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Ao Nang in Krabi

Tourist village Ao Nang in Krabi and the beach of the same name have gained popularity among tourists from different countries. It’s always noisy and crowded, with tourist groups constantly arriving or going further afield to other islands in the archipelago. It is romantically called Princess Bay, come for the magnificent beaches and lush tropical nature.

Ao Nang – Krabi’s most famous resort

Ao Nang is focused on foreign tourists. The level of service, hotel rooms and restaurant services are close to European level, but with a national flavor. The village is located 20 km from the municipal center, focused on different groups of holidaymakers. Most of the resort for couples with children, sedate middle-aged resort visitors, but you can also meet and noisy youth groups.

Well-developed structure makes a pleasant and unburdening vacation. Extensive excursion programs invite travel within the province and beyond, trips to near and far islands, offer visits to local attractions.

Ao Nang Beach in Thailand - Krabi

It is impossible to get lost in the village. All important facilities are on the beach or parallel to it. The pedestrian promenade along the coastal strip gradually turns into an alley flanked by expensive luxury hotels. Their prices are high because of their proximity to the bathing areas.

Further on, the alley turns into a sandy path that leads to a chain of massage parlors. They are located under stretched awnings, often have no walls. They can serve up to 3-5 clients at a time, and some do not have certificates and permits to work at all. When choosing a masseur, you have to rely on luck and the recommendations of those who came on vacation earlier and had time to undergo several sessions.

Ao Nang Village and Krabi's Best Beaches

Most of the population is Muslim, there are almost no Buddhist temples in Krabi, as is customary in Thailand, but the call of the muezzin to prayer can be heard all over the village early in the morning.

The popularity of the resort adds close proximity to the airport. Those flying into Krabi can get to Ao Nang in 35-40 minutes. The village is small, but you do not want to walk for a long time in the heat. A tuk-tuk and songhtao are helpful. If you want the freedom of movement and cost savings, it is worth renting a bike. It will cost 250-300 baht per day.

As in most resort villages, there are transport companies-fraudsters. Before signing a rental agreement, you should carefully read the text and take pictures of your car or bike from several angles.

Main beaches

The best beaches near Ao Nang Village

The coastal strip is almost all suitable for swimming, beaches gently merge into each other. Sometimes they are separated by rocky ridges.

  1. The most famous section of the beach is called Ao Nang, like the village. It’s crowded and noisy. Swimming on it is not particularly pleasant, because boats are constantly docked here, bringing and picking up tourists, unloading goods for the coastal cafes and restaurants. The farther away from the center, the quieter it gets, but a new attack appears in the form of intrusive monkeys. They are not afraid of people at all, skillfully begging for food and are always ready to snatch what lies bad or not tightly tied. The disadvantages are the high noise level, high tides in the afternoon, because of which the water is dirty and the sand is viscous. According to reviews, the beach Ao Nang in Krabi is not suitable for relaxing and is more suitable for recreation of youth companies.
  2. Pai Plong is separated by a scenic cliff and belongs to the Centara Grand Beach Resort. In the middle of the forest from one beach to the other winds a hiking trail called Monkey trail for the large number of monkeys that live in its vicinity. According to Thai law, all beaches are public, this is no exception. At the entrance there is a booth and a security guard makes sure to record those who do not belong to the number of hotel guests. The coastal strip is clean, the order is very strictly monitored. There are no beach equipment rentals and no food outlets available. The prices in the cafe are grossly overpriced.
  3. Tara’s footprint is bounded by the river on one side and the hill on the other. It is close to the central beach of Ao Nang, but it is much quieter and calmer, especially near the casuarina grove. You can walk to the neighboring beaches. In the busier part there are inexpensive cafes, small stores, hotels. The beach leads to the bus station and the port, from where it is convenient to go to Ao Nang or Krabi. Nopparat Tara stands out from other bathing areas due to its large shady areas, lack of waves in season, and convenient accessibility on foot or by tuk-tuk. The entrance to the sea is comfortable, gentle, at low tide, you can walk on a sandy spit to the neighboring small islands. Sand with particles of shells, so it is better for children to bring beach shoes.
  4. Pan Beach is separated from Nopparat Tara by a small river. Near the beach there are several hotels, offering tourists to stay in picturesque bungalows. Prices vary, the farther from the shore, the more democratic they are. The beach is long and almost deserted. There are no intrusive traders, noisy bidders and water rides. There are several cafes. The sand is fine and light, there are shells, a lot of natural shade, which gives groves of palm trees and casuarinas. The sea is shallow, well heated, there are almost no waves. A perfect place to relax with children, contemplate and immerse yourself in nirvana.
  5. Klong Muang is separated from the rest of the coast by a small peninsula. To get to him, you will need to rent a tuk-tuk or motorcycle, as the distance of 14 km from Ao Nang in Thailand can not be overcome on foot. The beach is divided into two parts, the southern, more lively and the northern, smoothly passing into the next beach, Tab Kaek. If you like the place, you should consider renting a room in one of the large hotel complexes located near the beach. Prices for accommodation and food are more expensive, but the comfort is worth it. For children, the beach is perfect, the sand is clean, there are almost no waves, shallow water goes on for a few tens of meters around a lot of natural shade.

As options for a secluded vacation, you can use the beaches of Ao Sio, Ko Kwan, Phu Lei. There is no infrastructure on them, they are more like just strips of sand in the picturesque corners of Krabi.

Riley Beaches

A total of 4, they are popular for their quietness and scenic views.

West Riley

Ao Nang Beach in Krabi

The most crowded, the basis are tourists arriving in the morning from the mainland. Infrastructure is well developed, working points rental beach equipment, cafes, bars. On a wide coastal strip there is enough space for everyone, there is no crowding. There is not much shade, but it is successfully compensated by wide beach umbrellas. There are almost no waves, at low tide water goes very far, so in the afternoon the number of bathers sharply decreases.

Pra Nang

Pra Nang Beach in Krabi

From a bird’s-eye view, it resembles a classic beach from a romantic movie. A small stretch of beach with light fine sand is protected from the waves and wind high rocks. It is surrounded by caves, cliffs, and scenic views from advertising brochures. The bottom is clean, you can swim without fear of stepping on a rock or shell. There is no rental of beach accessories, you have to take everything you need with you.

At the far end of the beach there is a climbing path that leads to a huge cave. There are bamboo ladders for safe climbing. Going upstairs, you can see a delightful picture. At noon, the sun reflects off the water and sand, literally dazzling the glow that bathes the beach and adjacent cliffs.

Ton Sy.

Ton Sai - Krabi Beaches near Ao Nang

The most isolated part of the shore, where only the initiated can get. It is beloved by yogis, followers of various spiritual practices, and informal people. On the shore and in the water are stones mixed with sand, no infrastructure, which attracts lovers of freedom. Many come not for swimming, but for the purpose of conquering the tops of bizarre rocks.

East Riley

The area is not used for swimming, the coast is covered with mangroves, littered, no infrastructure. Passengers are dropped off and cargo boats unloaded on the beach.

Who’s going to like it here?

The resort does not have noisy nightlife or extensive sex services. On vacation come mostly independent travelers who do not seek boisterous entertainment on the brink of decency. Honeymooners, pensioners and couples are happy to rest in the hotels. For children, the beaches of Ao Nang are very convenient. The sand is fine, the entrance to the water is shallow, there are few tourists, if you do not come in the peak season.

Important! For bathing will have to allocate the first half of the day. In the afternoon the tide begins to rise, the water becomes very muddy, instead of light sand on the shore is formed viscous mud, to the shore litter and barnacles, which can hurt yourself.

Reviews about the beaches of Ao Nang is quite controversial, but the opinion that recreation with children here is comfortable and safe, prevails.

Hotels in Ao Nang

The resort village offers a wide range of hotels, hotel complexes and guesthouses. The farther away from the shore and entertainment venues, the cheaper the room costs. The most successful balance of price and quality in hotels:

  • Centara Anda Dhevi;
  • Deevana Plaza Krabi;
  • Pakasai Resort.

Room rates start at 3,170 baht.

Inexpensive but quality service hotels, which are slightly farther from the shoreline: Golden Moon Aonang and Little Home Ao Nang with room rates from 1100 baht.

The most common excursions are to the Tiger Temple and hot springs. They are booked at travel agencies or through the hotel staff.

Entertainment in Ao Nang

Ao Nang Resort Village in Krabi, ThailandIn addition to beach activities and sightseeing programs tourists are offered snorkeling in underwater caves, diving at coral reefs, boat trips, kayaking and rock climbing.

Riding bananas, jet skis and other noisy entertainment, disturbing the peace of the underwater world is prohibited.

For shopping it is better to go to Krabi or Phuket. Most of the outlets are souvenir stores, where you can buy cute trinkets in the folk style, jewelry made of coral and polished shells, dishes, painted in the national style.

Ao Nang Resort Village in Krabi, ThailandThose interested in geology, paleontology and history of past eras will be interested in a trip to the Shell Museum. Among the exhibits are very rare specimens. Nearby are compacted layers of shell rock, which is sometimes called a historical cemetery. Scientists have found that the age of some samples is approaching 40 millennia.

An unusual catfish farm also willingly receives visitors. Some inhabitants are longer than an adult, but do not hesitate to swim up to people and demand treats. There are colorful tropical gardens around the ponds.

Ao Nang Resort Village in Krabi, ThailandAs entertainment and an introduction to the local cuisine, you can visit the mobile market. It is constantly organized in different places, so you need to check the address before visiting.

Ao Nang Beach in Krabi is best visited in the morning, before the chill, no crowds and ubiquitous boats. This is a great place to relax, go on excursions and enjoy the beauty of lush tropical nature.

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