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Attractions in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular islands of Thailand. The desire to visit it is justified: it is completely different from other tourist spots in the country. Amazingly beautiful beaches and unique attractions of Phuket, concentrated in one relatively small area, affordable prices, dispose to a fascinating vacation.

The main attractions of Phuket

The list of attractions exceeds a hundred unique objects. Some of them are very popular and are included in all sightseeing itineraries. Other interesting places undeservedly forgotten by the tour operators, but they are happy to visit the tourists themselves.

Phuket - Sri Sunton Temple

For example, Sri Sunton Temple is famous for the Buddha lying on the roof. There are almost no excursions to it, but you should definitely visit it on your own. The territory of Sri Sunton is not large, but very attractive. The building itself was built in the late 18th and is over two hundred years old.

Big Buddha

The main attraction in Phuket is the Big Buddha.

The most popular attraction on the island is the Big Buddha. This tourist site appeared on the map relatively recently – in 2002 and quickly became the most visited place. The majestic 45-meter-high seated statue of the god is located on Nakkerd Hill, located between Chalong Bay and Kata Beach, and can be seen from almost every corner of the island.

The most ancient Buddhist temples

Temples are especially loved by tourists. There are about forty of them on the island, but a little more than ten are considered particularly revered. The history of some goes back about five hundred years. They amaze by their magnificence and size, admire the unusual and tranquility.

Phuket Temple - Wat Phara Nang Sang

Everyone knows the oldest Buddhist temple – Wat Phara Nang Sang, which dates back more than five centuries. The amazing legend of the innocently executed wife of the King of Southern Thailand is connected to the history of its construction. When choosing what to see in Phuket on your own, be sure to include it in your itinerary.

Phuket sights with photos - Wat Pratong

Another ancient monument of Buddhist culture, Wat Pratong, is no less interesting. Its construction dates from the mid-18th century. They come here to see the statue of the golden Buddha, who, according to legend, is buried up to his chest. Unfortunately, there are only a few minutes to see the unique temple in the tours.

It is better to come here by yourself to feel the extraordinary energy of this place.

Wat Chalong Temple Complex - Famous Sights of Phuket

One of the most visited tourist spots on the island and in Thailand is the temple complex of Wat Chalong. It was built about two hundred years ago in the central part of the island. Its main relic is the Buddha statues (there are more than 20), the most revered of which is the seated white Buddha.

What to see in Phuket by yourself - Wat Suwan Khiri Ket

For more than a hundred years adorns the area of Karon Beach – Wat Suwan Khiri Ket. The entrance to the main building of the temple complex is guarded by emerald Naga snakes. In one of the buildings is a statue of Buddha made of black sapphire, an amazingly beautiful stone.

Chinese attractions

On the territory of Phuket there are many architectural monuments associated with Chinese culture. The most popular of them Chinese temples, located mainly in Phuket Town. They differ from the Buddhist ones in their color scheme (red and yellow hues predominate). They do not have sculptures of a god, but they do have a large number of shrines. In some temples there are more than a hundred of them.

Phuket's Chinese attractions - Joy Tui

Traveling around the island on your own, you can see Joy Tui, one of the oldest Chinese temples, which is located on Ranong Street. The unique decoration with dragons and unusual for Thailand architecture attracts tourists to it. There are especially many visitors during the vegetarian festival.

Put Jo - Phuket's landmarks

Put Jo is the oldest Chinese shrine built in honor of the Goddess of Mercy. It has a special place among the attractions of Phuket. They are side by side, and are often considered one complex.

Bang Niaw - What to see in Phuket?

The largest Chinese temple is the Bang Niau shrine. It is a little over a hundred years old, but is known for the large number of altars (over ten) and the Gods to whom they come to pray (over a hundred). Such a temple deserves to be studied in detail, which cannot be done during a tour, but it is possible to make a trip on your own and examine the shrine closely.


The island has a large number of museums, offering everyone interested in learning about the history and culture of Phuket.

In Phuket you can visit the Seashell Museum

The Museum of Sea Shells will present a unique exhibit of artifacts collected from the seas of all continents. The real value is the largest shell weighing about 250 kg. Tourists are no less interested in rare shells, including a golden pearl weighing 140 carats.

Visit the Thalang Museum in Phuket

Interested in history – then you have something to see at the Thalang Museum. It is a place where you can learn about the first Chinese settlements of the settlers and the achievements of recent years, you can learn about the Indian god Vishnu and the culture of other parts of Thailand, about the battle with the Burmese and the two sisters who became national heroines. The Monument to the Girls is located near the museum.

Phuket Attractions - Thai Hua Museum

The Tai Hua Museum is another opportunity to learn about history, specifically about the Chinese diaspora. Her stay in Phuket left a significant cultural mark. A large number of national shrines have existed on the island since that time.

Picturesque waterfalls

The waterfalls are the most beautiful places on the island and in Thailand. They are not as huge as Niagara or Victoria, but the amazing nature of these corners, the tranquility that reigns here, attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are five in total, but Ton Prai and Ao Yong are closed to the public. Although on a separate trip you can at least admire them from afar.

Interesting places in Phuket - Bang Pe

Bang Pe is the largest waterfall located in Khao Pra Teo National Park. In addition to the beautiful nature tourists are offered to visit the rehabilitation center for monkeys, swim in a cool freshwater lake, located under the jets of falling water, to admire the beauty of the jungle. The waterfall is located away from the popular tourist routes, but if you travel on your own, it is worth taking the time to visit these corners of pristine nature.

Cape Prom Thep

Phuket sights photo - Cape Prom Thep

Cape Prom Thep, the southern tip of the island, is a must-see place on its own. Too little time is given to the sites here in the tours. It is advisable to get here in the afternoon to see the elephant altar, the Luang Chumphon Monument, and the best viewing platform at sunset.

The view that opens up from here in the setting sun is so delightful that you will definitely want to return more than once. Those who couldn’t make it to the cape by sunset can be reassured-this corner of the island looks no less attractive during the day.

Where to vacation with children in Phuket?

Phuket – a corner of Thailand, ideal for families. There are many activities to visit with children.

Kids Activities in Phuket - Dinosaur Park Mini Golf

Dinosaur Park Mini Golf is not just a game, but a real show. Participants will visit the lava cave and under a 12-meter waterfall, will pass through a primeval swamp, hear the roar of the dinosaurs. Even the bar at the miniature golf course will continue to introduce prehistoric animals and their habitat.

What to see in Phuket? Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo, which is located in the northern part of Chalong Bay, will not leave indifferent any adult, and even more so a child. Here you can see tigers, monkeys, ostriches, elephants, crocodiles. The bird park will introduce you to the amazing diversity of the world of birds. In the aquarium, children will see a variety of fish from around the world, crabs and frogs. For visitors there are theatrical shows with the participation of animals.

Attractions for children in Phuket - Oceanarium

The Oceanarium is an entertainment that everyone – adults and children – will love. If they have never seen the inhabitants of the sea depths so closely, the impression will be mesmerizing. The fish swim right by, delighting the children. On weekends, the oceanarium will offer shows with feeding of large fish – stingrays and sharks.

Interesting places in Phuket - Waterpark

You can also visit water parks, book a fascinating excursion to a botanical garden or James Bond Island, just hike through the national parks, lookouts or a mountain of monkeys.

Entertainment in Phuket

In the evening tourists are interested in entertainment programs. It is better to visit them independently and not depend on the schedule of the group.

Siam Niramit performance - entertainment in Phuket

The stories to watch are varied. Siam Niramit will tell the history of Thailand, the audience will learn a lot of interesting things about the culture and customs of the country. The entertainment show “Fantasia” also introduces historical stories. Elephants take part in the program, which makes the performance especially fascinating.

What to see in Phuket - Transvestite Show

Transvestite shows in Phuket are different from similar programs in other tourist areas. It’s just bright, colorful performances in which women are played by men. You can come to them with older children.

Is it possible to rest in Phuket cheap and what is worth paying for?

Going to Phuket, it is not necessary to book expensive excursion tours. If the limit of dreams is not lying on the beach, you can arrange a trip on their own and develop the route of their choice.

You can travel by rented motorcycle or car. For the first you have to pay 2-3 hundred baht (plus 100 baht for fuel) per day. The cost of renting the second one is higher – up to 1,200 baht (plus 800 baht for fuel). Having your own transport will allow you to visit the most remote corners, which are located in different parts of the island. This is especially convenient for family trips, as it will allow you to see all the best sights in a short period of time.

Holidays in Phuket cheap by yourselfYou can save on visits to temples and museums. Often tourists enter shrines for free, leaving only donations. Some museums, such as the Tin Museum in Kathu, let visitors in for free at certain hours.

By not renting transportation, you can walk part of the route, for example, to get to the viewpoints or to go from one site to another, if they are located near. This will give an extra and free chance to admire the amazing nature. The main thing is to have comfortable shoes.

Another cost-saving item is food. In the markets of the city you can buy local products cheaper than in stores or restaurants. At the same time they are not worse than the expensive offers.

Having analyzed all the possibilities, you can organize your own affordable vacation with minimal costs.

Video overview of attractions in Phuket

Choosing what to see in Phuket, you should definitely pay attention to the local temples, museums, national parks. Almost all of them have developed tours, but some deserve special attention. To get to know them in detail, you need more time than is given by the guides. You can visit them on your own. Such a trip will be much more interesting. It will take a few days, but the experience will fully justify the time spent.

A map of Phuket with sights

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