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Attractions in Gudauta

One of the most beautiful Abkhazian towns, Gudauta, has a lot to see for the resort guests. Tourists are available not only entertainment but also excursions to historical sites and natural monuments, independent travel in the surrounding area, relaxing on local beaches.

Location Gudauta

Gudauta on the map
Resort Location.

From the capital of the Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum, to the administrative center of Gudauta district leads the highway to the border with Russia for 41 km. The city has about 8,500 residents and is difficult to find on the world map. The easiest way to navigate is the Gudauta Bay of the Black Sea coast. The nearest Russian city, Adler, is 79 km from the Abkhazian resort.

Features of the spa town

The main feature of Gudauta is a subtropical climate. It has mild winters when the temperature rarely drops below +10 … +15 ° C. Summers are hot and long.

The resort season begins in late April and lasts until the end of September. However, holidaymakers come here all year round.

The second distinctive feature of Gudauta is that it is impossible to get lost in the city.

A total of four streets parallel to the coast run through the village:

  • Naarta;
  • March 4;
  • Tarnava;
  • Heroes Ave. Heroes.

The only major highway that leads to the sea is Chachba Street, which crosses the Gagra highway.

The third feature of the resort – the healing sea air. The pine and citrus aromas of the surrounding forests and gardens add to it. The proximity of the Caucasus Mountains adds a bit of freshness.

Attractions in Gudauta that are worth seeing for tourists

According to excavations, the history of Gudauta began in Neolithic times with a settlement of tillers. In the surrounding settlements are the ruins of buildings XI-XIII centuries. However, it became a city-resort in 1926. Local attractions are interesting to visit for travelers of all ages, including youth and children.

Gudou River in Gudauta
Goodow River.

Gudau River

Vacationers are told that the name of the city came from the names of two lovers – Guta and Uta. However, this is only a legend. The settlement was named after the Gudau River flowing through the settlement. It flows from the Caucasus Mountains and has a rough current. On the rocky shores there are thickets of subtropical plants, fishermen’s houses. In some places there are bridges across the channel.

Tourists are attracted here by the silence of the surrounding area, pristine nature and healthy air.

Fishing enthusiasts come to catch small fish. Most guests take pictures of the picturesque surroundings of the river as a memento.

Adzlagara River

Gudau is parallel to Adzlagara. Fishermen will have a richer catch here than on the neighboring river.

The reservoir is rich in these fish species:

  • white amurs;
  • brook trout;
  • steers;
  • loaches;
  • chinooks;
  • catfish.

You can spend the night in a hotel, of which there are many on the banks of Adzlagara. However, there is nowhere to rent equipment, so you have to bring your own gear.

Hot hydrogen sulfide springs

In the village of Primorskoe, not far from Gudauta, there is a health complex. It was built on the site of the emergence of hydrogen sulfide springs. After consulting with doctors, you can go to the mud baths. On the territory of the sanatorium built swimming pools with healing water.

While in them, vacationers admire the surrounding scenery:

  • mountain river;
  • small but steep waterfalls;
  • thickets of relict forest.

The clinic has massage rooms, showers, cabins, dietary cafe. Procedures improve metabolism and rejuvenate the body.

Musser Temple - Gudauta
Musser Temple.

Musser Temple

To get to the Musser Temple, you have to go to the mouth of the Ambara River, 17 km from the city. The area where it is located belongs to the Musser Reserve, called the “second Switzerland”.

The structure was built in the X-XI centuries and is now not in the best condition.

Only the southern part of the temple can be seen:

  • arched windows;
  • colonnade;
  • the dilapidated staircase.

Rock Monastery in the village of Otkhara

Near the foot of the Bzyb ridge is the village of Otkhara. The area is famous for its trout farms. Another attraction of the settlement is a monastery carved into the rock 50 meters above the ground. Its man-made origin has been proven by excavations. During them they found tools for working rock, household items, weapons dating back to the Middle Ages.

The cave was formerly thought to be a hiding place for pirates, looking out for threats through the loopholes facing the sea. Then the monks settled here. For a long time, entrance to the temple was forbidden. In the XIX century, a bridge was thrown to the rock and the local prince entered the lower halls of the monastery.

Turtle Lake

Not far from the village of Primorskoe and sulfuric health resort is Turtle Lake. It was formed after they started drilling wells for healing water in the 1950s. Later, turtles, which can still be seen today, came to love this warm body of water. On the shores of the lake there are comfortable beaches.

The way from the village will take about an hour on a convenient path. Along it grows blackberries, quenching the thirst of travelers.

Gudauta Pass

Gudauta Pass is located on the Bzyb Ridge between the rivers Aapsta and Bzyb. Its height is 1.5 km and its length is 70 km. From afar, the elevation resembles a hat.

Rhododendrons and other tropical plants grow around the pass. There is no source of water here, so tourists need to bring it with them.

You will need an experienced instructor for the tour.

Gudauta Pass
Gudauta Pass.

Gunda Department Store Building

The Gunda Department Store building with its tower and clock is called the heart of the city, the symbol of Gudauta. The building was erected in 1909 for the Imperial Hotel. Later they opened a store here.

In 2017, a renovation took place, during which the chimes, stucco oak doors, and wrought iron balconies were restored. The chronometer now shows the exact time and beats every hour that has passed.

Railroad station building

Despite the fact that the Gudauta railway station was built in 1944, its style refers to the ancient.

The decoration of the building consists of such decorations:

  • the colonnade supporting the vault;
  • window niches decorated with wooden carvings in the form of bunches of grapes;
  • stucco walls and ceilings;
  • marble staircase.

The building was badly damaged during the fighting. It is now undergoing a restoration that hasn’t been done in over 30 years.

Museum Reserve “Abazgia

The museum-reserve “Abazgia” was opened on Margania Street in 1994. The work was scheduled to begin in 1992, but plans were interrupted by the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.

The house used to house a Greek school. Exhibits were brought to the museum complex from all parts of Abkhazia. Many city, school, and private museums donated collections with valuable artifacts.

Now the exhibition consists of four halls:

  1. The first and second are dedicated to the events and victims of the clashes with Georgia in 1992-1993. Weapons, documents, battle maps and portraits of soldiers who distinguished themselves in the battles are displayed here.
  2. The third shows the prehistoric life of Abkhazia. The skeletons of ancient creatures that inhabited the region are collected here.
  3. The fourth presents the ethnography of the republic. It exhibits national costumes, household items, musical instruments, clay, stone and woodwork.

Monument to the Defenders of the City

At the intersection of Lakrba Street and Heroes Avenue tourists see a memorial built in honor of the defense of Gudauta from the Germans during World War II. It was installed in 1981, designed by sculptor M. E. Eshba and architect T. K. Lakerbay in the center erected a figure of a woman in bronze with a torch in her hand.

On the slabs with bas-reliefs behind it, images of the fighting at the front and scenes of the home front life of the families of the soldiers were painted. The Eternal Flame became the center of the composition.

Gudauta Beach
The beach in Gudauta.

Best beaches in Gudauta

There are city beaches on the Black Sea coast of Gudauta. Thanks to the protection of the Caucasus Mountains there are rarely strong winds and high waves.

Central beach

There is a sandy beach on Chamagua Street. It occupies 3 km of coastline and extends 100 m in width. Despite its central location, there are few holidaymakers and you can quickly take a place in a secluded corner.

Gentle bottom and crystal clear water make it the best place for recreation with children. Among the attractions here are riding bananas and quad bikes. You can eat in a cafe with a children’s menu.

Golden Beach

Away from Gudauta, in the village. Mgudzyrhua, is the Gold Coast. It is not very crowded during the day and in the evening, so the seashore is fancied by lovers of sunbathing without clothes. However, there is enough room for the rest of the vacationers: the beach stretches for 4 km.

There are no sun beds, sun loungers, toilets and changing rooms. The only cafe works near the village. Khipsa. Here are also open canteens boarding houses with inexpensive lunches.

Tourists are attracted to the beach air refreshed by the sea breeze. The coastline is lined with pine trees and palm trees, whose shade provides shelter from the sun. Dolphins often dive in the distance. Their game is clearly visible from the shore.

Musser Beach

The beach belongs to the boarding house of the same name, next to which is the dacha of Mikhail Gorbachev. It can be rented, which many companies do.

The coast is covered with sand with pebbles. The entrance to the water is shallow and shallow, which is convenient for families with children. You can change clothes in the booths, and hide from the sun – under the awnings. For relaxation in different places are sun loungers.

There are laps, mittens and bananas available for rent. Opposite the beach area has cafes and bars, where in the evenings the young people have fun at the discos.

Where to go near Gudauta

Not only in the city, but also near Gudauta there is something for tourists to see.

There are such memorable places in the village of Lykhny:

  1. Ruins of the princely residence of Chachba (Shervashidze). This dynasty ruled in Abkhazia until the 19th century, and Gudauta was the capital. Therefore, the residence was erected 4 km from the city. For the construction of a 2-story structure in the IX century, King Constantine chose the clearing Lyhnashta.
  2. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin of the X century. Its walls were built of red limestone. Inside there are remnants of 14th-century frescoes and ancient inscriptions. The church is crowned by a bell tower with a dome. Here is a monument to Prince George II Shervashidze. Under him the principality became a subject of the Russian Empire.
  3. Monument to victims of the Georgian-Abkhaz war. At the site of the memorial, a people’s assembly was held in 1989, which passed a resolution on the withdrawal of the Abkhaz Republic from the Georgian SSR and the recognition of its independence.

Among other attractions near Gudauta:

  • Stalin’s dacha in the township of Stalin. Mysra;
  • The ruins of the Abahuatsa fortress in the village of Abgarhuk;
  • trout farm in Otkhara village.

In addition, you can go to Gagra, located 11 km from Gudauta, and examine its cultural, historical and natural monuments.

Excursions in Gudauta

There are private guides in Gudauta.

They conduct city tours, organize tours to local and neighborhood attractions:

  • in the village of Lykhny;
  • to Musseru;
  • on the Gudauta Pass;
  • on the stone shrines of Abkhazia.

Holidays in Gudauta, you can order trips to Gagra, Sukhum, Lake Ritza, the New Athos Monastery, the Iberian fortress. Tourist guides are easy to find at hotels, from locals, and on the websites of travel agencies.

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