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Attractions in Stuttgart

In Germany, in the beautiful city of Stuttgart amazingly combines the sights of ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, modern times and unique achievements of modern times.

Here is a real paradise for those who are fond of European architecture: medieval fortresses, towers and temples, buildings in the Renaissance, Baroque, classical and Art Nouveau styles, ultra-modern skyscrapers, as well as galleries, museums, etc.

Top 20 attractions in Stuttgart

We offer you a brief description of the sights of Stuttgart with photos. Be sure to visit this wonderful city. You will love not only its beauty, but also the excellent European service. So, what to see in Stuttgart?

Old Castle

The Old Castle - Stuttgart (Germany)This castle has graced the historic center of the city for centuries. Its oldest parts date back to the 10th century, and the modern appearance of the Old Castle was given in the 16th century. At this time it was bought by the Duke of Württemberg, under his patronage and developed Stuttgart.

During World War II, the castle was very badly damaged, and later, in fact, was rebuilt from the ashes. After the war, the Old Castle and all of Stuttgart underwent a major reconstruction. Now there is a museum on its territory.

Palace Square

Stuttgart's Palace SquareIt is the main and most majestic square of the city of Stuttgart, its facade and “calling card”. The architecture of the square was formed during the 19th century. In its center stands a column in honor of the German Emperor Wilhelm I.

At the north and south ends of the square are magnificent fountains that are symbols of the two main local rivers. And it itself is surrounded by luxurious palaces built in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Rosenstein Palace

Rosenstein Palace - Stuttgart (Germany) attractionsThis palace in the classical style was built in the mid-19th century. It was here that the German Emperor Wilhelm I passed away. Rosenstein Palace was at that time the summer country residence of the Dukes of Württemberg.

The palace was designed by the famous Italian architect Salucci. It is still used today to organize various receptions, classical music concerts and various festivities. The palace is surrounded by a magnificent park.

Monastery Church

Monastery Church - StuttgartThis temple was built in the 10th and 11th centuries and is considered the oldest religious building in the vicinity of Stuttgart, it dates back to the Early Middle Ages. It is famous for being the burial vault of the dukes of Württemberg for several centuries.

Inside the church, you can view ancient frescoes painted in the 13th century. It was first erected in the Romanesque style, then rebuilt several times in the Gothic style. Today it is the main Lutheran cathedral in Stuttgart.

Schiller Square

Schiller Square in Stuttgart, GermanyThis square was named after Friedrich Schiller, the great German poet who made a great contribution to classical German poetry. Schiller Square is one of Stuttgart’s most famous landmarks.

It is located in the historic part of town, close to the Old Castle and other major architectural monuments. The square is extremely popular with tourists, and has long been one of the tourist centers, symbols of Stuttgart.

Museum. Linden

Linden Museum - StuttgartIt is one of the largest and scientifically unique ethnographic museums in Germany and throughout Europe. It appeared, thanks to Count Linden, and was named after him. Emperor Wilhelm II made a major contribution to increasing the museum’s collection.

Many interesting educational and scientific programs are organized here, there are often scientific lectures, colloquiums, famous scientists speak to the students. Often the museum organizes receptions, concerts, theatrical performances, etc.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

What to see in Stuttgart?Stuttgart is the headquarters or headquarters of Daimler AG, which manufactures the famous Mercedes-Benz cars. You can take a tour there and see the museum dedicated to the Mercedes brand.

The museum exhibition tells in detail about the history of the car, you can also look at all its brands, produced under the brand name “Mercedes”, and other exhibits closely related to the concern.

Porsche Museum

The Porsche Museum in StuttgartHere you can see everything related to another world-famous car brand – Porsche. The museum is located near the corporate headquarters in Stuttgart. He is the object of dreams of any lover of these cars.

The museum opened in the mid-1970s, and about 10 years ago a separate building was built for it. The museum collection contains all brands of Porsche cars produced by the concern, some of them are extremely expensive.


Solitude Castle - Stuttgart sightseeing picturesThis castle is a must-see on the outskirts of Stuttgart. It was built in the Baroque style, fashionable in the 18th century, and was the country residence of the Dukes of Württemberg. In German, “solitiud” means “solitude.

At the end of the 18th century, a military school operated in this castle at the behest of the Duke, where the great Schiller studied in his youth. And at the end of the last century Solitude was arrested by the local authorities and transferred to the Academy of Creation.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery - StuttgartThis imperial gallery was created in Stuttgart in the mid-19th century on the orders of Emperor Wilhelm II. During World War II it was destroyed to the ground by the Allied bombing of Stuttgart.

After the war the gallery was restored, but the city authorities decided to build a new gallery building in a post-modern style. Today you can see the great paintings of Rembrandt, Renoir, Rubens, Manet and others.

Museum of Art

Museum of Art - StuttgartAn ultramodern cube-shaped glass building designed by Berlin architects was built for this museum. It is a must-see in Stuttgart. There are works of art on an area of 5,000 square meters.

In the museum you can find a collection of the famous Italian aristocrat and lothario of the 18th century Casanova, who was born in Venice and ended his life in Bohemia, see the works of German artists, read the prose and poetry of contemporary authors.

City Library

Stuttgart - City LibraryAnd this is another cube with panoramic windows, a postmodern building that houses the local library. Here you can see huge collections of ancient, medieval, classical and modern books of great value.

The library applies the principle of minimalism. It has a simple and convenient layout, excellent infrastructure for children, the disabled and the elderly. There are places to relax, to connect to the Internet, to play musical instruments, etc.

New Palace

A new palace in StuttgartThis official residence of the dukes of Wurttemberg was built in Baroque style in the second half of the 18th century among many fountains and ponds. The best German and French craftsmen were invited to erect the Stuttgart Versailles.

The Duke, upon the completion of the New Palace, began to live in it with his family and servants. But two years later the palace burned down, and was not rebuilt until a long time later. Then it was badly damaged by Allied bombing at the end of the war.

Stuttgart Opera

Stuttgart Opera House - Attractions in GermanyThe opera house in Stuttgart appeared quite late: at the very beginning of the 20th century. The project of the opera was proposed by the famous architect from Munich, Littmann, and it was taken as the basis. The first opera when the theater opened was Strauss’s Ariadne.

During the war, the theater was able to avoid catastrophic bombing, and its historic appearance was preserved. Today the Stuttgart Opera House is the most important center for the development and perfection of this form of musical art in Germany.


Königstraße in StuttgartThis pedestrian street in Stuttgart is more than a kilometer long and is a favorite among tourists. It begins at the railway station, passes through Palace Square and ends in the eastern city blocks.

Königstrasse was begun under Wilhelm I, who dreamed of giving provincial Stuttgart a metropolitan luster. Walking down the street, you can see many sights at once, it’s a great sightseeing route.

Pig Museum

Pig Museum - Stuttgart (Germany)These wonderful animals are greatly revered by the Germans. In Germany, they are believed to bring happiness and good luck. Out of respect for the pigs, Stuttgart has long had a museum dedicated to them, where tourists from all over the world love to visit.

There are no real live pigs in the museum, but you can see 40,000 figurines of these animals made from a variety of materials. This can be a soft toy – a piglet with a cute button patch or a huge stone sculpture of a boar.

Vonnemar Playground

Vonnemar Playground in StuttgartIt’s a great place to come for a whole day with the kids to play and have fun together. Children will surely be very grateful to you for such a gift. They have definitely never seen so many different children’s attractions.

There is a great playground for toddlers and older children, where they relax and play sports. You can roll from the slides, swing on swings, go through the complex mazes, swim in the pool, etc.

Palace in Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg Palace - Stuttgart's outskirtsThis huge palace complex was built on the outskirts of Stuttgart in the early 18th century. Originally it was planned that it would be a modest country house for the Duke and his family’s summer vacation in the countryside, but the construction did not stop.

The result is a magnificent palace, all the architecture of which is sustained in the Baroque style. But builders again decided not to stop there, so they built the city of Ludwigsburg and several smaller palaces.

Wilhelm Zoo

Wilhelm Zoo in StuttgartThis ancient zoo belonged to the family of Emperor Wilhelm I in the 18th century, and later became available to all. Today it is constantly being expanded, rebuilt, and updated. The zoo is visited by at least 2 million people. people every year.

Many species of animals and fish from all continents and the world’s oceans live here, including. very rare and endangered species. Children in the zoo will see unusual animals, exotic birds, learn a lot about their life on Earth.

Wilhelm Botanic Garden

The Wilhelm Botanical Garden, a natural attraction in Stuttgart, GermanyThe zoo flows smoothly into the botanical garden, which grows no less than 7,000 species of plants from all over the world. Not only parents and children come here, but also excursions of schoolchildren and students with their teachers.

In the botanical garden you can see different kinds of landscaping from Europe, China, Japan, etc. Some of the gardens and parks here date back to the time of William I, and they are still in excellent condition today.

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