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Antibes sights

In the south-east of France, in the heart of the Côte d’Azur lies Antibes – beautiful and majestic. The ancient French city, founded before Christ, even today attracts tourists with its beauty. Antibes, whose sights are known throughout the world, at any time of the year hospitably welcomes its tourists.

Top 9 Sightseeing in Antibes

Antibes was one of the most important cities in Roman times. It was through it that the largest merchant ships from Rome to Gaul and back passed. Very soon the small settlement grew and became a beautiful large city with luxurious buildings and beautiful nature. From Marseille to Italy there was no other settlement that could compare in beauty to Antibes, moreover, for several centuries it was the most fortified city on the coast.

Fort Carré

On the azure coast of the Mediterranean Sea sits one of the once most majestic and invincible fortresses of the Middle Ages, Fort Carré. The unusual object of architecture still attracts filmmakers not only because of its successful location, but also because of its unusual architecture – because the fortress was built in the form of a four-pointed star. Fort Carré is one of the eternal symbols of the old city.

Fort Carré - Antibes

For a long time the fortress was an object of special status and belonged to the French Ministry of Defense. Now any inquisitive tourist can walk under the arch of ancient walls. The structure has perfectly preserved its original appearance, and is an ornament of the old city. The form, too, was not chosen by chance. The rays of the star are named after the four directions of defense: Nice, Corsica, Antibes, France.

Now the fortress houses several historical and archaeological museums, one of which is dedicated to Napoleon. Also tourists have a great opportunity to take colorful and unusual photos against the backdrop of a living monument of architecture.

Grimaldi Castle and Picasso Museum

One of the richest and most famous dynasties in France is the Grimaldi dynasty. For many years, this landmark in Antibes served as an episcopal palace for parishioners. For many years the architectural object was in disrepair, being the property of the municipal authorities, and in 1820 it was turned into barracks, having placed in the walls of the historic building more than 1,000 French soldiers.

Grimaldi Castle and Picasso Museum in Antibes, France

For more than a hundred years the castle was irreversibly ruined, and only in 1928 it was given the status of a historical monument and returned to its historical appearance. And already in 1946, for 6 long months, the famous French artist of international fame – Pablo Picasso became a guest there. The painter found real inspiration in a building with a rich history, painting many beautiful works and sketches there. And now, decades later, the castle is still inextricably linked to the name of the great creator.

It is here that the Picasso Museum is located, with an exhibition of more than 250 works by the great master. In addition to paintings, you can also see works of ceramics and sculpture.

San Bernadini Chapel

An interesting sight in Antibes is the Chapel of Saint Bernadini, located in the heart of the city. It was dedicated to a Catholic righteous man, St. Bernardine (Bernardine of Siena). He devoted his entire life to the ministry of mercy and helping people. Bernadine led an ascetic life, but his sermons attracted crowds of people, and each of the city’s parishioners longed to talk with the missionary.

San Bernadini Chapel in the Resort of Antibes, France

The chapel is striking in its beauty and uniqueness. Beige vaults with a white patina, towering over the city buildings, catch the eyes of tourists and locals. The interior is captivating with its direct brightness and coziness. The hall is decorated in blue, blue, red and gold colors, which contributes to a unique atmosphere.

Bastion of Saint Jaume

Bastion of Saint-Jaume in Antibes, France

One of the most touching and unusual places of the city of Antibes was another bastion, Saint-Jaume. It is impossible to pass by the snow-white eight-meter sculpture, made up of many letters. The man whose gaze is fixed on the sea is a mirage to weary sailors. It is not difficult to reach the city’s landmark, you have to walk along the promenade along the line of fortifications.

Chapelle de la Garoupe Church

The Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garoupe is one of the most interesting and iconic places of Antibes. The history of this structure is rooted in the deep past and is interesting because it is dedicated to two images at once. The church consists of two adjacent chapels. One of which is dedicated to Notre-Dame de Bon-Port, which the French fervently prayed to during the plague, asking it to protect sailors on long voyages, so the image is always marked with maritime symbolism. Notre Dame de la Garde is also revered as the guardian of the seas.

The chapels offer a magnificent view of Antibes and, in spite of their modest appearance, they are striking in their touching grandeur. Inside, there are many gifts of the ancient sailors, with which the walls and ceiling are hung, as well as many ancient icons.

Chapelle de la Garoupe church in Antibes

A separate exposition is devoted to items taken out of Sevastopol by the French during the Crimean War. Here you can see a 14th-century icon of the Mother of God with the Child, a wooden cross depicting a crucifix, a relic of the Vorontsov family and many other interesting acquisitions.


Beaches of Antibes, France

The entire Azure coast is equipped with beaches for the convenience of tourists. In total there are more than 10 beaches in Antibes, of which the best 5. The most popular beaches in the city are known throughout the world.

The beaches of Gravet and du Pore

The city’s best beaches are considered Gravet and du Pore. Many tourists note that these beaches – a real paradise on earth! They are not crowded, despite the fact that they are located in the center of the city. The beaches are located in small bays, which protects them from waves and storms. The water here is particularly clean and sandy bottom, making the beach accessible to adults and children of all ages.

Pontay and Salis Beaches

In walking distance from the historic center (10-15 minutes on foot) there are two more cozy beaches: Pontay and Salis. In any weather there is a pleasant sea breeze, and free seats can be found both in the morning and in the afternoon. The beaches are cleaned regularly, so you can not worry about your health. They are equipped with comfortable changing rooms, in some distance you can find tents with food and drinks. Upstairs, tourists will find several traditional French cafes where they can have lunch or simply eat while enjoying the view of the sea.

Garoop Beach

One of the most remote beaches from the historic center of the city. It is located in the shade of tropical trees, so in the midday heat you can not leave the coast, and just move into the shade. The beach is located about an hour’s walk from the main attractions of the city, but despite this continues to attract the attention of tourists. The city authorities keep it clean and orderly, and the water, like on the whole Côte d’Azur, is crystal clear.

Marche provencal market.

Marche provencal market in Antibes

The most famous and most visited market of Antibes is the Marche provencal, justly named by someone as one of the best on the Côte d’Azur. Its working principle is interesting: six days a week, and on the seventh free tables are occupied by local cafe owners, attracting tourists with the pleasant aromas of spices and pastries. At the Marche provencal market you can find absolutely all the goods, which the coast is rich in. From meats to sweets, for every taste and purse. There’s terrific coffee and unusually fragrant spices, and the market offers a closer look at the local flavor.

Bastion Saint-André

As we know from the history of Antibes – for a long time there was no more fortified city on the entire coast. Curious tourists should definitely visit the main of all the fortifications – the bastion of St. Andre, built in 1698. Its erection was provoked by a conflict between the rulers of France and Nice. The main bastion of the city of Antibes is a historical monument and will not leave indifferent even the most inquisitive tourist.

Bastion Saint-André - a landmark of Antibes

Next to the fortification is the Bastion Saint-André Museum, where you can see archaeological finds from all over France, beginning in the 7th century BC.

Eden Roc Restaurant

Eden Roc Restaurant in Antibes, France

True connoisseurs of French cuisine will find an outlet at Eden Roc restaurant. It employs chefs who are true professionals. Lobsters, shrimp, halibut and other seafood are prepared with special attention and inspiration here. There is also a beautiful view of the entire coastline from the restaurant. If you want to give your partner a romantic dinner on the beach – you’re definitely here! The institution is famous for its polite staff, excellent service and pleasant prices.

Antibes sights on the map

Video overview of the sights of Antibes

If you are still contemplating a trip to Antibes, cast aside your doubts! The best tourist attractions and the extraordinary atmosphere of the old city will leave a lasting impression on your memory. Some of the most famous sights of France are waiting for you in Antibes!

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