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Attractions in Halkidiki

Mount Athos, monasteries built by Byzantine masters, archaeological complexes stretching for many kilometers – that’s what is worth seeing in Halkidiki first of all. The amazing peninsula includes landmarks protected by the world’s cultural foundations. Complement the picture of the cleanest beaches, pubs stylized in the ancient culture, mountain peaks and cities named after the heroes of the ancient Greek gods.

Main attractions in Halkidiki

These sites in Halkidiki in Greece are attractions worth seeing and visiting first. They are on the lips of even those people who have never been interested in the country.


Olympus - the main attraction of Halkidiki

The mythological worldview of the ancient Greeks had a real basis. The prototype of the abode of the gods is a national park that includes 4 peaks. It is noteworthy that the height of all the peaks is approximately the same. The difference is not so significant, no more than 50 meters. The ascent to Mount Olympus is a very tedious activity. To keep tourists from getting tired, the slopes are dotted with small shelters where you can spend the night, enjoy home cooking, get warm and get medical attention.

Mount Olympus in Halkidiki

The heights and names of the peaks:

  • The Rock (2.86 km);
  • Stephanie (2.9 km);
  • Skollo (2.91 km);
  • Mitikas (2.91 km).

Prices in local rooms are pleasantly surprising. The cost varies in the range of two tens of dollars.

Mount Athos

Mount Athos - Halkidiki (Greece)

Can’t decide what to see in Halkidiki, Greece first? Mount Athos is an attraction of a religious nature. It is believed that this is where the earthly abode of Our Lady is located. A pilgrimage is made to this mountain. There are several dozen active monasteries. The doors of the temples are open to all willing men, but not to women. There is an official ban on the entry of the fair sex.

Mount Athos - Halkidiki

The law has its roots deep in antiquity, in the 5th century. There is a legend according to which the voice of the icon opposed the stay on Mount Athos of the princess. After that, “Holy Place” became an autonomous monastic male state. And you should apply for a visit in advance, several weeks before the expected date of arrival.

Ancient Olinphos

Olinfos - Ancient Ruins in Halkidiki

Stretches between 2 hills, next to the river. Its history is closely intertwined with the mythological picture of the world of the Greeks. It is mentioned in the extant treatises of Herodotus. The name itself has legendary roots: the place is named after the son of a god, a hero. It is now a ruin, the excavation of which began at the dawn of the 20th century.

The archaeological complex is fenced. To enjoy the view of the Byzantine towers, stone remains, preserved tombstones and mosaics, take public transportation.


Platamon Fortress - Halkidiki

Located in close proximity to Olympus, this settlement is not only territorially and nationally tied to it, but also imbued with the same legendary and mythical atmosphere. There are not many indigenous people, about 2,500. However, this amount is quite enough to keep in perfect condition the fortress of Platamonas, one of the main attractions.

Platamon is a must-see

It was once a strategically important site. It was used for military, observation purposes during the existence of Macedonia, Thessaly. Today it attracts tourists from all over the world. On the way to the citadel we recommend a visit to one of the stylized bars that are functioning in large numbers on the territory of Platamon. It has its own beaches, as well as monasteries built in the 10th century and the ruins of older structures.

Petralon Cave

Petralon Cave - Halkidiki

Karst cave, characterized by its great length, depth. Formed naturally. The temperature inside is kept around 17 degrees all year round. It is located an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki. You can get there by public transport.

Petralona Cave in Halkidiki

Remarkable place is that here in the middle of the last century found the remains of ancient people, objects of their life, wall paintings. After visiting the rift, we recommend viewing the exhibits of the archaeological and anthropological museum at the entrance to the cave.

The Arch of Emperor Galerius

The Arch of Emperor Galerius - Halkidiki

The history of the Arch of Triumph dates back to the 3rd century, when the emperor demanded that a monument be erected to honor the victory over the Sassanid kingdom. The arch was formerly connected to the mausoleum where the body of the illustrious lord was to be placed after his death. However, the event never took place. In the 5th century the building was reconstructed and turned it into a Christian monastery. During the Turkish-Byzantine wars, the church was turned into a mosque.

Halkidiki - The Arch of Emperor Galerius

Today the site is home to the Museum of Christian Art. It is a whole complex, which includes the arch of the ancient Greek Emperor-Conqueror.

Monasteries of Meteora

Amazing Monasteries of Meteora in Halkidiki

In the territory of Meteora, dotted with sandstone rocks, there are the ruins of 20-24 monasteries and operating temples, which are included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Here live hermits male, female. We recommend enjoying the architecture of the monastery of Barlaam, the Transfiguration, the Holy Trinity. In addition to these three monasteries are still active.

Monasteries of Meteora - Halkidiki

Cultural value represent not only the church buildings built in the 10-11 centuries, but also the local landscape. The uplands are arranged in a palisade on what many millions of years ago was nothing more than the bottom of a prehistoric sea.

Halkidiki – where do tourists stay and rest?

Once you’ve decided what to see in Halkidiki in Greece, it’s time to think about where you’ll spend your nights and sunbathing.

Recommendations for the seasons

Holidays in Halkidiki

The main mass of tourists visiting the peninsula between April and October. From November to March, the air heats up to 7-8 degrees, there are frequent precipitation, and at night you should expect light frosts. This is the so-called low season, during which visitors to Greece enjoy not a beach vacation, but sightseeing. It is at this time it is recommended to make a pilgrimage to Mount Athos. The minimum number of tourists can not prevent to comprehend all the charm of the place, imbued with its atmosphere.

In Greece, religious festivals are lavishly celebrated. Many of them come in the low season. Tourists, along with the natives, visit monasteries and temples, and then go to the celebrations in the streets, restaurants, and places of entertainment. Often on Saints’ Day unique dishes are prepared that are unlikely to be tasted at other times.

Peninsula resorts

  • Paralia Katerini. Golden beaches, a large number of stores selling jewelry, natural fur coats. Life boils at any time of day: entertainment infrastructure is represented by restaurants, nightclubs.
  • Nea Mudanya. The largest settlement in Halkidiki. The resort city offers the best service for vacationers.
  • Cassandra. One of the most popular resorts, if not the most popular. It is famous not only for its amazing location, but also for its nightlife. The largest are located in the neighboring villages: Hanioti, Kalifea, Pefkohori.
  • Meiamorfosi. Ideal for family holidays, trips to the sea with children.
  • Neos Marmaris. Drowned in green spaces, located in the forest belt. The bulk of the trees are pine trees.


Popular beaches in Halkidiki

Several local beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness, an international award given since the middle of the last century by the Environmental Foundation, which is engaged in a comprehensive assessment of the piers and coastal areas. This means that the water here meets the highest requirements of the supervisory authorities and is a benchmark around the world.

Recommended beaches:

  • Furka. The large length of the coastal zone.
  • Callithea. A sandy shore surrounded by lush vegetation. International water sports competitions are held here.
  • Paliuri. Immediately adjacent to the beach are many entertainment venues, restaurants. You can choose from a full range of water attractions.
  • Lutra Agias Paraskevis. In demand because of the proximity of therapeutic waters. Attracts no large number of tourists.
  • Cryopigs. Fine sand, perfectly clear water.
  • Nea Fokea. The place will appeal to lovers of traditional beach holidays and those who want to enjoy the traditional Greek cuisine on the way to the hotel.

Popular Hotels and Inns


  • SANI BEACH HOTEL & SPA. The center of luxury, comfort, tenderness. Located on the territory of the protected by the state and funds ecological reserve in the middle of pine trees and in close proximity to the beach with white sand. All the traditional pleasures of recreation you can get without leaving the hotel. The entertainment of guests of different age groups is worked out. Younger children can be entrusted for the day animators, who not only occupy kids competitions, but also take them to the local children’s pool, fed according to a specially designed menu for kids.
  • SANI ASTERIAS SUITES. The perfect solution for gourmets. The local dishes are Michelin-starred. The second advantage: all finishes are made of natural materials. The design is stylized.
  • IKOS OCEANIA. It consists of several buildings of high comfort. The complex has all the necessary facilities for a memorable pastime.
  • PORTO SANI VILLAGE. Over 10 buildings, excellent infrastructure, an abundance of green spaces.

In Greece, Halkidiki sights are so many that the eyes are scattered. Many of them have religious overtones. And here the Orthodox monasteries are intricately combined with legendary and mythological sites, the world’s cleanest beaches – with mountains, ancient ruins – with comfortable hotel complexes.

The multifaceted, multifaceted peninsula is beautiful from every angle, even from a bird’s eye view. He himself is a landmark because he has a very peculiar shape. See for yourself by flying around Halkidiki by parachute, hang-glider, helicopter – all the sources of adrenaline and pleasure that exist in nature are at your choice.

Video overview of the sights of Halkidiki

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