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Anjuna Beach in Goa

Anjuna is a beautiful place in North Goa. Here you can sunbathe on the beach and do sightseeing. Get better acquainted with the amazing India and dream of coming back next year to vacation here again.

Description of Anjuna Beach

Here for the first time appeared representatives of the hippie subculture, which made Anjuna beach and the entire Indian state of Goa famous throughout the world. This beach is home to the most popular hippie hangouts and parties, as well as the oldest cafes and restaurants.

Today, the village and the beach of the same name in Anjuna, North Goa, have modern hotels and restaurants. But hippie culture is alive, and love still rules the world. Anjuna has the most discos where Goa Trance music is played.

This beach is noisy and fun by nature, as. The majority of vacationers in Anjuna are young people. It has a coarse sand of bright, yellow color. Throughout its territory are small rocks. A lot of rocks under the water – be careful.

They don’t come here for privacy, to find romantic solitude, it’s not the best place to relax with children. On the beach of Anjuna there is a perpetual feast of youth, which not everyone can endure more than a day.

How do I get to Anjuna Beach?

In this Indian state, exactly midway between its northern and southern parts is the international airport of Dabolim, to or from which usually book flights, bypassing the greater India. In high season – a lot of charter flights.

Anjuna Beach, Goa - how to get there

In India, including. In the state of Goa, rail transport is very well developed. The country is huge, so the railroad is the main transportation network linking the vastness of India together.

In addition, asphalt roads continue to be built in India, including. highways, autobahns, so there are no particular problems with automobile transport here either.

Climate at Anjuna Beach

The winter or high season lasts on Anjuna Beach in North Goa from November to February. It is at this time the most favorable weather for a beautiful beach holiday.

From March to June comes the hot Goan summer, during which the humidity gradually increases until the monsoons come, torrential downpours that come around the clock. The monsoon period lasts from June to October.

Climate in Anjuna Beach, Goa

During the rainy season, almost all tourists from Europe leave Goa, but there are more Indians. Therefore, the village and the beach of Anjuna can be called a year-round international resort.


At the beginning of the calendar summer, it already begins to rain, there are frequent thunderstorms, the humidity increases every day, and then the water pours from the sky like a bucket. The air temperature during the day – about +40C, the sea is stormy.

The main mass of tourists go home in the summer, many shacks, shops are closed, prices for food and lodging are falling, entertainment is almost non-existent. But there is a lot of greenery, the landscape is changing. Tourists come from countries with monsoon climate type.


From the beginning of calendar autumn the rains gradually decrease and then stop altogether. You can still get caught in the rain in January, but only for a few minutes. And in late October, the first tourists from Europe, who can not wait to relax on Goa.

At this time, it is best to buy a trip to the beach Anjuna in North Goa, rent a hotel room or an entire villa for a few months. The weather is already comfortable for a pleasant pastime. The air temperature during the day – +30C, sea – +25C.

In winter

At this time there’s a lot of people, and the tourist business jacks up prices. The peak of the High Season in Anjuna is between Catholic and Orthodox Christmas.

The temperature during the day stays around +30C, and at night it gets cooler – +15C – +18C. The water in the sea is about +28C. There is almost no rain, the weather is dry and sunny. At this time on the beaches of Goa – an incredible number of Russians.


In early March, it starts to get really hot, turning into an unbearable heat, gradually begins to increase humidity. The air temperature during the day to +35C, at night it gets stuffy.

There are fewer tourists, many go to the Himalayas, where they can enjoy the cooler weather. Charter flights stop at the end of April. Travel and lodging are noticeably cheaper, and there are many inexpensive tropical fruits.

Anjuna Beach Lodging and Hotels

Lodging on Anjuna Beach

The beach has a total length of about two kilometers. All along the coast there are hotels, bungalows, resorts, and guesthouses. The closer to the sea, the more expensive it is. The houses where the hippies used to live are in great demand, they cost like five-star villas.

Tourists rent new small gesthouses with windows overlooking the sea in droves. These cabins have only a bed and shower, but they are relatively inexpensive: 2,000 Indian rupees, or $28.36 per day.

Inside the village of Anjuna is a wide offer for the middle class. Here you can rent whole houses with plots of land, hotel rooms with swimming pools, modern hostels, etc. Cheap accommodations start at 1,000 rupees or $14.18 per day.

Entertainment at Anjuna Beach

When first renting a place here, remember that in the evenings and nights you will constantly hear the local Goa Trance music and see freaks of all stripes. If you like it, feel free to settle on this beach.

Entertainment at Anjuna Beach

Here you are sure to visit local hangouts: Curlie’s, Shiva Valley, UV Bar. Not young children come there, so you’re bound to smell marijuana with all that comes with it, although drugs are not legalized in India.

  • Shiva valley – trance parties on the beach.
  • Curlie – Goa-Trance music.
  • Lilliput – different music and a lot of DJs.
  • UV Bar – trance parties.
  • Nyex – several dance floors with sea views.
  • Dali Bar – music and dancing until morning.

Attractions near Anjuna Beach

Old Goa

The Old City was the capital of the Portuguese colony of Goa several centuries ago, so you can see the Catholic churches, mansions and palaces built by the Portuguese conquerors from the 16th century.

Night Market in Arpora

It’s an iconic hippie market. It is open every night from Saturday to Sunday in the High Season. This is the time when the largest party in Goa comes to the market on bikes with a great atmosphere. There are musicians performing here, Goa-Trance, etc.

At European sellers in this market you can find many interesting products: handmade jewelry, ninja shouz, designer clothes of striking beauty. The Arpora Night Market is the largest and most famous hippie market in the world.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort, a landmark near Anjuna

Here is one of Goa’s surviving Portuguese forts. This Fort Chapora is small, but it offers a magnificent panorama of the state coast and the Arabian Sea. The best time to come here is at sunset or at dawn.

Juice Center

This is another iconic hangout in North Goa. The center is about one kilometer from Fort Chapora. Through it, the uninitiated newcomers get into the atmosphere of Anjuna and become part of the general celebration.

Food at Anjuna Beach

European cuisine has long taken root in Goa. Nepali, Israeli, Russian and Italian cuisines are also popular. A lot of seafood dishes. Every year there are new culinary masterpieces.

Inexpensive cafes and shakes on Anjuna Beach:

  • Eatopia;
  • Guru Bar;
  • Burger Factory;
  • June Garden Bistro;
  • German Bakery;
  • Shamba;
  • Sentient.

Reviews of Anjuna Beach


We vacationed in 2018. The beach is no different from any other in North Goa


We spent the winter on Anjuna. It’s enough to get used to the local color, and then everything will be fine. Sunsets are gorgeous

Maps of Anjuna

Anjuna Beach on the map of North Goa

Anjuna Beach on the map of Goa

Map of Anjuna

Map of Anjuna - Goa, India

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