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Attractions and attractions on the island of Ko Chang (Thailand)

Chang Island (Koh Chang, Koh Chang) is one of the largest islands belonging to Thailand. Chang means “elephant” in Thai. Around the big island are several miniature inhabited and uninhabited islands with beaches.

Ko Chang Island is the third largest and most populous island in Thailand after Phuket and Samui. Its inhabitants live in small villages. The island itself is part of the Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park.

Chang Island Attractions

The sights on Ko Chang are not enough, but the entertainment – a lot. This island is just made for relaxing on the beaches. Let’s try to put together the sights and attractions of Ko Chang. What is there to see in Ko Chang?

Koh Chang Sightseeing Map

Koh Chang Island Sightseeing Map - Thailand
The dominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism. This is why every village on Chiang Island has a Buddhist temple with a statue of Buddha near it. The temples and statues here are small compared to Bangkok or Pattaya.

Chinese Temple

This temple stands near the pier, not far from the Orthodox church. Here you can see the temple itself and several pagodas around it. It is very popular with tourists vacationing on the island.

Chinese Temple in Koh Chang

Wooden, brightly colored sculptures of dragons, peacocks, and other real and imaginary animals are placed around the perimeter of the temple. The pagodas in the temple courtyard are also bright and beautifully colored. The entrance is guarded by two large elephant sculptures.

The rest of the attractions of Ko Chang are of a natural nature, in this sense, the island itself is one big attraction. And the lack of many cultural monuments can be explained by the fact that recently the island was almost uninhabited.

As stated above, for many years Chang Island has been part of a marine reserve and is protected by the state. All human activities that violate the environment are prohibited here.

Church of Sergei Radonezhsky

A cultural landmark on Chang Island is the Orthodox Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, built there with the consent of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Thai government in 2013-14. The construction was initiated by the Baevs from Moscow.

The Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh on Ko Chang - an Orthodox landmark

The money to buy the land on Ko Chang was raised by the faithful in a pool, and the land was registered as church property. In 2015, the church was consecrated and the parish was opened. Today a piece of the holy relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh is kept here.

The priest and his family live in the temple, the parishioners are Orthodox tourists from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Anyone interested in Orthodox culture can come here.


The waterfalls on Chang Island are not as huge as in other resort areas of Thailand. In winter and spring, during the High Season, they may dry out completely before the monsoon season arrives. The most famous local waterfall is called Klong Plu.

Klong Plu Falls on Koh Chang

It is located in the interior of the island. There is no island transport here, to get to Klong Plu, you need to negotiate with the tuk-tuk driver about the price of the trip. Rent a motorcycle on Koh Chang is not developed, but you can bring it from mainland Thailand.

The local main paved road runs along the coast around the island. If you drive from Klong Prao, there is a sign on the road about the turn to the waterfall inland. You can get there from the road in a few minutes.

Klong Plu Falls - A Natural Landmark of Ko Chang

The entrance ticket to see the Klong Plu waterfall costs 200 Thai Baht or $6.13. You can stay near the waterfall with it all day long. For the same price you can visit Than Mayom waterfall, located on the east side of the island.

Fishing village on stilts

Bang Bao Village - Ko Chang

Especially the village of Bang Bao is a great delight for tourists, all its houses are in the sea on stilts. There is also a village market, also on stilts. Any tourist can rent a room in one of the houses and live in these conditions.

Excursions around the island

At any travel agency in Ko Chang, usually located on the beaches, you can buy tickets and go directly from the pier on a tour of the nearby small islands: Kud, Mak, Wai, etc. The ticket price necessarily includes a transfer from the hotel to the pier.

You can get to Kud Island by boat for 500 Thai Baht or $15.33, to Mak Island for 400 Thai Baht or $12.26. There is no ferry service here. These islands are inhabited and have excellent beaches.

Excursions around Koh Chang

Such excursions appeal to those who are looking for truly pristine, unspoiled nature. Infrastructure on these islands is much weaker than on Ko Chang, sometimes there can be power outages.

You can go even further – to uninhabited islands, they are around Koh Chang is also full, and completely fenced off from modern human civilization with its troubles, do fishing, scuba diving, etc.

Chang Island Entertainment

Elephant Riding - Koh Chang Fun

Elephant Riding. On the island right on the beach you can buy a ticket for a tour of Koh Chang on elephants. It can be just a ride for the kids, a short day ride for the adults and a big jungle trip under the guidance of an experienced instructor for a few days. An elephant ride of several hours through the island’s wild jungle with a visit to the Klong Plu waterfall, swimming in it, and feeding the elephants, will cost 900 Thai Baht or $27.59.

Lookouts. There are no incredible panoramic views in Ko Chang like in Pattaya or Phuket. The terrain on the island is quite hilly and sometimes mountainous, but you can see a delightful panorama of the microscopic islets in the neighborhood. A large observation deck is located south of Cai Bae, from where you can see a beautiful panorama of the sea and the islands. Another great viewpoint is located on the east shore, not far from Long Beach.

Reptile Show on Ko Chang

The reptile show on Ko Chang. These performances are extremely sought after by tourists for their nerve tickling, as the local snakes and crocodiles are involved. These shows take place on a special platform indoors between Pearl and Chay Chet beaches. This room is located near the main road of the island. Performances are given twice a day: at noon and at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Be careful, we do not recommend attending such shows with children, it is dangerous.

Shooting Range. This site is organized on the left bank of Koh Chang. On the main road you will see a corresponding sign. Tourists are offered small arms for all tastes: pistols, single-barrels, and rifles. One shot costs 500 Thai Baht or $15.55.

Ko Chang - Kayaking

Kayaking. This is one of the favorite activities on Koh Chang, many boats are prohibited here because of the need to maintain the ecological balance. Kayaks are available for rent on the beaches, an hour rental costs 100 Thai baht or $3.07, a half day – 500 baht or $15.33.

Archery. This shooting range is located on the west coast of Koh Chang, near Klong Prao, next to the main island road. It is enclosed by a high metal fence with targets inside. Entertainment is more for men than for women and children.

Hiking in the mangrove forests of Ko Chang Island

Hiking in mangrove forests. In the southeast of Chang Island are preserved dense evergreen mangrove forests, fed by the waters of the sea tide. Traveling around this area is a total delight if you manage to negotiate with the tuk-tuk drivers about the price of transportation to the site.

Thai Boxing. This sport is always of great interest to the public, so on the island of Chang there is a stadium for teaching the basics of Thai boxing. It is located near Bai Lan Beach, on the west coast of the island. Everyone can take daily Thai boxing lessons during the holidays. You can get two lessons per day, lasting two hours each.

Tuition: 600 baht or $18.39 per day; 3,600 baht or $110.34 per week; 9,000 baht or $275.85 per month.

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