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Aquapark “Troy” in Turkey

Turkish resort of Belek offers many options for entertainment. Of course, the beach holiday is in first place, but not far behind him and the water amusement parks. Water park Troy in Belek – a large selection of slides, comfortable recreation area and a huge charge of good mood.

History of the Troy Water Park

Parks like these appeal to newness, modern design, or a special twist that beckons visitors. Troy Water Park in Turkey successfully combined these features. The world’s first park was built in the early 1940s in the United States, the fashion for such entertainment quickly spread to different countries, gaining national traits. Water slides are especially popular at the resorts. Parks come in indoor, outdoor, and multipurpose, where there are both sites.

Troy Aquapark in Belek is open. It has 15 slides for adults and 10 for children. There is also a special play area for younger visitors, with shaped fountains and small warm pools. The entertainment center is located on the beach.

Troy Water Park - History

Kaleidoscope of entertainment at Troy

The central idea in the creation of the park was the legendary city of Troy, and therefore the stylization of antiquity was chosen. The main vulnerability of the ancient city was the statue of the Trojan Horse, supposedly presented as a gift, in which the treacherous enemies sneaked past the closed gates. The park also has such a stylized horse, but its function is purely practical. It serves as a staircase, from it you can get to 5 slides. Some of them are closed type, that is, a small segment of the way vacationers make in the tube, and then fly out at speed into the pool.

Among the outdoor species are considered the most extreme “Kamikaze” and “Phantom” – the descent speed of up to 80 km / h. There is practically no queue, it takes a certain amount of courage to dare to go down. But many people choose to travel along the lazy river, which is about 3 kilometers long, and examine the layouts depicting the structures of the legendary city.

The highlight of the water park is the famous attraction “Master Buster. Instead of going downhill there is a climb up on a special roller coaster. It is pushed by jets of water from the chute. The height of the lift reaches 13 meters.


Another difference of this water park is that all the slides are long and winding, you can ride them only on special circles. Violators of the rules are gently, respectfully, but adamantly asked to leave the entertainment area.

You can also just relax in a lounge chair, admire artificial waterfalls and rock on man-made waves. There is also a separate pond, where there are conditions for surfing, and thrill-seekers are literally attracted to the pool with sharks, where you can sink in a special suit under the responsive guidance of an instructor.Those who are tired of water fun and want a little time on land, the original cave entertainment “The Lost City”.

Safety rules

Another important feature of the Troy Water Park is a very serious attitude to guest safety. To this end, the park is divided into segments, where attractions are installed by age: adults, teenagers, children. They allow only the appropriate age group to avoid injury. There is always a doctor and lifeguards on site. Tokens confirming the right to enter the park are issued only to adults, who are required to keep an eye on their children.

What else is interesting?

In addition to riding the slides and swimming in the pools, you can climb the observation tower and admire this bright town of attractions from above, as well as visit the show dolphins and seals. In the evenings there are various performances, discos and show programs. Special play activities are organized for children. Lunch in a cafe or restaurant is already included in the ticket price, of course, not the whole, but only 1 dish and a drink. For the rest you will have to pay extra.

Water park

How to get to the water park “Troy” in Belek

More often than not, a whole day is set aside for recreation in this entertainment center. The water park is located on the territory of the hotel complex Rixos Premium Belek. It can be reached from the beach or from other hotels on foot, by rented car or by cab. Schedule and cost is better to clarify in advance on the website or a travel agent, because depending on the season may change.

Video overview of the Troy Water Park

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