your visa to Bali. If you are going to Bali for a month or less, you will not need this information.

Do I need a visa to Bali? Yes, you do. A visa to Bali for Russians is issued immediately upon arrival at the airport, you pay money – get a stamp. It allows you to stay in Indonesia for 30 days. If you do not want to leave Bali, then to extend the visa you need to deal with the preparation of documents well before the deadline. We read that you have to renew at least 10 days before your visa expires, but we decided to do it in about the middle of the first month of our stay. You have to go to the immigration office for that.

Fill out the forms only with black pen. These forms must be accompanied by: passport, copy of passport, printouts of plane tickets.

If you don’t have a copy of your passport, you should make them as soon as possible.

About the airline tickets: you need to make fakes for the end date of your second month in Bali, which is the month you want to get from the immigration office. By the way, you can also book real tickets, which then fly out of Bali. We made fakes, that is, reservations that are then “burned” if not paid.

And another important point! To fill out the form, you need to know the address where you live in Bali and the name of your landlord. The office will need to enter this data. So find out in advance. Now you can apply.

After submitting the documents we were given a document with the date when we had to pay the visa fee. We came to the office on the specified day, paid for the visa for 250,000 rupees per person, and they attached a receipt of payment to this piece of paper.

You have to come later to pick up the passports, the date will be given when you pay. That’s all, we just have to wait for that date and go a third time, this time for passports. Issuance takes place in the same room where the documents were submitted. You give the paper with the payment and wait for them to say your name.

It took us six days for the whole procedure. And you should also add that it is not possible to extend the visa a second time. For a longer stay in Bali, you need to apply for another type of visa.

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