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Attractions in Texas

When you think of a U.S. state like Texas, you immediately think of freedom-loving Indians, ranches, and colorful cowboys of the Wild West. The associative series could go on for a very long time. Everyone knows at least something about what America’s southernmost point is famous for.

History and Geography of Texas

Texas is one of the largest states because of its area, which stretches over 696,000 km2. In addition, you can have a great time there. The state of Texas is famous for a variety of attractions.

Texas struggled for a long time to gain independence and claim the status of a separate, independent region. Until the mid-19th century the entire territory was part of the Mexican Empire, and only in 1836 received the title of a separate republic. In 1845 it became part of the United States. The close interaction with Mexico could not have been without effect on the cultural formation of Texas.

Attractions in Texas

The nature of this state is multifaceted. It fascinates tourists with its wildness. Only here you can find a combination of modern metropolis and old houses, dense forests and deserts, prairies and resort towns.

The area is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which itself is one of the famous places in Texas. The main river here is the Colorado.

What to see in the state of Texas?

Texas attracts tourists with its abundance of interesting places. Conventionally, they can be divided into two types:

  • natural;
  • cultural.
Big Bend Park in Texas, USA - a colorful natural attraction
Big Bend Park, Texas

To experience the full range of color and emotion, you have to start with nature and history. Here you can see the farms of those times, where even today they raise cattle, the symbol of the state. Go to a real ranch and feel like a cowboy.

Leading the way among the natural attractions in Texas are:

  • Big Bend Park. It is a wildlife sanctuary of incredible beauty. Here you can walk or take a boat into the gorge of desert mountains and see animals you won’t see anywhere else.
  • Padre Island National Seashore is the most popular reserve on the Bay Area. Specializes in protecting and helping turtles, and serves as a transition point for migrating birds.
  • The trip to Caddo Lake is mesmerizing in its beauty. This place is home to unique species of animals.

Caddo Lake in Texas, USA

The vast expanses are what Texas is loved for. Only in this state can you fully experience freedom and touch places untouched by the hand of man and modern progress.

The Alamo Fortress in Texas, USA
The Alamo Fortress, Texas

Among Texas’ cultural heritage is worth noting:

  • The Alamo Fortress in San Antonio. The city’s main landmark that represents Texans’ struggle for freedom and independence.
  • Six Flags amusement park. Here you will find activities to your liking, and adults and children of all ages: from toddlers to teenagers.
  • Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. The city itself is memorable because it was erected on a swamp. Modern scientists suggest that in the near future this area will go under.
  • Sixth Floor Museum, located in Dallas. Dedicated to the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy.
  • For those interested in the topic of space, you must visit the NASA Center in Houston.
Six Flags amusement park - a Texas attraction for kids and adults
Six Flags Amusement Park, U.S.A.

Entertainment enthusiasts are sure to enjoy a stroll along the waterfront in San Antonio. There every tourist will find something to his liking – delicious food, loud music, national dances and much more.

What beach to choose for a vacation?

Port Aransas Beach in Texas, USA
Port Aransas Beach, Texas

While most tourists come to Texas for the outdoors, some want to spend a couple of days or sometimes the entire vacation on the beach. The main advantage is cleanliness and lack of large crowds. The most popular among tourists and locals:

  • Port Aransas – most of the territory is private and belongs to the hotels. They can only be visited by vacationers.
  • Padre Island is a wild beach, where you will not find bars and restaurants, but you can be alone with nature, surfing.
  • Galveston Island is the most sought-after beach with a well-developed infrastructure. There are bars, restaurants with local delicacies, a variety of water attractions.
Galveston Island Beach in Texas, USA
Galveston Island Beach, Texas

Many beaches in the state are paid, but you can find municipal beaches, the entrance to which is free.

When is the best time to go?

Summer is considered the most touristy season for vacationing in Texas. This is due to the abundance of ongoing holidays and festivals, as well as recreation by the ocean. In the spring and fall, it is more comfortable to drive around the state as temperatures drop to the 20 mark. Then you can go around all the neighborhoods, parks, museums. Dallas is favored by tourists the most. In late spring you can already relax on the ocean coast.

State of Texas, USA

Winter is not the season for Texas. Temperatures at this time reach 0, rarely can snow. Regardless of the time of year, this state of entertainment, festivals and celebrations. As souvenirs from here bring cowboy hats and boots, and other attributes that evoke and convey the atmosphere of the Western.

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