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Attractions in the Peloponnese

What to see in the Peloponnese? On the peninsula was born and developed the ancient Greek civilization, which left on the peninsula many historical, cultural and architectural monuments and attractions. The Peloponnese peninsula is also famous for its Orthodox sites: churches and monasteries, most of which are active today. Greece is known to be one of the cradles of Orthodoxy.

Top 10 attractions in the Peloponnese

We offer you brief information with pictures and names of the most popular sights and monuments of the Peloponnese, so you know what to see here first.

Idra Island

Idra Island - Peloponnese

It is a fashionable luxury resort, which in Greece is called Little England. There is an excellent tourist infrastructure of the world level and many monuments of cultural history: six monasteries and more than three hundred temples.

On the resort island of Idra the main source of income today is tourism. Here you will find many hotels, restaurants, bars, excellent beaches, areas for sports and entertainment, everything you need for a quality holiday.

Temple of Apollo in Corinth

The Temple of Apollo in Corinth - a landmark in the Peloponnese

The god Apollo is the patron saint of ancient Corinth. That is why in the 6th century B.C. the famous temple of Apollo was built in the Doric style in this city. Its ruins have reached our days, only seven limestone columns have survived.

However, this ancient site of the Peloponnese and the whole of Greece is very popular with tourists, especially the fans of the ancient period of the history of this wonderful country.

The ghost town of Mistras

The mysterious ghost town of Mystras on the Peloponnese Peninsula (Greece)

This medieval town was first mentioned in chronicles in the middle of the 13th century. It was founded by the Franks and later conquered by the Venetians. It was during Venetian times that Mitras reached its highest development and was the dream of the rich from neighboring countries.

With the money flowing into the city, many temples and palaces were built. But in 1821, as a result of the Greek Revolution, Mitras was destroyed, its inhabitants dispersed, and the town was deserted. Today it is only a tourist attraction in the Peloponnese.

Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia - a place loved by tourists and travelers

The ancient Greek city of Olympia is located in the northwest of the Peloponnese. The ruined sanctuary of Zeus, the Olympic stadium, and the gymnasium have been preserved here. The entire open-air monument is now on the UNESCO list.

Here tourists can learn how the Olympic movement was born in ancient Greece. The temple of Zeus, built in the 5th century BC, is being restored by specialists.

Legend has it that the Olympic flame sent from heaven was lit there.

St. Dionysius Monastery

Peloponnese - Monastery of St. Dionysius

This active male monastery was founded on the slope of Mount Olympus by the elder Dionysius of Athos in the 16th century. In those days, the people of Greece actively resisted the Turkish yoke, and the monasteries were the centers of popular resistance.

That is why this monastery was many times set on fire by the Turks, in it rebels, revolutionaries and partisans found refuge. During World War II it was blown up by the Nazis. Today the monastery of Dionysius has been restored and is home to 24 monks.

Holy Lavra Monastery

The Monastery of Saint Laura, a landmark of the Peloponnese Peninsula

It is another Orthodox monastery for men, which was founded in the 10th century, then burned by the Turks, then erected at the present site in the 17th century and burned again by the Turkish army. It is the symbol and center of the struggle of the Greeks for their independence.

During World War II the Holy Lavra was burned by the Nazi invaders, and after the war it was rebuilt again. Today it is not only a landmark in the Peloponnese, but also a monument to the Greek Revolution of 1821 and to the courage of the people of Greece.

Ruins of Sparta

Ruins of Sparta in Greece

Sparta is one of the most famous ancient Greek polities, which was founded in the 2nd millennium BC. Sparta’s powerful army always defeated the enemy. Today it is a small town filled with ancient monuments of history and culture.

If you are looking for something to see in the Peloponnese, go to Sparta. On the acropolis of the city you can see the Temple of Athena, the throne of Apollo, a statue of the legendary King Leonidas, the ruins of the ancient Greek theater, etc.

Archaeological Museum in Sparta

Tourists love to see the archaeological museum in Sparta

The Archaeological Museum is located in the center of the city and is one of its attractions. The museum building was built in the second half of the 19th century and exhibits ancient finds found in Sparta and the surrounding area.

Here you can see ritual instruments of sacrifice to the ancient Greek gods, ceramic masks, Roman mosaics, bas-reliefs from the sanctuary of Apollo, etc. There are also the most ancient artifacts of the Mycenaean period.

St. Potapius Monastery

Monastery of Agios Potapios - photos and description of places of interest in the Peloponnese

This active convent is one of the oldest in Greece. It is located near Lurtaki in the Peloponnese. Pilgrims from all over the world come here to worship the relics of St. Potapius.

Inside the monastery there is a cave, where the cancer with the holy relics is kept. The walls of the cave are painted with frescoes of the 13th century on religious themes, as well as telling the story of the life journey of St. Potapius.

Vlichada Cave

A natural landmark of the Peloponnese - Vlychada Cave

This cave is rightly recognized as one of the most beautiful caves in the world. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century, but was only studied more deeply in the middle of the last century. Its calling card – huge stalactites, the form resembling people and animals.

The cave is flooded with water, in the depths of which scientists find the remains of ancient animals as old as 2 million years. years. Minerals have also been discovered in Vlichada. So far, all the mysteries of this cave have not been solved.

Video overview of the sights of the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese Peninsula is a Greek administrative district that is considered one of the best tourist centers in the world. Beach and sightseeing types of tourism are well represented here.

The sights of the Peloponnese on the map

We recommend you to buy or download the Peloponnese sightseeing map in advance, so that when you arrive here you won’t miss anything and you can fully enjoy all the antiquities and beauties of the peninsula.

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