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Attractions in Venezuela

Caribbean lagoons with snow-white sand attract beach lovers. But Venezuela is not only famous for the sea. Fabulous landscapes in the national parks, steep sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, rich flora. All this is a portrait of the tropical country of Venezuela, whose sights greet curious tourists in endless succession.

Top 20 attractions in Venezuela

Check out the list of the most iconic places and attractions in Venezuela that are a must-see when traveling to the country.

Angel Falls

Venezuela - Angel Falls

As the water plummets from the top of Mount Devil, it passes the 978-meter mark on its way and breaks into tiny particles. Therefore, there is always a humid atmosphere around the waterfall. And you can only see Angel by boat from the water or by plane.


Mount Roraima in Venezuela

This mountain, as if descended from the pages of the novel “The Lost World”, and appears to tourists in the form of a table mountain wrapped in white clouds. Most of the animals that inhabit the top of the plateau are endemic, i.e. are not found anywhere else. This impregnable world gives rise to many legends, but in fact is a mountain protected by nature.

El Yaque Beach

El Yaque Beach - Venezuela

An ideal place not only for beach holidays, but also for active surfing. Not only beginners, but also avid athletes will feel great here. Active beach life does not stop even at night, continuing to delight tourists with a variety of parties.

The cable car in Merida

Aerial tramway in Mérida - Venezuela

This cable car, unique in every way, allows you to enjoy a gradual ascent of Mount Espejo in two hours. During this time, tourists can watch as the horizon expands and the entire city is viewed as if in the palm of their hand.

Bolivar Peak

Bolivar Peak - Sights of Venezuela

If you have taken the cable car, and you feel you have enough strength to overcome the 5,000 meters above sea level, you can safely go on a short hike to Bolivar Peak. The mountain is named after a local hero who fought for the independence of Venezuela.

Lightning Catatumbo

Catatumbo Lightning - Lake Maracaibo

The main attraction in Venezuela is located above the waters of Lake Maracaibo. This natural effect attracts tourists from all over the world. The endless storm over Maracaibo lasts more than 200 days a year. And all the while the moth discharges illuminate the waters of the lake.

Morrocoi National Park

Sightseeing in Venezuela - Morrocoi National Park

If you wanted to try your hand as a diver, it’s hard to find a better place than Morrocoi. Endless blue lagoons interspersed with coral islands and mangroves create an ideal environment to contemplate the underwater world.

Santa Ana de Coro

City of Santa Ana de Coro

Founded in the 16th century by a native of Spain, the town was located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and was regularly attacked by local pirates. But that time has passed, and now, the city is a favorite place for tourism. A lot of architectural values and cozy streets set up for a calm measured rest.

Medanos Park

Medanos Park - Venezuela

Huge sand waves, up to 40 meters high, the main attraction of the national park. Tourists are attracted by these dunes, and the opportunity to ride camels imported into the country. To feel like a desert conqueror and accidentally stumble upon sparse thickets, among the yellow sands.

Orinoco River Delta

Venezuela - Orinoco River Delta

Here the locals for a very reasonable fee will give you a tour of the unique river, which is home to endangered freshwater dolphins. Show a tropical paradise formed by unique plants and animals. You can see it without leaving the boat.

Margarita Island

Margarita Island in Venezuela

It was discovered by the discoverer of America, Columbus, and was named by him after an Austrian princess. The island looks like it came off an advertisement picture. A great place for a beach holiday, when nowhere to be in a hurry and you can fully relax and unwind from the world.

Rafael Urdaneta Bridge

Rafael Urdaneta Bridge - Maracaibo

The bridge, more than eight and a half kilometers long, connects the thundering Lake Maracaibo and the Gulf of Venezuela. This grandiose structure rises above the surface of the water, and allows you to look at the sea from a different angle.

Los Roques Archipelago

Venezuela: attractions - Los Roques Archipelago

Another place for lovers of the underwater world. Protected from the storms of the Caribbean Sea, the place is ideal for outdoor activities. Here the tourist can look at the untouched civilization underwater world. The coral reef system is perfectly preserved to this day.

Los Llanos Plains

Venezuela - Los Llanos Plains

If you’re a big nature lover and don’t mind a water safari, the plains of Los Llanos are a great place for the former and the latter. This submerged piece of land takes up one-third of the country and is an ideal habitat for a multitude of birds and animals.

Canaima National Park

Venezuela - Canaima National Park

The main attraction of the Canaima Park are the table mountains – petua. They were formed due to karst processes and are the heritage of Venezuela, described in all travel guides. Beautiful ribbons of waterfalls falling from the tops of mountains attract tourists from all over the world.

Pantheon of Venezuela

Pantheon of Venezuela - Venezuela

An important landmark for all Venezuelans. A local hero who fought for his country’s independence, Bolivar, is buried here. In the Pantheon building is a collection of paintings about his life.

Lake Valencia (Tacarigua)

Sights of Venezuela - Lake Valencia (Tacarigua)

This lake is not only a natural place to grow sugar cane, coffee trees and cotton. It is also ideal for leisure tourists. Developed infrastructure attracts lovers of relaxing holidays on the calm waters of Valencia.

Parc Henri Pittier

Venezuela - Parque Henri Pittier

The park is harmoniously divided into two parts. On the coast closed to the winds and waves, feel great many tourists. Cozy bays allow you to feel safe and enjoy your beach vacation. In the mountainous area where the protected part of the park is located, the wildlife of Venezuela is rampant.

El Guacharo Cave

El Guacharo Cave in Venezuela

Karst cavity in the hillside attracts many tourists. With its natural beauty, the cave is a natural refuge for large numbers of carnivorous birds. They leave the cave only under the cover of night to fly out for another feeding.

Sierra Nevada Park

Attractions in Venezuela - Sierra Nevada Park

This mountain peak attracts primarily mountain climbers. To get to the top, you must first overcome the rainforest, with its natural obstacles in the form of dense thickets of plants and fast mountain rivers. Part of the mountains, always covered by glaciers.

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