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Attractions in Protaras

It’s impossible to lie on the beach all day. Therefore, going to warm countries, tourists are looking for places that offer interesting cultural programs. In a small resort town of Cyprus, Protaras, you can see the sights on their own or during a group tour. Even those who do not like to walk in historic places will not be bored. They will love the clubs, discos, and amusement parks.

Brief information about the city of Protaras

Protaras - Cyprus
Protaras is known for its clean beaches and secluded atmosphere.

Protaras is ideal for families with children and couples who want peace and privacy. It has clean beaches, clear water and a relaxing atmosphere. And if you want noisy fun, you can go to Ayia Napa, the neighboring city. It is called the “Cypriot Ibiza.

History, location and climate

Protaras is located on the site of the Greek polis Lefkolla. It was from here that the satrap Ptolemy once fled to Egypt after the battle of Salamis. The place remained a small village under the Byzantine rulers, as well as under the Ottoman Turks.

The impetus for the revival of the city and turn it into a popular resort was the occupation of the island by Turkey in 1947. They captured part of the cultural center of Cyprus, Famagusta, and the Greeks had no choice but to build up the rest of the peninsula. The first hotels began to appear in 1977, and they immediately began to be filled with tourists from all over the world.

Protaras has a convenient location – near the resort center of Ayia Napa, and it takes 45 minutes to get from Larnaca International Airport.

The city begins to prepare to welcome holidaymakers in April. But you can swim and sunbathe only from the beginning of May. The air temperature during the day rises to +26 ° C (+15 … +18 ° C at night), the water heats up to +21 ° C.

The high holiday season lasts until the end of September.

Month Air temperature, °C Water temperature, °C
June 30 24…26
July 32…36 26…28
August 38…40 28
September 34…36 26

In October, you can still swim, the water temperature is +26 ° C. The air warms up to the same level during the day. It is already cool at night (+16°C). There are occasional precipitations.

In November it is possible to sunbathe at +22 … +25 ° C, and the water temperature remains at +20 … +22 ° C.

Cypriot winter is rainy, though warm, +12 … +18 ° C during the day and about +10 ° C at night. And at the end of March, the air is already beginning to warm up.

What time of year is best to visit

The best time to relax in Protaras is the Indian summer, from the end of the first week of September to mid-October. In addition, the atmosphere is calmer as the students and schoolchildren, who had begun their studies, dispersed. Prices are lower in May: the holiday season has not yet begun, and the air and sea are already warm.

When it’s not too hot, it’s more comfortable to sightsee. But if the purpose – beach holidays and entertainment, then you should come to Cyprus in summer. Among the many dancing at discos and having fun in clubs you can find new acquaintances.

Useful tourist tips

Recommendations for those planning a vacation on the beaches of Protaras:

  1. The most convenient and cheapest transport is buses.
  2. In the city it is customary to order a cab by phone, in rural areas – to hire one at parking lots. Cost of the service: initial fare + kilometer + luggage space (from 12 kg). On holidays – extra charge.
  3. Store hours in summer: 08.00-13.00, 15.00-17.30. The outlets close on Saturday afternoon and do not reopen until Monday. In smaller cities, an extra day off is the second half of Wednesday.
  4. All beaches are free, even if they are near expensive hotels.
  5. In restaurants it is customary to leave a “tip”. Cab drivers are also tipped.
  6. You can save on bottled water, tap water is well purified.
  7. There are a lot of mosquitoes in Protaras. It is desirable to take care of repellents in advance.

Famous beaches of Protaras and surroundings

The resort area near the city is marked with the Blue Flag. This means that the sea is clean, the sand is fine and the tourist can use all the necessary facilities – toilets, showers, seek medical attention.

Fig Tree Bay Beach

There used to be a lot of fig trees growing here. Even now there are a few isolated trees near the shore. But not everyone has the opportunity to hide in the shade of branches. The rest of us have to make do with free umbrellas.

The only drawback of the beach at the bay – crowding, but comfort – at the highest level. Sun loungers are free, the rest of the beach accessories can be rented.

On the edges of the recreation area there are attractions – here you can ride catamarans, trikes, motor boats, etc.

Fig Tree Beach in Protaras
Fig Tree Beach.

Nissi Beach

For those looking for new acquaintances, it is better to go to Ayia Napa and sunbathe on Nissi Beach, where in summer there are daily noisy parties. The sea is calm, because the coast is deep in the bay. Sand imported, white. And if you want to snorkel, you need to cross the spit on the island, located 50 meters nearby.

Connos Bay Beach

To get here on the serpentine mountain is not very convenient, but on the way you can admire the beautiful places and take pictures. From the bus stop to the sea stretches a pedestrian staircase.

The beach is located near Cavo Greco National Park. There is almost no wind here (the bay is protected by mountains), so the sea is the warmest in Cyprus.

Entering the water – on a yellow sand with grayish patches of volcanic rocks. In 5 meters from the shore – the depth, there is an opportunity to dive.

Vacationers are provided with comfortable chaise lounges, resembling water mattresses, and standard sun beds. There are viewing platforms to explore the panorama of the park.

Siren Beach

This recreation area is located at a distance from Protaras towards North Cyprus.

The equipment of the coast is standard:

  • recliners and mushrooms;
  • hygiene rooms;
  • rental stations;
  • Animators offering entertainment.

Tourists are attracted here by cafe-bar Sirena, which is located in the shade of fig trees.

City beach on the Vrisi coast

Sunrise Beach (Vrisi B Beach) is the most crowded during the high holiday season. It is famous for its developed infrastructure and many attractions. Here the clean sand, clear water, gentle entrance to the sea, it is possible to invite animators for children.

Other beautiful beaches

Protaras provides a wide range of places for beach holidays:

  1. Sunrise (or Flamingo). It is located in the center of the city. Here are the tourists of different categories, it is possible to dive, fly a paraglider, water-skiing. Vacationers are offered walks on steamboats, sailing and motor boats.
  2. Perner. It’s also in the center. Near him a convenient parking lot. The seabed is sandy, but occasionally there are underwater rocks. There is a sculpture park for underwater divers.
  3. Trinity. It is located 8 km from Protaras in the direction of Paralimni. Allows you to dive, hire a boat for a boat trip.
  4. Luma, or Kalamas. It is located in the bay. The equipment and attractions are not on the beach itself, but beyond its boundaries. This is done on purpose so as not to cause discomfort to holidaymakers.

Interesting natural attractions near Protaras

It is better to get acquainted with the curious places in Cyprus during organized excursions. The guide will tell you a lot of new things, not forgetting the local legends and lore. But you can go here on their own, and information about the attractions, which are interested, then find out from the Internet.

Bridge of Sinners
The Bridge of Sinners is a natural landmark of Protaras.

Bridge of Sinners

At the end of Cape Cavo Greco, sea water and winds have carved a thin, curved stone arch in the stone. Tourists tend to walk along it to take spectacular photos, climbing over the fences.

The place is really dangerous: the rocks can collapse at any moment. If Cypriot folk omens are to be believed, the collapse will occur when the most sinful man on earth enters the bridge, carved out of stone by nature.

Cavo Greco National Park

The Cypriots collected rare plants – irises, orchids, ageless flowers, etc. – on an area of 385 hectares. However, to fully appreciate the beauty of unfolding buds vacationers visiting Protaras in the high holiday season, can not: the peak blooming is in late February and April.

But at any time of the year, the park is a recreation area with equipped hiking trails, bike paths, benches and observation decks.

Visitors are offered horseback riding, paragliding, boating and diving in the coastal area. Equipped with picnic facilities.

Cape Greco

When you visit the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you can see several sights at the same time:

  1. Walk the Aphrodite Trail and admire the views of the city and the coast.
  2. Swim in the Blue Lagoon on the wild beach.
  3. Make a wish on the Bridge of Lovers, a natural arch 6 meters high, formed in the rock by the winds and sea water.
  4. See the chapel of Ayia Anargyri, built in honor of the physician brothers Cosmas and Damian, who never charged the sick.
  5. Descend into the sea grottoes – the Captains, the Shark’s Maw and the Pirate’s Cave.

Cyclops Cave

You can get here from Connos Bay Beach or Cape Greco. The area of the natural landmark is 100 square meters. It has 2 entrances and is 15 m above sea level.

The story of Cyclops is unrelated to the vast grotto. It got its name to attract attention. According to tourist reviews, the views from the trail that descends into the cave are much more interesting than visiting it.

Religious sites and holy places of Protaras and surroundings

Tours to temples help touch the history of Christianity. Almost every building has some kind of legend associated with it.

Church of Elijah the Prophet

This building is built on top of a hill. You have to be prepared for a long climb up the stairs of 120 m.

The temple is not a historical site – it was opened only in 1984. There are many interesting frescoes inside, repeating ancient paintings.

Church of Elijah the Prophet in Protaras
Church of the Prophet Elijah.

Church of St. Nicholas

The snow-white building was erected on a high cliff only in 2007 with funds raised by Cypriots – sailors and fishermen.

The temple is not only a religious edifice, it plays the role of a beacon. Services are held here in two languages – Greek and Russian.

Ayia Napa Monastery

The religious structure was erected in honor of the unusual find. In the 9th century, a hunter wandering through dense forests found an icon of the Virgin Mary in a grotto at this site. In the 16th century there grew up a monastery, which in its original state has survived to this day. Wars and revolutions did not affect the church – even the Turks kept it safe.

In the mid-18th century, Greeks from Thessaloniki who were fleeing the plague found shelter in the temple. They were the first inhabitants of the city of the same name.

In the center of the monastery complex is an ancient fountain. According to legend, it was built in honor of the daughter of a rich man who prevented her from getting married to a poor man. The girl became a nun and quickly withered away. The penitent father built a fountain to commemorate her.

Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This church is carved out of stone in the rock. The first renovations took place in the late Middle Ages, and the temple was renewed only recently.

By design the basilica has an arched shape, in each of the 4 walls – a window aperture, which illuminates the frescoes on the walls. However, only two original images have survived – of the Archangel Michael and Jesus Christ. All the rest are the result of restoration.

St. Barbara’s Church

It is a functioning religious structure of white color built in the XIX century. The temple is located near Paralimni. Tour here comes to appreciate the Mediterranean architectural style. Many Cypriots in love choose this temple for their weddings.

Sarante Cave Church

The most interesting religious building of Protaras is hidden in a rock. It was carved in solid stone in honor of the Christian soldiers, the 40 martyrs of Sebastia who died for the faith in A.D. 320. There are no lights in the temple, so to see it inside, it is advisable to take a flashlight.

Museums and Entertainment

It is hardly enough for children to see religious buildings. To get acquainted with Cyprus, they can be taken on excursions to more interesting places.

Valley of the Windmills

Protaras has gained popularity because of the many wind energy converters gathered in one area. Mills pump water into the fields. Guides tell tourists about the principles of wind turbines, offer tasting of local products and wines.

Luna Park Paliatso

Children and adults will not be bored here.

Luna Park Paliatso in Protaras
Luna Park Paliatso.

The most popular attractions:

  • merry-go-rounds;
  • electric cars;
  • bungee cord;
  • slot machines;
  • mini-golf course.


Fisherman’s Harbor is located near Trinity Beach. The pier is equipped with benches. Here you can admire the sea views, ride on boats or yachts, see the Church of the Holy Trinity.

The fishing village of Liopetri

The area became popular because of the color of the soil – it is a rich red color. It is believed to be the secret of fertility.

During the tour, tourists are offered to get acquainted with the life of Cypriots, taste traditional dairy products and products of the local winery.

You can organize a fishing trip and then cook the fish you caught yourself.

The sights of the village Liopetri:

  • a memorial in honor of the 4 EOKA Cypriots who died at the hands of the British;
  • the church of Agios Andronikos (erected in the fifteenth century);
  • Church of the Virgin Mary (built in the 16th century).

City Historical Museum

The thematic exhibit includes artifacts found during excavations conducted at the site where Lefkolla was located. You can get acquainted with the ancient frescoes and household items.

Another exhibition is devoted to the life of Greeks in the 19th and 20th centuries. It also exhibits household items, reconstructed vehicles and has many photographs.

Moonshine Ranch

During the tour, guests are offered to ride horses and feed the animals. All equipment can be rented.

Magical dancing fountains show

Water jets, expertly illuminated by a spotlight, leave an unforgettable impression. Over four acts of performance they “draw” complex figures, weaving and rising to different heights. Thanks to the laser cannons, different pictures appear on the stardust. The show ends with a demonstration of a volcanic eruption.

City Aquarium

The indoor aquarium hall, covering 15 square kilometers, is the pride of Cyprus. In the sea water slowly swimming stingrays and scurrying coral fish. A separate area is set aside for penguins, where they are kept in natural conditions.

Equipped halls for exotic birds and crocodiles – the largest of them reached three meters in length.

Popular excursion routes in Protaras

Getting to know Cyprus is better with the help of unusual trips, which are offered by locals:

  1. Children will be interested in watching and stroking donkeys of Cyprus and molding something out of clay in the pottery workshop, and adults – to see the abandoned city of Varosha, the monastery of St. Kendei and go to the ethnographic museum.
  2. On a tour for children and adults, everyone is offered a ride on the “ship of the desert” in the Camel Park, to feed the deer and donkeys that also live there. The itinerary includes the salt lakes, Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, and the Church of Our Lady of Angeloctista.
  3. “All of Cyprus – in one day” includes natural attractions, holy places, beach vacations. You can always grab a bite to eat in a tavern or cafe. Stopping at will.

Private guides pick up holidaymakers from hotels and bring them back. The cost of trips – from €135 to €260 (depending on the complexity of the route).

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